Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Review: Pros And Cons

Pros and cons of iPhone 7

Reviews of iPhone 7

Apple has been trendy and it has taken over the market since many years. The latest release of apple is iPhone 7 and 7 plus which has captured the market totally. This new release has many new and impressive features. This happens every two years whenever any new iPhone is launched. These phones basically show more renovation instead of revelation. These phones are also extremely expensive and hence if as a user you are putting this much money in any phone, you will definitely ask for justifiable return. Before you go for buying iPhone 7 or Plus, you must take the review and know about its features and then decide whether it is worth buying or not.

  • Performance, design and storage

Majority of the changes are noticeable and these all changes are under the hood but the aesthetic changes are the one which are noticeable. The new black finish of the iPhone 7 is worth noticing and it looks marvelous. Particularly the shiny jet black is worth noticing. It has a fingerprint magnet. But in the end, many people cover up this beautiful finish with cases. When the width and weight of this phone is concerned, the phone is similar to that with its previous one. However you can say that their weight is hair lighter if you are directly comparing the old ones with new ones. The home button of iPhone 7 and plus is redesigned and now the button is just of the name only and now it is just the pressure sensitive disk which makes use of vibrations which gives a feel like a button. The users can customize the buzz strength for making it feel more or less clicky. One of the major improvements in iPhone 7 and plus is by the storage. In the previous models of iPhone, the biggest issue and complain was of the memory getting full all the time, the phone is always running out of space and you missed a photo just because your phone don’t have room to take it. In iPhone 7 and plus the apple has basically doubled the storage space as compared to that with their base model. From 16 Gb the storage was raised to 32 Gb and the new jet black iPhone has either 128 Gb or 256 Gb of storage capacity.

  • Battery life

Both iPhone 7 and plus in designed in such a way which has enhanced battery life. There are these new efficiency processing cored which are included on the alongside of the phone. This will make the phone use less power by using the same processes. As compared to previous iPhones, iPhone 7 and plus will have prolonged battery life of an hour. In general both this phones can easily spend a day with normal usage without any troubles. Even the iPhone 7 plus can last upto the next morning if the situation demands so.

Pros and Cons of using Memory Card

Image of Memory card

Memory card image

Keeping an intact data storage is extremely important now days. Storing a backup is an important task for all the people. Each and every field has its different situation of storing data. Id a business fails to back up its important matters and documents; it might merely indulge itself into a huge trouble. It might simply result in losing the work, letting down the clients and the customers of the business and also will result in wasting the money of the business for forming the information and important data. Well, for avoiding this situation, it is important stores a memory card. For many of the reason we make the use of memory cards like for storing images, important documents, personal information, videos and many other aspects.

People need a backup for storing their important information and media. For this, the importance of memory card is available to the people. There are varied options available in the market for purchasing memory cards. They are also cheaper that depends upon the storage and the RAM you select in the form of your memory card. Many of the years ago, the use of magnetic tape was made for storing the important stuffs. Even, you have also used the floppy disks and CDs for storing your information. Well, let me introduce you to the miniature version the storing device. The memory card is considered to be the miniature version that has the capacity of storing many of the data and details that are important to you.

Well, we all know, it needs really some good amount of hard work for storing the backup. But, as per the time, it is completely changed; there are numerous options available for storing the data. These devise are termed in the list of storing important docs in today’s time. They are versatile, inexpensive and really easy at use. But, when there are so many benefits, there is always the place for drawbacks. Here are certain pros and cons of using memory card for storing some of your important things and information that is personal and important to you.

Pros of using memory card:

  • Memory cards are termed to be non-volatile in structure that works in keeping the data stable on the card. There is less threat of your data to be lost or vanished simply because of power source.
  • Memory cards need less amount of power supply for functioning.
  • While they are working, they actually do not produce and noise. It is being proved.
  • They are in the state of solid structure, so there are fewer chances for inviting any damages or mechanical difficulties.

Cons of using memory card:

  • There are many chances of it for breaking up easily.
  • As the memory card is small in size and structure, there are more chnaces of it to be misplaced or getting lost.
  • Well, sometimes, it is possible that the memory cards can get corrupted or can get affected by any electronic corruption that results into inviting virus in the card.

