Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5Last week Samsung unveiled its next Smartphone, Galaxy S5 officially at the Mobile World Congress. Living up to its set standards, the Korean telecom company hasn’t been shy at all about loading the phone with fantastic specs.

The processor:

The wow factor of this phone is its processor which is a Quad Core Snap Dragon 805 that runs at a blazing 2.5GHz speed. Unlike the S4 model, the S5 will not come out with octo-core, at least not in the recent future. Add a RAM of 2GB to it, and you are pretty much sorted. With this speed, throw any app at it and it will run as smoothly as ever.

The Operating System:

The power packed device comes with the most recent version of android, 4.4 KitKat and newer version of TouchWiz interface.

Battery Backup:

The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a battery of 2800mAH which should be enough to give you backup of a day at least. Samsung assured a continuous twenty one hour of backup.


The phone will be available in two versions 16GB version and a 32GB one. The storage is expandable up to 64GB via a micro SD card. For quick transfer of data the phone comes with a 3.0 microUSB port.


The Galaxy S5 is equipped with a 5th gen Wi-Fi 802.11ac and a 4GLTE and 2X2 MiMo. An added feature of the device is the Download Booster, where both the connectivity platforms (4G and Wi-Fi) are used simultaneously to speed up your download procedure.

Look Wise:

As far as the look is concerned the S5 matches Samsung standards of super chic, slim, light weight phones. It is expected to feature a metal body unlike its usual polycarbonate body. The back is going to be matt soft touch and dimpled all over, which looks better than the faux leather finish other higher range phone features. The phone also features IP67 waterproofing, unlike its last version. This feature prevents it from any water and dust damage. You can submerge the device for as long as half an hour without any damage to it. It will be available in different colors namely Charcoal Black, Electric Blue and Copper Gold and Shimmery White.

The screen:

The device features a 2560×440 quad HD touch screen. The S5’s AMOLED screen is larger than previous version at 5.1 inches.

The Camera:

The camera is 16PM with LED flash, a post shot focusing feature a much improved HDR mode. The post shot focusing allows you to click 2 images as soon as you tap the shutter with differently focused backgrounds (sharply focused and defocused). The blazing .03 seconds autofocus speed of the device is worth on mention.


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