Connecting your iPod to Your Old Boom Box

If you want to hear your favorite music loud, then you will need to connect your ipod to a boom box, a boom box can come with a 3.5 mm audio input or a RCA audio jacks or a cassette deck. In order to connect your ipod to your boom box you need to just have a wire with a 3.5 mm jack at its two ends and then simply connect your ipod output with the boom box input. You would also need a cassette adapter in order to finally get any sound from your boom box.

Use the eject button on your boom box in order to eject the cassette tray and once it comes out then you can simply insert the cassette adapter in the tray and then finally close it. Now your ipod is connected to your boom box and you will be able to listen to any music that you play in your ipod.


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