Tips To Increase Internet Speed In Your Android Phone

Boosting internet speed

Increasing internet speed

There is a constant need of internet access in your phone despite of the fact which sector you are working in. Use of internet on phone has increased widely. It is used by students to collect information, by teenagers to use social media, by business to avail latest detail of the market and many more people. It is really a pain in head to use your android phone with low speed. If you are having an android phone with low speed, you might know exactly the trouble you are facing. You cannot cope with this low speed issue for a long time and hence you need a solution to increase internet speed in your android phone. To increase internet speed in your android phone, you need to find the causes of low speed and then go for eradicating them. The basic reason for low speed can be load in network, poor signal strength or congestion. To increase internet speed in your android phone, you cannot change any of these as these factors are not under your control. However there are certain things which you can do to improve internet speed in your android phone which are also under your control. Here are some of the things to do for increasing internet speed in your android phone.

  • Uninstall extra apps

If your phone is a storehouse of different apps then it can be one of the reasons for low internet speed. Hence check out which apps are useful and which are not. Uninstall all the extra apps from your phone which are not being used by you. This will definitely help you to increase internet speed in your android phone.

  • Clear cache

Cache memory also chokes much space in your phone and results in lowering your internet speed. Clearing out the cache memory from your phone will avail with extra space in your phone resulting in increase in internet speed in your android phone. For getting faster mobile experience, keep the memory of your phone as empty as possible.

  • Choose 3G as preferred network connection

3g network always gives better internet speed as compared to that with 2G. If you have been using 2G since a long time and due to low speed issue, you shift to 3G and still you are getting low internet speed then you might have chosen 2G as your network connection. Change it to 3G by going in the settings in wireless and network options. This will definitely increase internet speed in your android phone.

  • Use apps to increase internet speed

You might be very much surprised to know that there are several apps available on the Google play stores which are designed specifically for increasing internet speed in your android phone. You must go for installing these apps in your android device and check whether they are helping you out for solving this issue or not. Try various apps and see which one helps you more and consider installing it and keeping it to enjoy better internet speed.

Benefits Of Using Wi-Fi On Your Smart Phone

Benefits of using Wi-Fi on your smartphone

Using Wi-Fi on your smartphone is better option

Wi-Fi is method for the smartphones to connect with the internet wirelessly using radio waves. If you want to connect with the Wi-Fi you need hot spot. Using Wi-Fi on your smart phone always avails you with the better speed as compared to that of 3G cellular data. Sometimes it is even faster than 4G cellular data. Using Wi-Fi on your smart phone when it is available can prove to be quite cheaper and it can also make your phone run more effectively in the long run instead of relying on cellular network. Thus if you are thinking to use Wi-Fi on your smart phone, then it would be a great choice as there are many benefits of using Wi-Fi on your smart phone. If you are unaware about the benefits of using Wi-Fi on your smart phone then here are some of the advantages of using Wi-Fi on your smart phone.

  • Staying under the data cap

When you are using Wi-Fi on your smart phone for accessing the internet, the data usage does not count against all your bundled data. Data pack will give you certain amount of data to use for certain amount of money, if you use extra internet then you will be charged extra for this. Thus when you are around any W-Fi zone, you must use Wi-Fi on your smart phone as it will save you data pack and you will allowed to use for longer period of time.

  • Better speed

In most of the situation the internet speed given by your data pack would be way less than what you get by using Wi-Fi on your smart phone. You will not have to wait for opening any website or your email will also open very soon. It is really very irritating to wait for a long period of time for opening just a website. You will not have to face this trouble if you are using Wi-Fi n your smart phone. The main difference in the speed will be seen when you are transferring large files. Even streaming audio and videos are also very easy if you are using Wi-Fi on your smart phone. You will not have to wait for buffering; you can enjoy the video you are watching without any kind of hindrance.

  • Lower cost

There are many members in your family and all of them will be using data pack for internet, instead you should opt for installing Wi-Fi in your home and you will be able to use more data and also at low cost. Thus using Wi-Fi on your smart phone is really cost saving. If you are not installing it at your home then you must consider using Wi-Fi when you are in any hotel or in any café or at airport and you can download all the necessary software and updates without having to pay extra to your internet service provider. Even doing video calls also takes too much data, thus you can do such things when you have Wi-Fi and save lots of bucks.

Common Misconceptions about Phone Battery

Battery misconceptionAlmost each and every person will be complaining about quick battery loss. And almost each and every person will be having different reasons to specify their battery loss. Some of them would be true but some of them would just be myths. And these myths will spread and it will become the ultimate conclusion for the battery loss. Here are some such misconceptions about quick battery loss of the phone.


