Benefits Of Using Wi-Fi On Your Smart Phone

Benefits of using Wi-Fi on your smartphone

Using Wi-Fi on your smartphone is better option

Wi-Fi is method for the smartphones to connect with the internet wirelessly using radio waves. If you want to connect with the Wi-Fi you need hot spot. Using Wi-Fi on your smart phone always avails you with the better speed as compared to that of 3G cellular data. Sometimes it is even faster than 4G cellular data. Using Wi-Fi on your smart phone when it is available can prove to be quite cheaper and it can also make your phone run more effectively in the long run instead of relying on cellular network. Thus if you are thinking to use Wi-Fi on your smart phone, then it would be a great choice as there are many benefits of using Wi-Fi on your smart phone. If you are unaware about the benefits of using Wi-Fi on your smart phone then here are some of the advantages of using Wi-Fi on your smart phone.

  • Staying under the data cap

When you are using Wi-Fi on your smart phone for accessing the internet, the data usage does not count against all your bundled data. Data pack will give you certain amount of data to use for certain amount of money, if you use extra internet then you will be charged extra for this. Thus when you are around any W-Fi zone, you must use Wi-Fi on your smart phone as it will save you data pack and you will allowed to use for longer period of time.

  • Better speed

In most of the situation the internet speed given by your data pack would be way less than what you get by using Wi-Fi on your smart phone. You will not have to wait for opening any website or your email will also open very soon. It is really very irritating to wait for a long period of time for opening just a website. You will not have to face this trouble if you are using Wi-Fi n your smart phone. The main difference in the speed will be seen when you are transferring large files. Even streaming audio and videos are also very easy if you are using Wi-Fi on your smart phone. You will not have to wait for buffering; you can enjoy the video you are watching without any kind of hindrance.

  • Lower cost

There are many members in your family and all of them will be using data pack for internet, instead you should opt for installing Wi-Fi in your home and you will be able to use more data and also at low cost. Thus using Wi-Fi on your smart phone is really cost saving. If you are not installing it at your home then you must consider using Wi-Fi when you are in any hotel or in any café or at airport and you can download all the necessary software and updates without having to pay extra to your internet service provider. Even doing video calls also takes too much data, thus you can do such things when you have Wi-Fi and save lots of bucks.

Tips While Buying A Laptop

LaptopsLaptop market has changed a lot since last few years and buying a perfect laptop has become much more difficult with lots of options around you. You might be confused as to which one to opt and which one not to opt. But still buying the right laptop also depends upon the age of yours and also upon the work you do. Various laptops come with various specifications designed for several different types of purposes. Say for example if you are buying a laptop for your kid then your choice would be different, if you are buying a laptop for office work then also your choice will be different, if you are buying a laptop for your ten age son or daughter then also your choice would be something else. Hence buying the right laptops depends upon many factors. Make a bit of research and increase your knowledge and also have a good idea about the prices and then go for the one best among all with good specifications and price. You need to decide your need then opt for the one suit you the most. Here are some of the tips for buying the right laptop.

  • Consider advantage of a laptop

If you already don’t have any laptop then before buying the right laptop considers all the benefits you can have from having one. Compare having desktop or laptop and then decide which one to have. As compared of course laptop have more advantages as compared to laptops. Laptops are flexible and hence you can carry them wherever you go and whenever you go. There are many desktops which are incapable of running several games and this things can be done in laptops and hence consider having laptop as compared to desktop. Laptops are also good for saving space and can be places anywhere you find the space which is not possible in desktops.

  • Also keep negatives in mind

As we all know laptops are too good as they are portable and they are really good for using as compared to desktops but it also have some of the negatives to be taken care if before you opt for buying it. As laptops are portable there are significant chances of them being stolen? There is also possibility that you forget it. This thing cannot happen with desktop. Even the battery life of laptops is also not very much attractive and you can have a problem with that. If you are a person to be travelling am lot then battery life can be an issue.

  • Think about what you will be using laptop for

Laptops have many varied use and thus it is very important to focus on your main purpose of buying a laptop. While selecting the laptop, you must think as to what is the main use of your laptop and then make your decision and then go for buying it. It depends whether it is for office use or for playing games or listening to music.

