Types Of Camera Lenses

Different types of camera lens

Types of camera lens

There are several types of camera lenses and there are factors to consider and hence you really need to make some research before you buy any one of them. If you are passionate about photography then you need to study all the types of camera lenses before buying any of them. Types of camera lenses you pick also depend upon the types of photography you need to do. It’s very essential to figure out which types of lenses can be suited with which types of cameras and which shooting style is applicable to which one. The most important thing to be taken care of is focal length. It is generally represented in millimeters. Basically a single number would be indicating a fixed focal length or prime lens whereas a range would indicate a zoom lens. Here are some of the types of camera lenses to choose from.

  • Prime lens

Generally prime lens does not have any zoom and has only one focal length. These lens are manufactured very precisely for making available this one length and it lacks some of the moving pieces and also such mechanisms which are needed to zoom. These can also be tack sharp. Because of their simple build, these can have large apertures which are basically the size of the opening of the lens. These types of lenses are more useful for low light photography and indoor shoots. If you are intending to get clear and crisp images then these types of camera lenses are perfect fit for you.

  • Zoom lens

These types of camera lenses are more consumer level and they will avail you with variable focal length. You are available with the option of turning them or sliding them in and out as per your convenience. These types of camera lenses are most probably chosen for the hobbyist people and the travellers. The reason being just one or two lens will be availing you with an entire range and there will not be any such need for you to carry a heavy and big camera bag and need to switch between wide and ultra wide or telephoto or normal. You are also available with the feature of super zoom which will be covering total range that majority of the people will ever need. However these types of camera lens will not avail you with the perfection that prime lens provide but it’s getting better with time.

  • Telephoto lens

These types of lens are those lens which are exceeding 50mm even though these term is gradually used to define object which are beyond 100mm. The lenses which have range in between 50mm to 10mm are basically noted as portrait lenses. This is because they are primarily used for this and they also excel at this. Telephotos lens basically make the depth of the field short and it helps you to isolate your subject from the background and enable you to have shallow focus. One of the examples is that the short plane looks very sharp and  the other object around or behind it looks blur.


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