  • Batteries have memory

It’s a very big misconception that batteries have memory. It’s a wrong notion that you need to train your battery to conform that it would take the moist charge.  For this, people generally drain the battery of the phone and then charge it. And also people would never plug the phone to charge when it is over 50%. The belief behind it is that the phone battery will develop a habit and it will keep the memory and it will allow just a percent of the charge.

  • Off brand chargers will damage your battery

Again a wrong believed myth that other brand charger will damage the phone battery. It may be possible that it take more time to charge then your’s one but it will not damage your battery unless and until it is not defective. Thus it is perfectly safe to use the other cheap chargers when your original charger which came along with phone is not working. But make sure that when you replace your charger purchase those which are specifically made for that device, if it is not so you might not enjoy the delight of 15 min charge yielding hours of battery run.

  • Overnight charging will damage your battery

The name smart phones are not just given usually, it has feature of smartness in it. So they are smart enough to stop charging when the battery is at its capacity. For better and long lasting battery life, what you can do is to keep your phone charged between the 40 and 80% most of the time instead of full or overnight charging.

  • Don’t use phone while charging

Generally the thought of people is that using the phone while charge will reduce the quality of the charging your phone gets. This is not totally true unless you are using the charger of low quality. Your battery will charge normally only whether you use it or not. So go on using your phone even if it is in charge without any fear.

  • Switching off your phone can damage your battery

False, there is not a bit of truth lying in this fact. Yes, if you leave your phone shut for an extended period of time battery will be drained, but it is ok if you shut the device once in a while. If possible you can also shut the phone and remove the battery is possible. It will not at all harm your battery. In fact in some of the phones a simple reboot can make battery run functionally.


Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5Last week Samsung unveiled its next Smartphone, Galaxy S5 officially at the Mobile World Congress. Living up to its set standards, the Korean telecom company hasn’t been shy at all about loading the phone with fantastic specs.

The processor:

The wow factor of this phone is its processor which is a Quad Core Snap Dragon 805 that runs at a blazing 2.5GHz speed. Unlike the S4 model, the S5 will not come out with octo-core, at least not in the recent future. Add a RAM of 2GB to it, and you are pretty much sorted. With this speed, throw any app at it and it will run as smoothly as ever.

The Operating System:

The power packed device comes with the most recent version of android, 4.4 KitKat and newer version of TouchWiz interface.

Battery Backup:

The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a battery of 2800mAH which should be enough to give you backup of a day at least. Samsung assured a continuous twenty one hour of backup.


The phone will be available in two versions 16GB version and a 32GB one. The storage is expandable up to 64GB via a micro SD card. For quick transfer of data the phone comes with a 3.0 microUSB port.


The Galaxy S5 is equipped with a 5th gen Wi-Fi 802.11ac and a 4GLTE and 2X2 MiMo. An added feature of the device is the Download Booster, where both the connectivity platforms (4G and Wi-Fi) are used simultaneously to speed up your download procedure.

Look Wise:

As far as the look is concerned the S5 matches Samsung standards of super chic, slim, light weight phones. It is expected to feature a metal body unlike its usual polycarbonate body. The back is going to be matt soft touch and dimpled all over, which looks better than the faux leather finish other higher range phone features. The phone also features IP67 waterproofing, unlike its last version. This feature prevents it from any water and dust damage. You can submerge the device for as long as half an hour without any damage to it. It will be available in different colors namely Charcoal Black, Electric Blue and Copper Gold and Shimmery White.

The screen:

The device features a 2560×440 quad HD touch screen. The S5’s AMOLED screen is larger than previous version at 5.1 inches.

The Camera:

The camera is 16PM with LED flash, a post shot focusing feature a much improved HDR mode. The post shot focusing allows you to click 2 images as soon as you tap the shutter with differently focused backgrounds (sharply focused and defocused). The blazing .03 seconds autofocus speed of the device is worth on mention.

Touch Screen VS. QWERTY Keypad

Touch Screen VS. QWERTY KeypadIn this new era of evolving technology with a new feature introduced in a gadget 70 years old mobile phones have become a common device in anyone’s hand. From a rickshaw man in India to a homeless fellow in Los Angeles, everyone now has a phone. The funny thing is, there is such a wide variety of phones nowadays in the market that people are confused which one to select. Some people prefer the old models while some are evolving and adapting to the changes faster than the changes are made and prefer using those which are the latest in the market.

