Upgrading the iPhone 3G’s to 4.0.1

The 4.0.1 is an update patch for the iPhone 3GS phone and has some amazing newly added features like Multi tasking (through the multi tasking status bar), the zoom feature for the camera and so on. This upgrade patch is available for iPhone users and can be downloaded through the iTunes synchronization process. Apple also released more than 150 new APIs to developers to ease the interaction between various third party applications and Apple’s iOS. The final version of this operating system was released on June 21st, 2010.

Go to the iTunes software on your desktop computer. Connect your iPhone 3GS to your computer using the supplied USB cable. Locate your device on the iTunes software and click the ‘Update’ option. This will install the 4.0.1 upgrade on your iPhone 3GS. So go ahead and upgrade your old Apple iOS using these simple steps to enhance your iPhone experience.


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