Focusing Your Coolpix 110

A Nikon Coolpix 110 comes with an automatic focusing mechanism but you can also choose to focus on any object using the manual focusing button which is the same as the shutter button. The first thing that you have to do when you want to focus on a particular object is to hold your camera in that particular direction and also make sure that you don’t move your hand much. The next step is to press the shutter button which is located on the top right hand corner half way and the lens automatically adjusts itself and starts focusing.

The camera also comes with a focus indicator that indicates that the object has been focused on successfully. You can find the focus indicator at the top center of the viewfinder. When the light goes green then it indicates that the focusing of the particular object and the camera is ready to take an image of the same. Press the shutter button all the way through to take an image.


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