Warning Signs of Replacing your Old Computer

warning signs of replacing your computerWell, we all know the fact that some day or other it would be the time when we are required to change up the old things and go for installing the new ones right? And many a times we see this type of things in electronic appliances which are being installed in our office or home. One of the most used yet very important electronic technology which is considered to be taken in to account for every day is computers. Just installing it and taking and maintaining it is not the thing so the people but to identify that which are considered to be the warning signs of replacing your old computer is the actual thing which the person must go for. There are many warning signs of replacing your old computer which can help you in identifying that it is the age for your computer.

There are many things which can help you in getting all the intuition and you can also call it as the signs of replacing your old computer which you need to comply with. Well, let me help you with some of the examples of warning signs of replacing your old computer like your computer will automatically get slow, you won’t be able to download of get access towards new files and games, etc. and many more of the things which are being further discussed regarding warning signs of replacing your old computer.

Warning signs of replacing your old computer

  • Well, if you will ask me than let me tell you that there are many warning signs of replacing your old computer which you can identify and amongst them the first one is your computer will get slow in its functioning. I know it is difficult to define slowness but you will get to understand when you are actually working on your computer. It will take more time to get to open a folder or any site which is considered to be the indication that your old computer must be replaced.
  • Another thing which can help you and can be considered as one of the signs of replacing your old computer is you want be able to connect to any of the things in your computer. As your computer is getting outdated and has not been upgraded it will show up its things which are considered to be in its limits. It won’t be able to accept the new technology because it is being not supportive towards it.
  • You won’t be able to run for the latest applications are games which are being available in the market. Because the version for the games and the latest application which you need won’t be capable enough for your computer to get with and this will lack you up with the factors which are considered as the warning signs of replacing your old computer. I know if you are upgrading your computer still at some point of time your computer will get to be replaced because it is also provided with certain limits which are not also in the hands of human.


Types of Barcode Readers

Scanning methods are differentiated by the amount of operator manipulation needed:

  • Pen or wand type readers: needs the operator to filch the pen over codeBarcode scanners
  • Semi-automatic handheld readers: the operator doesn’t need to filch but it need to position the reader close to the label.
  • Fix-mount readers for the purpose of automatic reading: this reading is done by passing the label over the reader.
  • Reader gates for doing automatic scanning: placement of code should be under the gate for short time, letting the scanner sweep to get the code target effectively.

Here is some of the type of readers:

  • Pen type readers

This type of readers has a light source and a photodiode which are placed next to each other on the tip of a wand or a pen. For reading the barcode, the tip of pen swings across the bar in a stable proposition. Photodiode measures the intensity of light which is reflected back from the source of light and get to generate a waveform which is used to measure the width of bars and space in the bar code. Dark bars which is placed in the bar code is used to absorb light and the white spaces is used to reflect light so that the voltage which is created by the generation of waveform by the photodiode is an representation and pattern of space in the bar code.

  • Laser Scanners

The working of laser scanners is same as the working of pen type readers except the fact that they use a laser beam as the source of light and engage a reciprocating mirror or a rotating prism for scanning the laser beam back and forth across the bar code. In case of pen type readers, photodiode is used for measuring the light intensity. While in laser scanners, laser beam is used.

  • CCD readers

CCD readers take into account use of plenty of tiny light sensors which are lined up in a row in front of the reader. Every sensor measures the light intensity instantly in front of it. Every individual light sensor in the CCD reader is very minute and as there are plenty of sensors lined up in a row, a pattern of voltage which is similar to the pattern in bar code is created. The main difference between CCD reader and the pen readers and laser scanner is that CCD measures the emitted light from the bar code and pen and laser measures the reflected light frequency.

  • Camera based readers

The newest and the most unique type of bar code reader which is available are camera based readers. It takes into use a small video camera to take an image of a bar code.  The reader then makes the use of high qualitative digital image processing techniques for decoding the bar code. This video camera uses the same technique as in the CCD bar code reader but instead of having single sensor row here it has plenty of rows of sensors for the generation of image.


