Top 3 mobile antivirus software for your smartphone

mobile antivirusThe introduction of smart phones has increased the usage of mobile phones especially among the young generation. But it has also brought a lot of problems along with it and one of the most important one is the virus attacks. Since each and every smart phone has a different operating system depending on the company and the make it has become vulnerable to viruses because of the usage of internet in these phones. One of the most common viruses that you will notice is the Trojan Horse. However to prevent such attacks there are anti viruses as well. Now if you are buying a smart phone it is very important that you get an anti virus installed immediately. Here are some of the reasons why you should do it:

• First of all it would protect your expensive phone from the viruses.
• Secondly it will delete the spywares and malwares that are already there in the phone which is degrading the performance of the mobile phone.
• Thirdly it will allow all the other applications to run faster. If there is a virus in your smart phone then there are chances that your phone may not work properly or even if it does it will work very slowly.

If you are searching for the perfect antivirus for your smart phone then there are many in the market but the question is which one you will choose. Following are the top three antivirus softwares for smart phone:

• Lookout is one of the best antivirus that you will ever get for your smart phone. It not only protects your phone but also keeps a backup of all the files you have.
• TrustGo is the other most popular antivirus for your smart phone. This deletes any kind of malwares that tries to enter your phone thus keeping it safe.
• Avast Mobile Security is another top antivirus for your smart phone and it does both the work that the above two does.

Pros of wireless security gadgets

wireless security gadgets, security gadgetsEnsuring security of your home and the people living in there is your primary priority. There are many security gadgets or appliances which can ensure utmost security for your home. Most of the times heavy wired gadget and instruments are fitted in your house to ensure proper safety of the house.

With the further development of technology, the wireless security gadgets came in to being. There are several advantages of the wireless security gadgets for which more and more people prefer them over the wired ones. Using wireless security systems means you don’t have to deal with loads of wires in your house. Moreover if you are in a rented apartment or in a temporary house where you can’t go ahead with the installation of the wires, the wireless security systems are the best option.

Since as most wireless system, the security gadgets also don’t need any constant power supply source. Even if there is a power cut, the wireless gadgets work on a back up battery provided with them. Since it is wireless and the whole complete control is in your hand, you can switch on and off the security system as and when required. There is no chance of false alarm when you are leaving or entering the room.

Tips to select the best anti-virus

Anti-virus, computer securityAntivirus software is essential for any computer because it keeps the PC safe from viruses. Therefore choosing the right antivirus software for your PC is important but equally confusing. Here are certain tips that will help you select the best antivirus for your PC:

Check whether the extent of protection provided by the antivirus is huge or not. Select the one that can be easily installed without any complications. Managing the antivirus you select should be effortless. The antivirus you choose should give you regular updates of the new versions of the software that are more efficient so that you can switch over if you want to.

The company from which you buy the antivirus should provide technical support to you whenever it is required. You can also try out the trial versions of different antivirus software to access their working and then select the one that you prefer the most.

How to protect your iPhone from malwares

Tips to protect iPhone, mobile securityHave you just got an iPhone and looking for the ideal suggestions to keep it guarded from the harmful malwares? Well, follow the post below since it’s all about the necessary pointers that claim to protect your high end device from possible malware attacks.

First of all, you have to be careful while downloading different applications through the iPhone. It is because unsafe downloading could lead to malware intrusion in the device. Make sure to download those applications which are from the reliable and trusted sources only. The non-trusted are said to contain harmful viruses or damaging codes and any download from here would mean highly damaging for your expensive device.

Besides, it’s good to count on encryption facilities. Your iPhone is backed by an encryption feature and make sure to utilize that to assure complete protection of the device from any probable malware attack. You must also count on antivirus software for optimum protection of your phone.

Benefits of Using Security Camera in Your Office

Security Cameras, office securityIf you own an office and would like to make your workplace a safer and well disciplined place then you could try installing security cameras. There are many benefits of using security cameras in the office. First of all, you could keep a check on your employees as they too will be conscious and alert at all times and to their work with more responsibility if they know that they are being watched. Another main advantage is the security. If any mishap occurs in the office, you would have it all on camera.

