Common Misconceptions about Phone Battery

Battery misconceptionAlmost each and every person will be complaining about quick battery loss. And almost each and every person will be having different reasons to specify their battery loss. Some of them would be true but some of them would just be myths. And these myths will spread and it will become the ultimate conclusion for the battery loss. Here are some such misconceptions about quick battery loss of the phone.


  • Batteries have memory

It’s a very big misconception that batteries have memory. It’s a wrong notion that you need to train your battery to conform that it would take the moist charge.  For this, people generally drain the battery of the phone and then charge it. And also people would never plug the phone to charge when it is over 50%. The belief behind it is that the phone battery will develop a habit and it will keep the memory and it will allow just a percent of the charge.

  • Off brand chargers will damage your battery

Again a wrong believed myth that other brand charger will damage the phone battery. It may be possible that it take more time to charge then your’s one but it will not damage your battery unless and until it is not defective. Thus it is perfectly safe to use the other cheap chargers when your original charger which came along with phone is not working. But make sure that when you replace your charger purchase those which are specifically made for that device, if it is not so you might not enjoy the delight of 15 min charge yielding hours of battery run.

  • Overnight charging will damage your battery

The name smart phones are not just given usually, it has feature of smartness in it. So they are smart enough to stop charging when the battery is at its capacity. For better and long lasting battery life, what you can do is to keep your phone charged between the 40 and 80% most of the time instead of full or overnight charging.

  • Don’t use phone while charging

Generally the thought of people is that using the phone while charge will reduce the quality of the charging your phone gets. This is not totally true unless you are using the charger of low quality. Your battery will charge normally only whether you use it or not. So go on using your phone even if it is in charge without any fear.

  • Switching off your phone can damage your battery

False, there is not a bit of truth lying in this fact. Yes, if you leave your phone shut for an extended period of time battery will be drained, but it is ok if you shut the device once in a while. If possible you can also shut the phone and remove the battery is possible. It will not at all harm your battery. In fact in some of the phones a simple reboot can make battery run functionally.



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