Top 3 games on android

android games, androidThe games which the Android developers have developed are worth mentioning. The transform the phone or the tablet into a game console. The Android App Market is loaded with games but there are some which people of most ages love to play.

Angry Birds come first in the list. The birds in the game are furious as the green pigs have stolen their eggs. They want to take revenge and they do it by destroying the hiding pigs through the sling shots. It is available for free in the Android Market. Now with the Android App one does not need a physical platform to play table tennis. The reason is the honeycomb ping pong. The game is an improved version of the classical 2 rackets and the bouncing ball game. The Backbreaker THD is a football game which is found in the Android market. It is a little expensive game as it costs around $4.99. An Android Racing game is also available. It is known by the name of Need for Speed: shift. These are the tops three games on Android.


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