Tips on Maintaining a Camera

Person Cleaning a camera with a microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloth used for Cleaning a camera

Whether it’s a normal camera or a DSLR one, maintaining both of them are equally important. Digital cameras are among the pricey investment which you make in your life. But, in many cases we notice that, many of us treat like it’s a disposable item you can easily buy at any of the general store. But folks!! The reality is something else. But, there’s nothing to worry about because with proper maintaining tips and care, your lenses and camera can last for a longer durability. Here are certain tips to consider while maintaining a camera of yours.

Camera maintaining tips:

  • If you’re thinking that cleaning the lenses camera by using your shirt, Nah! Not a good idea folks. The clothes you wear soak up the sweat and dirt of your body, are you still ready of transferring that dirt and junk to your camera? No, right!! Even the fabrics of your cloth might turn up resulting in to damaging the upper surface of the lenses.
  • But for cleaning the lenses, you can simply make the use of microfiber cloth, an air blower or a specialized brush simply designed for cleaning the lenses. Make sure to say no to the compressed air as it might damage the lenses of your cameras.
  • There are many chances that you miss out or slip up certain things from your hands. It’s advisable of taking a hanging strap and attaching it in your camera. Simply hang it up on round your neck and here you go with simply taking and maintaining your camera. I know right, we might many times see people slipping their cameras from their hands. Why to take the chance in here if you can simply prevent this from happening.
  • You can simply add the straps that come with your camera. If you don’t have any, it’s not much of expensive; you can simply buy it up from the store and make your camera work safely.
  • Dirt, humidity and many other factors results into damaging the surface of your lenses. You simply need to cover it up every time once you’re done with shooting pictures and videos. This helps in not only protecting your camera but there are less chances of it getting toned and scratched.
  • When you’re camera is not in use, cap up the front as well as the back lenses. Lenses in a camera are amongst the most valuable assets that is not maintained properly, it might turn damaging. And mind it; lenses are even more costly that might increase up on your pockets.
  • Mind it folks, memory is precious that is stored in your camera. So, it’s advisable of not removing the memory card while your camera is on. If you observe rapidly blinking light on your camera, it simply means that your memory card is being written. Make sure you’re not removing it off while this process.
  • As the data is transferring, removing and ejecting again back to it results in losing some of the beautiful memories of yours. So, if you want to protect the same, make sure to follow this tips for maintaining your camera in an up to date condition.


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