Top 3 apps for your iPad for 2013

iPad apps, top applications2013 has a lot of new apps on offer for the ipad. These can be acquired from the apple store and can be of great use for all ipad users across the world. Most apps can be either downloaded for free or has a cost. Among the free apps the best is the Evernote Skitch. This app allows you to modify your pdf files based on your specifications. It allows you to mark, edit and even add pages to the pdf document. The Netflix app is also great for streaming video. It comes with tweaks and advancements that really enhance the Live TV viewing experience on your ipad.

Among the paid for apps the best is the Wilderness First Aid app. It will provide you with illustrations and first aid techniques to perform when out in the wild. This app will be your very own Bear Grylls. Along with this there is also the Status Board app which creates pretty innovative interface for social networking and email viewing which is more easy to use and more accurate.


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