Troubleshooting in computers

Troubleshooting in computersComputers are built in such a way that they are professional and reliable machines. Yet, there are times when your computer can hang, result in data loss, provide a shaky system, show error messages, or even totally crash. But not to worry, because troubleshooting these problems can help you save a lot of money in repair work, professional fee, or in worst case scenario, buying a new computer.

Below are few basic computer troubleshooting tips.

• If the computer does not start when you press the power button, check whether the device is plugged into the AC outlet properly or not. Plug any other electronic device into the outlet to see if it is providing enough power
• If your windows do not boot properly, you must reinstall windows on your computer with the windows recoverable CD.
• If any software on your computer responds abnormally or does not respond at all, restart your computer and do a virus scan. For doing this you must have reliable antivirus software installed on your computer.
• If your computer is switched on but not responding to any software or keyboard commands, it must have hanged or freezed. Press and hold on to the power button for a minimum of ten seconds. Your machine will shut down, and then restart it.
• If your computer has become slow, you can improve its performance by deleting unwanted files from your hard disk. Run the disk defragment utility, delete unnecessary icons from your desktop, install a firewall and an antivirus. You will then see a massive improvement in your computer’s working.
• To increase your internet speed, keep clearing internet temporary files and cookies.
• If your computer is not getting connected to the internet then check the IP address and check if the network cables are properly connected to the device. You must also ensure that gateways or servers firewall application is not obstructing http requests from your computer.

Hope these simple troubleshooting tips help make your computer a faster and easier device to work with.


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