Although however there has always been a debate about which phones are better? The qwerty keypad phones or the touchscreen ones? This is as we may call it a matter of choice. Some people are used to the qwerty keypads as it makes their working speed faster whereas some people prefer the touch phones as they are loaded with a whole lot of typing options which are not available in the qwerty ones. Here are a few pros of both these kinds of phones:


If you are the kind of person who prefers to write more than qwerty is just your thing
Since qwerty increases the speed it is obvious that the phone is less prone to make typing errors. Less errors increases a person’s confidence
Touch screens are the more delicate kind of mobile phones. Once broken the cost incurred for damage may be very high.

Most of the new touchscreen mobiles comes with high inbuilt memory and the possibility of memory expansion.
Touchscreen phones are bigger in size and are definitely more visually appealing. These looks and style lure the customers into buying and using them.
Browsing the web becomes more interesting with touchscreens.

Save your smart phone battery tips

smart phone batteryThe smart phones which we are using today are in demand and also have improved our standard of living. With the help of this phone several tasks can be executed daily as it comprises of a number of advance characteristics. It is much different than usual phones as it is much more superior in size and quality. Some outstanding features of these phones like 4G connectivity, intrinsic hotspot, large screen etc has a greater effect on the life of the battery. To put it in other words, the power of battery diminishes. Therefore we should be acquainted with the features of the phones so as to widen the life of the battery. The battery life of all cell phones are not equal, below are some of the necessary guidelines which will help out to extend the life of the battery:

Adjust screen luster- The power of the battery of this phone is very much affected by the vividness of the screen. So it is required to alter the brightness of the screen at the low level as it will help to broaden the battery power.

Turn GPS updates off- The GPS updates are basically used for map reading purpose and locating the phone hence it wants a lot of power utilization so try to set them on only when required.

Get rid of using live wallpapers – These live wallpapers or themes look attractive on your phone, but they devour more power than stagnant wallpapers. Better you should avoid such themes in order to widen the life of the battery.

Avoid areas with feeble cell signals- When you find that your cell phone signals are pathetic or irregular you will notice that the life of the battery is gradually becoming weak. The same goes with Wi-Fi signals.

Review on Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 520Nokia has launched its new set in window phone called Nokia Lumia 520. It is one of the finest smart phones available in the market as it offers all the features which common people and even a business man requires. It has a liberal 4 inch 480*800 display and is motorized by a GHz dual-core snapdragon S4 processor and 512 MB of RAM which is enough for running the phone efficiently.

It is available in different colors in the market and it is priced nearly about $100. It shares its appearance with the top level models and is superior as well. Even the people who live in colder regions can utilize the phone wearing gloves.

The right frame of the handset comprises of all phone physical buttons with a volume rocker at the pinnacle, a power button near the center and a camera button at the base. The outline works well, with the buttons placed far-off to avoid misunderstanding. The left border is devoid of any features ports or buttons at all. The top comprise of jack for 3.5mm headphone on the left hand side and the bottom comprise of micro USB port in the middle for charging phone.

Using Nokia Lumia 520 is quite easy to handle as you can swap all over the screen and you will feel very smooth and receptive. Its only 480*800 display has a good declaration to avoid tiles and menus from becoming hazy.

You can also sent text messages through messaging apps which you will find in iPhone or tablets. If you filch sideways from the thread screens you will reach an area called online where you can chat with your friends from linked messaging services and social networking websites like facebook. The camera is pretty vital with a 5mp camera on its back with no front camera and no led flash.

Samsung Galaxy Trend 2

Samsung Galaxy Trend 2Samsung has become very successful with its success in the Galaxy series and therefore it is very enthusiastic about its next launch of the same series. This new phone is Samsung Galaxy Trend 2 which has become very famous even before it is launched. The picture of this phone has leaked, and rumor is spread about its functionality, durability, and affordability.

From the very beginning it has become certain that Samsung Galaxy Trend 2 will start a new trend in the market and it will be able to grab the attention of the audience. Samsung Company is heaving relying on this phone and expects a lot from it. The manufacturers are very much interested in keeping the constant hold on the market. New users are entering into the market everyday and they look for even better devices with every changing day. Trend 2 is believed to be one of the best devices that Samsung has ever produced. It is a phone based on Android and the most important features re the Samsung Apps, ChatOn and network ring. It has a very good list of features like the high-end data transfer. It has 1.2 GHz dual core processor.

It is designed to be high tech internet device with the presence of Android Jelly Bean OS. It also has dual core processor. It has different connectivity features such as Wifi, Bluetooth and 3G. It has 4 inches big screen that helps you to get a better view of the web pages. It is very light in weight and user friendly. It comes with 3MP camera. It does not support video calling but still there are enough reasons to buy this phone. It has very large memory that can accommodate many songs and the radio stations can also be connected with.

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