Things to Check if your Computer is Functioning Slow

Laptop functioning slow

Lady fed up of Laptop functioning slow

When you’re computer of laptop is functioning really slowly and your work is piling on you, we can simply understand how annoying that situation is! Wait Wait! Don’t give up right away. Before you give up, here are certain tips of checking your computer functioning slow. It will help your computer function a bit faster as compared to before.

Tips on computer functioning slow:

  • Do you have any programs running in the startup that is not requires to be running anymore? If you’re not using that program every day, there’s no need of running it at the start-up because it will consume unnecessary space or resources in your computer. It might prove to among the reason of your computer functioning slow.
  • Check it by starting up the menu button and type msconfig, wait unless the window pops up and select the startup tab. Now, check accurately that whether you need any of the programs for running all of your time or not.
  • Identify which programs when runned are taking more of the resources of your computer. Start the process by pressing Ctrl plus ATL plus DELETE for bring up the task manager. Select the processes that are interrupting the process of your computer functioning slow. And sort it up both by the memory and the CPU for observing that what is tying up the resources f your computer.
  • You’ll defiantly find a website that is hanging up or the program that is no more in your use. As the time passes, the data stored in your drive gets fragmented in different pieces. If you’re working with windows 7 or Vista, defragmentation happens on its own in the background of the computer but if you’re operating with old XP system in your computer, it’s advisable of heading forward manually when you observe your computer functioning slow or at least in a month.
  • Don’t forget to clean up the temporary file stored in your computer. This might be resulting in slowing down your computer. Every time you visit a website, it’s really common that the temporary files are stored up in your computer. Trust me, it’s just the clutter on your hard drive that will result in slowing down your computer.
  • Make a mandate check on the space available in your computer. If the space is about to get full, make sure to clean the unnecessary files stored in your computer. It results in your computer functioning slow.
  • Don’t keep more of the windows open in your computer is you’re not using them anymore. Don’t keep opening the windows including the web files and pages, because it will slow down your computer and the speed which you’re in need of should not be availed by you while functioning on your computer.
  • Take a note on the ram. Have you got enough RAM for storing your files or not? If you’re not having enough RAM, it might result in slowing down the functions of your computer.


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