Common iPhone Problems like Freezes and Wont Sync iTunes

IPhone has no doubt been one of the most popular gadgets of all time, owing to its amazing user-friendliness, cool applications and the powerful connectivity. However, like every powerful gadget, it suffers some common problems. The common issues are sudden freezing of the OS and problems pertaining to synchronization of music between the iTunes software and the PC.

Many a times, low battery makes the iPhone unresponsive to applications which take up prominent amount of battery. In such cases, one needs to put up his iPhone for battery charging. In case where the whole OS goes frozen, one can press and hold the Sleep button (or the Sleep and Home button together) to reset the handset and restart it. In case of issues pertaining to the iTunes software, one can check for an update online and install it. The last option is to reset the factory settings, which will clean all your data and install a fresh OS.


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