Steps to Improve Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient homesToday’s time is really expensive, every single thing is costing more than you have expected. Thus its very important to find ways to save on some of the cost. Thus in such circumstances you should hunt for such things for your house which is greener and cheaper to run and thus can be beneficial to environment also and it can be good economically also. Some minor and simple changes in your home can let you move towards energy efficiency. Such changes include switching to a lower washing machine setting, turning down your heating and such others changes and you will observe a significant change in your energy efficiency. Faster you will make changes, faster you will be able to see the changes. Here are some of the steps to improve energy efficiency.

  • Insulate your loft

The result of the survey made by department of energy and climate change claimed that usually homes are wasting 500 millions pumping heat into their houses which escaped heating because of poor insulation in the roof and the walls. Thus if there is lack of proper insulation, much of the energy is wasted. Thus to create energy efficiency in the house you need to insulate your loft ina proper manner.

  • Upgrade your boiler

Are you aware of the fact that inefficient boiler could add 200 pounds or even more to your energy bills? This clearly signifies that upgrading your boiler can be one of the great sources to cut down your energy cost and energy efficiency of your home. It is also an efficient way to decrease carbon emissions in your home to great extent. Boilers contribute sixty percent of the emissions of carbon dioxide in a home which is gas heated. Boilers are rated on a scale which is from A to G. A signifies the home which is most energy efficient and G signifies a home which is least energy efficient. If you are standing at the lower end then it is advisable to install a new boiler as it can save much of the bucks in the long run.

  • Hang thick curtains and insulate your doors

Many of the times it happens that the simplest solution gives the best outcome. Try out hanging thick curtains on your window; this will help to prevent the heat to enter the home and make your home more and more snug. You can also opt for cheap stick on insulation so that it can run down the sides of the doors and help to keep the home warmer and will lower your energy bills and improve energy efficiency of your house.

  • Watch your energy consumption

Do you have any idea how much energy you use in your daily routine? Purchase a energy monitor, it is not much costly and there are some gas and electric company which give this for free. By using this you can get an idea how much energy you are wasting. Place this gadget at a place in your house where each of your family member can see so that they can all realize the wastage and take a pro in making your home energy efficient.



Common Misconceptions about Phone Battery

Battery misconceptionAlmost each and every person will be complaining about quick battery loss. And almost each and every person will be having different reasons to specify their battery loss. Some of them would be true but some of them would just be myths. And these myths will spread and it will become the ultimate conclusion for the battery loss. Here are some such misconceptions about quick battery loss of the phone.


  • Batteries have memory

It’s a very big misconception that batteries have memory. It’s a wrong notion that you need to train your battery to conform that it would take the moist charge.  For this, people generally drain the battery of the phone and then charge it. And also people would never plug the phone to charge when it is over 50%. The belief behind it is that the phone battery will develop a habit and it will keep the memory and it will allow just a percent of the charge.

  • Off brand chargers will damage your battery

Again a wrong believed myth that other brand charger will damage the phone battery. It may be possible that it take more time to charge then your’s one but it will not damage your battery unless and until it is not defective. Thus it is perfectly safe to use the other cheap chargers when your original charger which came along with phone is not working. But make sure that when you replace your charger purchase those which are specifically made for that device, if it is not so you might not enjoy the delight of 15 min charge yielding hours of battery run.

  • Overnight charging will damage your battery

The name smart phones are not just given usually, it has feature of smartness in it. So they are smart enough to stop charging when the battery is at its capacity. For better and long lasting battery life, what you can do is to keep your phone charged between the 40 and 80% most of the time instead of full or overnight charging.

  • Don’t use phone while charging

Generally the thought of people is that using the phone while charge will reduce the quality of the charging your phone gets. This is not totally true unless you are using the charger of low quality. Your battery will charge normally only whether you use it or not. So go on using your phone even if it is in charge without any fear.

  • Switching off your phone can damage your battery

False, there is not a bit of truth lying in this fact. Yes, if you leave your phone shut for an extended period of time battery will be drained, but it is ok if you shut the device once in a while. If possible you can also shut the phone and remove the battery is possible. It will not at all harm your battery. In fact in some of the phones a simple reboot can make battery run functionally.


