Top free online backup systems

online backup systemsYour computer is surely the most important data holder in the contemporary digital world. Now, what is something happens to the computer say it gets hacked or goes beyond repair? There can be fire accidents or natural calamities ruining off your computer and eventually your precious business data – leading to serious issues in your regular office operation. Thus, the experts always advise to go for online backup systems that will ensure complete guard for your data, no matter whatever happens to your computer. If you don’t want to invest on the paid options, some free options are pretty credible.

Google Drive

It’s one of the most recommended options when it comes to top online data backup systems. The best part of taking to Google Drive is that here you are getting a huge 15 GB of storage for free. Then, Google Drive is extremely easy on use demanding no specialized computing skills. Besides, Google Drive would work to automatically synchronized all your stored documents. Finally, since Google Drive is a product from the eminent “Google” you can be sure about its credibility quotient.


It’s another great choice for premium online data backup for free. Spideroak is preferred given its great end-to-end encryption facility which is not always available with its peers. If your files are too confidential and you strictly don’t want any accession to them by others, Spideroak is the system for you. You will be owning the data encryption key, debarring anybody else to pry into your sensitive data. Spideroak offers 2 GB online storage. However, don’t worry as you can easily some free storage space by referring your friends here. The Spideroak friend referral facility offers the users up till 10 GB free storage maximum which when combined with the basic 2 GB, would assure quite a hefty 12 GB storage.


Memopal provides 3 GB free storage for its users. it also permits installation from seamless number of computing machines. A great bit about Memopal is that it’s backup software system is compatible with every form of operating system & houses application suitable for all mobile devices- including those that are usually not supported by other popular backup software systems. Thus, in case you are having a hard time finding online free backup facility for your BlackBerry or Linux system, Memopal would be a grand choice for you.


Mozy extends 2GB online backup storage space for free. The good news is that the basic free Mozy plan offers all the great features as available with premium paid plan, sans just the live tech support. In fact, you can take the advantage of Mozy’s referral program to enhance the storage space for free. Mozy offers up till 5 GB storage space on referring friends which when combined with the basic 2 GB makes a comfortable 7 GB space for free.


IDrive offers 5 GB free online backup storage space. The good boit about the system is that it assures unlimited backup for all browsing devices including all your tablets, smartphones, added to computers.


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