Nikon D3100 – Review

Nikon D3100 can be tagged as a extremely light weighted digital SLR camera which is very handy being small in shape and light to carry and is great for the photography lovers who just cannot go anywhere without their magic wand… their DSLRs. Under the brand name Nikon which is an extremely reputed brand when it comes to camera and camera accessories this DSLR Nikon D3100 is probably until today the lightest and smallest camera they have ever manufactured.

The camera lovers will find its features irresistible especially its refined layout and very low vibration which makes it possible to click pictures and photographs of other people without actually making any sound to disturb them. The LCD of Nikon D3100 is huge but one of the con of this camera is its screen is a little bit grains in the sense that one can actually see the grains on the screen which is not the case in Nikon other cameras which would provide you flawless high resolution picture quality.


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