How to secure your Wi-Fi

Wi-FiThe connectivity of Wi-Fi enables computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets to be accessible. It is a fast step in the wake of networks which are traditional. Anybody can steal your bandwidth and can have access to your connectivity if you have a traditional network but with Wi- Fi you have the full liberty to change the settings accordingly. Security of the Wi-Fi is significant as it allows the data to be restored to you and the neighbours do not take advantage and use it for their purpose.

To keep a tab on your account it becomes imperative since your monthly bill increases, the speed of the data also decreases and hacking becomes a regular phenomenon. Some of the steps which can increase your security are as follows:

Applying settings to your page of router – accessibility to your router must be known which can be done by typing in the browser of the web and then applying a different or a special password has to be done. A password which is strong and also difficult for the other router to take in. It is easy maintenance step with setting of the administration. Database can be made easily.

• Alteration to the SSID name – how to secure your Wi-Fi with SSID network is question that needs to be answered. The SSID name has to be changed from time to time so as to ensure security. It is the setting which is basically wireless and no matter what if there are multiple networks which are wireless in the area the router will connect the Wi- Fi securely without any confusion.

• Encryption of the network is enabled – there are many networks which are available for the wireless settings then it has to be made compatible with the range of devices. From the configuration page the settings can be changed. You can use a combination of alphabets, numbers and symbols to strengthen your password.

• Address of the MAC needs to be filtered – The MAC address has nothing to do with apple MAC. Just like the IP address, MAC address can be added to the device. By this way only specific network of the wireless is added to your Wi-Fi.

• Range of the wireless signal has to be reduced – those of you who stay in a small apartment then you do not need a high range for Wi-Fi. You can either change the setting of the router or cover the router with something so as to stop the haywire of signals going in all direction.

With the conventional methods of securing your Wi-Fi you can also use some of the latest and coolest unconventional methods by applying the paint on Wi-Fi called as the anti Wi-Fi paint. The paint allows the signals of the Wi-Fi to be curtailed and the paint which is called as the blocking paint can be painted in and around the surrounding of your Wi-Fi. Anti spyware also enables you to keep a firm check on your router.

Who should take cloud hosting and why?

Cloud HostingOther name of cloud hosting is grid hosting and clustered hosting. It is the system of hosting which is a level up from the private, shared and dedicated system of hosting. It is just not a single piece of hardware as the horizon has widened with management of the security of network, balancing of the load and resources of the server. Hence, it is a cluster of servers which are interconnected and performs the multifarious functions. Purchase of the processing with growth in the centre of the data is what is required.

It is in the nature of the loud computing to seamlessly scale up and down without causing any sort of problem. The balancing across the cloud server is balanced with the load. You can remove or add the server from the cloud without any application and devoid of the clear architecture. Contextually, cloud hosting does not involve any physical object which can be labelled as the cloud. Of course, it is a structure of the electronic variant where the storage of data is set up in the different computers. One big processor of storage is what the farms of the server behave like. Many hard drives which are connected together in a sync and building up of the space of cloud with booting methodology takes place.

The working of the cloud hosting is based on the internet but cloud hosting is a piece of the entire system involved in the internet. The urge is to simplify the process in a given framework. The working is essential and ideal for those who are in dire need of communication. Freely connecting with the ideas, stories and data also the sharing process takes place by communication. In no time the entire world can connect through the flow of data to the global hierarchy of internet.

There are many apps which are available in the form of digital media storage. Company of the book seller also collaborated with the server of the cloud based. Large investment has been placed with the cloud server. Options of the quick sharing of data be it the dropbox, app of the cloud and other apps simplifies the process with easy sharing of the files to the friends. It is through the servers of the cloud that you get a private IP and then scaling begins with resizing option from the control panel, in fact snap shot of the server of the cloud will lead to a new version of it.

The cloud servers are tied to the CPU with specification along with the storage and memory. You cannot mount the level of storage which is blocked. For offloading server of the cloud is used. The hosting of the server of cloud is a notable improvement to the farms of the server but the knowhow about is still in its archaic form. The web storage of the mystical ‘cloud’ is filled with connectivity. It is an innovation for the next generation. The system of cloud service is growing in size.

