Dilemma between an iPhone and an Android??

iPhone and an AndroidMost people are buying either Smart phones which are powered by Android or iPhone powered by iOS. But they find it very difficult to choose between the two phones. Both are equally good in offering features but obviously there are certain differences that cannot be over looked. If you are really confused between the two then here is the article just for you.

The hardware is the most important thing that one looks at in a phone. The OS used in iPhones is exclusively owned and controlled by Apple. While Google’s Android is an open OS and can be used by any manufacturer which devices the mobile, which mainly includes Samsung, HTC, LG as the major users. Android OS are also run in phones of low quality that does not even support all the Android apps. iPhones provide you with limited choices so that you do not have to compromise with the quality. A major complaint against iPhone 4 has been received regarding the antenna problems.

If you want to have a smart phone with an updated OS then you have no option other than buying an iPhone. As soon as Apple introduces an updated OS, people from across the globe are able to download them. While the Android makers are very slow in updating their OS. Only the branded smart phones have their OS that supports all the apps. The quality of the applications developed by Google is comparatively lax. There are no restrictions on the high quality or low quality apps that are made. They are published and downloaded by the users.

An Android phone can go on for 8 hours without requiring for a charge. It varies from phone to phones. On the other hand, a new iPhone can go on for days without charging it. But it mainly depends on your use.


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