Top three action games online

action games, online gamesGaming is one of the best ways to pass time for many. Gaming is addictive and is one of the most profitable industries online today. These days you can play online games directly without any need to register or download the games. If you are a gaming fan and have a thing for online games then here is a list of the three best action games online:

• The Fancy Pants Adventure: you are a character who really has some fancy pants on and all you need to do is clear one level after another, avoiding the monsters that can be your death and collecting as many trophies as possible.

• Indestructo Tank: you get to drive around in an indestructible tank and can fire at enemy’s helicopters and other such things. The more number of enemy trucks and copters you can kill at a go the better for you.

• Electricman 2HS: here you get to beat down your enemy with some really funny moves.


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