Top free online backup systems

online backup systemsYour computer is surely the most important data holder in the contemporary digital world. Now, what is something happens to the computer say it gets hacked or goes beyond repair? There can be fire accidents or natural calamities ruining off your computer and eventually your precious business data – leading to serious issues in your regular office operation. Thus, the experts always advise to go for online backup systems that will ensure complete guard for your data, no matter whatever happens to your computer. If you don’t want to invest on the paid options, some free options are pretty credible.

Google Drive

It’s one of the most recommended options when it comes to top online data backup systems. The best part of taking to Google Drive is that here you are getting a huge 15 GB of storage for free. Then, Google Drive is extremely easy on use demanding no specialized computing skills. Besides, Google Drive would work to automatically synchronized all your stored documents. Finally, since Google Drive is a product from the eminent “Google” you can be sure about its credibility quotient.


It’s another great choice for premium online data backup for free. Spideroak is preferred given its great end-to-end encryption facility which is not always available with its peers. If your files are too confidential and you strictly don’t want any accession to them by others, Spideroak is the system for you. You will be owning the data encryption key, debarring anybody else to pry into your sensitive data. Spideroak offers 2 GB online storage. However, don’t worry as you can easily some free storage space by referring your friends here. The Spideroak friend referral facility offers the users up till 10 GB free storage maximum which when combined with the basic 2 GB, would assure quite a hefty 12 GB storage.


Memopal provides 3 GB free storage for its users. it also permits installation from seamless number of computing machines. A great bit about Memopal is that it’s backup software system is compatible with every form of operating system & houses application suitable for all mobile devices- including those that are usually not supported by other popular backup software systems. Thus, in case you are having a hard time finding online free backup facility for your BlackBerry or Linux system, Memopal would be a grand choice for you.


Mozy extends 2GB online backup storage space for free. The good news is that the basic free Mozy plan offers all the great features as available with premium paid plan, sans just the live tech support. In fact, you can take the advantage of Mozy’s referral program to enhance the storage space for free. Mozy offers up till 5 GB storage space on referring friends which when combined with the basic 2 GB makes a comfortable 7 GB space for free.


IDrive offers 5 GB free online backup storage space. The good boit about the system is that it assures unlimited backup for all browsing devices including all your tablets, smartphones, added to computers.

Top 5 antivirus programs in 2014

antivirus programs in 2014As the computer has turned into the most vital storage and operational device in the current digital era it has become increasingly important to secure the device with good anti-virus program. Are you on the lookout of most effective anti-virus programs of late? Well, there has been the release of a huge host of great anti-virus programs in 2014.
Avast Free 2014 Antivirus
This is one of the top rated anti-virus programs from the eminent Avast software. It’s a free program with full functioning antispyware and antivirus engines guarding your computer from the dangerous menaces from internet, emails, files & instant messages. The anti-virus will work for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8. One of the greatest reasons of taking to this software is it’s very “heuristics engine” that is able to detect the previously unknown malware & viruses.
AVG Free AntiVirus 2014
This is again one among the best anti-virus programs available this year. The free program carries full-fledged antispyware and antivirus tool – includes link scanner, email scanner, automatic update facility & scheduled scanning features & more. The premium features of the program along with fix-it-&-forget benefit make the application a smart buy. The anti-virus will go well with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8.
Avira Free AntiVirus
This antivirus program is meant to shield your computer from a great number of issues such as viruses, worms, Trojans, adware, spyware as well as varied malware. It’s a complete antimalware & antivirus tool. The free aspect has made it a more lucrative buy. The great bits about the Avira Free AntiVirus lie in its heuristics & simplistic use quotient. The antivirus software works for with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8 – there’s a version for Linux users as well.
Comodo Antivirus 6
Comodo Security has released an excellent antivirus software for its 2014 customers. The program is able to keep your PC safe from every possible virus, spyware ad malware threat trying to attack your valued computer. The most vital aspect of the device is its Defense plus technology which identifies unknown threatening files. The anti-virus assures a silent yet very effective approach.
Immunet Antivirus 3 Free
It’s a cloud-based, unique anti-virus program available free of cost. The great antivirus program guards your PC from spyware, keyloggers, Trojans, viruses, worms & bots. You won’t have to update it ever & it comes with free phone support.

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