Some Tips for Using SLR lenses for Digital Photography

SLR lenses are ones with which you can get the best out of your pictures and photos. You can try out either a 16 or 18 mm lens with your camera. If you want to have a wide angle shot then it is preferable that you go with your 18 mm lens as it allows more light in or else the 16 mm would be just appropriate for normal usage. In case you want to shoot an object which is far from your camera at an approximate distance of about 10 feet then you can go up to 200 mm and then just focus on the object with your camera and take a perfect shot.

An SLR lens would always give you absolute picture clarity which would be otherwise impossible to obtain from any other type of lenses and hence if you want to take photography on a serious note then you must use SLR lenses for digital photography.


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