The Top 5 Car Gizmos

Car gadgets, gadgetsSome practical gadgets and advance groundwork have come a long way to solve distinctive problem that a vehicle poses while travelling. The top five car gizmos or gadgets are discussed below. First of all in the list of five, comes the universal USB car charger. Gadgets like MP3 players and iPods are perfect when we travel as they provide us with videos and music to make our journey enjoyable. Many of these devices need USB port which is solved by the universal USB car charger as they can be plugged in to the power point of a car or a cigarette lighter. Secondly the importance of a mobile rechargeable battery charger cannot be neglected and is recommended to carry this in your glove box. Thirdly if you want to cherish tea, coffee, etc. anywhere in your car, you can buy a portable water heater. Fourthly, comes a navigator for showing directions and lastly a car multi tool to set you prepared for anything you need.


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