Does it Matter to Soundproof Your Sink?

Soundproofing a sink is not always necessary but if you find that the noise is unbearable then you may go for soundproofing. Newer sinks are always built of materials that absorb sound well like fiberglass and hence they do not need any soundproofing. Older sinks are generally made of metals and may sometimes generate too much noise with the sound of water splashing onto it or during washing of utensils and hence they generally need to be soundproofed. Mass loaded vinyl is one common material used for soundproofing and is applied underneath the bottom of the sink and can effectively absorb noise.

You can also use acoustical foam for absorbing sound especially when the area underneath the sink is in the form of a cabinet and adds to the noise by creating an echo. As the sound generally comes from the base hence you may also choose to alter the area of the base in order to change the amount of sound being emitted which is exactly what is done with acoustical foam.


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