It’s a good way to assess your people as putting someone under the pressure of being watched can be a challenge. And people who come through it well with good work are the ones to keep on your side. Also you can check if everyone is coming and leaving on time to maintain the record, so as to say. It’s also a fast way to call for someone. Instead of personally going and checking if they are present, you can just check on the screen and call for them when needed.

How to select a good anti-virus

Buy an anti-virus, anti-virusThese days, using the computer or laptop has become a priority for almost everyone. Every person who works has to use the computer for some reason or the other. But since many computers use external hard drives and internet services for various purposes, the computers and laptops are always at risk of getting harmed due to virus attacks. If you get a virus and you haven’t used a hard drive recovery system you might be in a lot of trouble. To protect your system from virus attacks, you should get good anti-virus system software.

Before you choose an anti-virus, make sure that your system will be able to handle it. Only go for anti-virus software which is compatible with your operating system. Some anti-virus software systems are available for free and some can be bought. Mostly if you buy the anti-virus then they are automatically updated at times. Get the one which suits your needs the best. Before you download any software, make sure that you have enough disk space for that. Mostly the size is mentioned at the website or system itself.

All about Spy Gadgets Utility

Spy Gadgets, gadgetsSpy gadgets can be easily described as gadgets or devices that are used for the purpose of spying on people. One can find a wide collection of spy gadgets which includes pen which are the most common, then comes watches, sun glass, and lots more. If you want to get yourself any of the spy gadgets then you can get it at very reasonable price range as they are not that costly and are very effective piece of an instrument to know the real faces of people and the real business they are into.

One of the major objectives of spy gadgets is that, that they are used as a close watch camera or what is commonly known as surveillance camera to guard and protect the furniture and other equipments at home. Spy gadgets can be installed in an open space but they will not fall in the eyes of people.

How can you get rid of adware fast

You might be extremely annoyed with frequent pop ups of advertisements whenever you visit a website or log on to the internet. The best way to get rid of adware is to have safe antivirus software that supports anti adware too. most of the recently released and updated antivirus software besides serving the major purpose of detecting and mitigating viruses from the computer they also remove or block adware and spyware. Adware can be very irritating especially those with explicit contents.

These pop ups also invite a lot of unwanted bugs in the system. Some of the antivirus software online have adware disable information. You can get rid of them by disconnecting the internet or running an uninstall process; a clear scan also allows you to detect and remove adware. Also a very effective method of scanning can be by running the scan in the safe mode of the system and then rebooting the machine will deplete all the adware that has entered your system.


Installing Your 12V Camera Surveillance System

Many people think that only professionals need to be called for installing an electronic surveillance system. Quite on the contrary, with the right tools and proper guidelines (not to forget the safety precautions), you can install your 12V CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Camera Surveillance System in no time. First, you need to understand what the various wires mean. The system comes with three primary wires – the ground, the 12V DC (Supply) wire and the camera signal wire. The RG-59 coax wire is used for the signal transmission while the Siamese cables are used for the power supply connection. All these connection elements come with your CCTV system.

Put all the power supply connectors together (after butt splicing them) and wrap them together using and electric tape (which will protect them from the moisture). Similarly, connect the RG-59 cable after installing the connectors. Put the BNC barrel and connectors together. Put the connections to the power supply and the DVR.

Using Macs as Surveillance Cameras

Owing to the huge amounts of risks nowadays, everyone wants to purchase a full-fledged electronic surveillance system for their home and/or office. It is good to note that instead of buying those costly devices, you can use your Mac computer as a surveillance device, all thanks to its in-built camera and the relevant software like iSight and iMovie.

Firstly, you need to make sure you do not loose battery power uselessly. Hence, select the ‘Energy Saver’ Mode from ‘System Preferences’. Select the ‘Sleep’ tab and choose ‘Never’ to ensure the Mac does not sleep when idle. Go to the iMovie application. Select the ‘Import from Camera’ option and adjust your screen position (i.e. the camera position) to locate the spot you intend to keep a track of. Click the capture button and create a new event from the drop down menu. Once done, the Mac will start recording until it fills all the hard drive capacity.