Know-how on laptop battery maintenance

laptop battery maintenanceMany laptop owners often complain about poor battery issues. You must know that the battery is one of the most significant arms of your laptop and battery issues generate given the lack of knowledge on proper battery maintenance. If you wish to ensure a longer life span for your battery you have to guarantee effective battery care. The article here is a brief on laptop battery maintenance.

First of all, you should be careful not to overcharge the battery. Overcharged batteries eat away the battery power fast and hence if you are in the habit of excessive charging, you are only harming the battery. The laptops are usually backed by Li-ion batteries and it’s to note here that higher temperature implies greater damage to these batteries. Then, it’s better if you don’t charge the battery while working on the laptop. It’s because charging batteries while your laptop is in use, enhances the overall temperature of the device’s internal circuitry that further abets the temperature used for the battery recharge.

Never ever expose your laptop to sun for long. As mentioned earlier. High temperature is harmful for the battery life of the device. It’s suggested that you always place a thin cover over the laptop while it’s not in use. However, be careful not to block off its vent ways as otherwise the machine would get badly heated up internally. Then, it’s advised that you keep your laptop off while not in use. Many have the tendency to keep the device on for prolonged hours even when they are not working with- this overuse of laptop is one of the principle reasons behind the battery issues encountered by the laptop users. Finally, try to avoid working on multiple windows at the same time as too much of pressure also drains away the battery life of the system.


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