How to secure your Wi-Fi

Wi-FiThe connectivity of Wi-Fi enables computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets to be accessible. It is a fast step in the wake of networks which are traditional. Anybody can steal your bandwidth and can have access to your connectivity if you have a traditional network but with Wi- Fi you have the full liberty to change the settings accordingly. Security of the Wi-Fi is significant as it allows the data to be restored to you and the neighbours do not take advantage and use it for their purpose.

To keep a tab on your account it becomes imperative since your monthly bill increases, the speed of the data also decreases and hacking becomes a regular phenomenon. Some of the steps which can increase your security are as follows:

Applying settings to your page of router – accessibility to your router must be known which can be done by typing in the browser of the web and then applying a different or a special password has to be done. A password which is strong and also difficult for the other router to take in. It is easy maintenance step with setting of the administration. Database can be made easily.

• Alteration to the SSID name – how to secure your Wi-Fi with SSID network is question that needs to be answered. The SSID name has to be changed from time to time so as to ensure security. It is the setting which is basically wireless and no matter what if there are multiple networks which are wireless in the area the router will connect the Wi- Fi securely without any confusion.

• Encryption of the network is enabled – there are many networks which are available for the wireless settings then it has to be made compatible with the range of devices. From the configuration page the settings can be changed. You can use a combination of alphabets, numbers and symbols to strengthen your password.

• Address of the MAC needs to be filtered – The MAC address has nothing to do with apple MAC. Just like the IP address, MAC address can be added to the device. By this way only specific network of the wireless is added to your Wi-Fi.

• Range of the wireless signal has to be reduced – those of you who stay in a small apartment then you do not need a high range for Wi-Fi. You can either change the setting of the router or cover the router with something so as to stop the haywire of signals going in all direction.

With the conventional methods of securing your Wi-Fi you can also use some of the latest and coolest unconventional methods by applying the paint on Wi-Fi called as the anti Wi-Fi paint. The paint allows the signals of the Wi-Fi to be curtailed and the paint which is called as the blocking paint can be painted in and around the surrounding of your Wi-Fi. Anti spyware also enables you to keep a firm check on your router.


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