Merits of DTH connection

DTH connectionThe DTH or the Direct To Home is the latest advancement of technology. By the use of this particular feature you can watch television channels anywhere in the world. This particular technology directly transmits the signal from the satellite transponder to the receiving station or the antennae placed in your house. By the use of DTH connection you get digital quality cable television service compared to the traditional wired cable service.

You get high definition video quality and stereo type sound at your home. In DTH service you select the desired channels according to your need and choice. Earlier you would have to pay for the channels which you never watched. But now you can select the channels according to your choice. Various DTH companies provide various packages.

Even you get certain advantages with the recharge facility. If you are out of your home for a long time, suppose a month or more, you can contact the service provider and can stop recharging for the time you are not at home. Again when you will be back you can recharge your DTH connection and start watching.


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