Internet Speed of Your 3G iPhone

The iPhone 3G has been quite famous for not only the traditional iPhone multimedia assets but also for the superior 3G connectivity it offered. The 3G & Wi-Fi capabilities of this brilliant masterpiece gives the user a high end Internet experience with download speeds between 115 kilo bits per second to 54 Mega bits per second, depending on his service provider & the opted plan.

The iPhone 3G interacts very well with the 2G services like GPRS and EDGE, giving fair surfing as well as downloading speeds. However, the true strength of the iPhone 3G is exposed when the HSDPA is tuned into, which gives an astounding speed of up to 21 Mbps. It also serves the IEEE 802.11b & 802.11g Wi-Fi networks very well giving a download speed of about 11 & 54 Mbps respectively. Apart from these, the iPhone flaunts the regular features like iTunes Music Player, Apple App Store and so on.


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