Tips To Increase Internet Speed In Your Android Phone

Boosting internet speed

Increasing internet speed

There is a constant need of internet access in your phone despite of the fact which sector you are working in. Use of internet on phone has increased widely. It is used by students to collect information, by teenagers to use social media, by business to avail latest detail of the market and many more people. It is really a pain in head to use your android phone with low speed. If you are having an android phone with low speed, you might know exactly the trouble you are facing. You cannot cope with this low speed issue for a long time and hence you need a solution to increase internet speed in your android phone. To increase internet speed in your android phone, you need to find the causes of low speed and then go for eradicating them. The basic reason for low speed can be load in network, poor signal strength or congestion. To increase internet speed in your android phone, you cannot change any of these as these factors are not under your control. However there are certain things which you can do to improve internet speed in your android phone which are also under your control. Here are some of the things to do for increasing internet speed in your android phone.

  • Uninstall extra apps

If your phone is a storehouse of different apps then it can be one of the reasons for low internet speed. Hence check out which apps are useful and which are not. Uninstall all the extra apps from your phone which are not being used by you. This will definitely help you to increase internet speed in your android phone.

  • Clear cache

Cache memory also chokes much space in your phone and results in lowering your internet speed. Clearing out the cache memory from your phone will avail with extra space in your phone resulting in increase in internet speed in your android phone. For getting faster mobile experience, keep the memory of your phone as empty as possible.

  • Choose 3G as preferred network connection

3g network always gives better internet speed as compared to that with 2G. If you have been using 2G since a long time and due to low speed issue, you shift to 3G and still you are getting low internet speed then you might have chosen 2G as your network connection. Change it to 3G by going in the settings in wireless and network options. This will definitely increase internet speed in your android phone.

  • Use apps to increase internet speed

You might be very much surprised to know that there are several apps available on the Google play stores which are designed specifically for increasing internet speed in your android phone. You must go for installing these apps in your android device and check whether they are helping you out for solving this issue or not. Try various apps and see which one helps you more and consider installing it and keeping it to enjoy better internet speed.


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