Top 3 android apps- a must have for your phone

android appsThe global tech market is rules by two most important operating systems, namely- Apple IOS and android. Both these operating systems are designed with very high end features. Android is versatile, comes with a wide variety of choice. Android ensure availability easily and thus keeps all its users satisfied and happy. It has a variety of apps to choose. Apps are applications which can be used for various purposes depending on the needs of the user. Some apps are made for fun purposes and some are made for doing certain work. 3 must-have apps if you’re the proud owner of an android phone.


A very important app which ensure that you stay connected with your near and dear ones who stay close or far. This chat app has an option of sending not only typed messages but also audio and video messages around the world. What Skype did to international calling on landlines whatsapp has done to SMS. It is the basic priority for many people these days.


Another very amazing mobile app is zedge. This enables the user to get ringtones, notifications and backgrounds for their phones. Zedge has been one of the most popular and trusted source to get these little things which make your phone look more ‘funky’ as they call it. Recently downloading games and live wallpapers and themes from this app have become more convenient and readily available.

We chat:

It is one of the applications similar to whatsapp and viber with the same motive. It enables easy communication in the form of quick audio voice notes. It also gives us the option of video chatting if wanting to. We chat is bringing another level altogether to the world of virtual communication. If wanting to chat immediately an option of live chat is also given to us.

A sneak peek into the key differences between Apple iOS & Android

Apple iOS & AndroidApple iOS and Android are undoubtedly the two ruling mobile operating systems in the global tech market. Yes, they have their competitors like Blackberry and Windows, but when it comes to popularity none of these can stand up against the Apple & Google mobile Oss. Albeit both the Apple and Google products have been designed with several high end features, there are some key differences as well. The article here is an insight on the major differences between iOS & Android operating systems.

The tech experts often define the iOS as walled garden where everything is beautiful but the garden lacks variety given the high walled approach. The Apple option is always functional, pristine, easily navigable but extends fewer choices. On the contrary, Android presents versatility. It’s wilder and comes with abundant variety & wealth of choices. Yes, it’s not as pretty or easily navigable as Apple option but if you are looking for variety, Android is the perfect choice for you. Apple iOS is just limited to 3 base models while the Android OS spans across over 70 smartphones.

Apple promises a hassle free operation for the user. All the apps here follow almost the same operation and hence are easier to handle. But in case of Android, the versatile versions can pose a problem as unlike Apple iOS, here different apps follow different patterns- and it gets confusing for the user at times.

Besides, a major difference between the two operating systems is reflected in their nature of quality control. Apple is extremely strict when it comes to quality control and poses complete control over every app sold from it. You are not allowed to download Apple apps from anywhere and the sole portal for iOS app distribution is Apple’s store. On the contrary, there are various portals for downloading Android apps. Yes, it assures easy availability but then again there are many unreliable portals as well which can pose security risks for your Android device.

Amazing Android Apps you would love to have this year

Android AppsThe dynamic world of Android is always buzzing with great applications. You have the Android apps catering to your every need be it entertainment or safety or health or games- in their unique functional ways. Recently, Android has launched a huge horde of amazing apps for the 2013 users. The post below is a brief on some of the excellent 2013 Android apps.


Splashtop will be a fantastic aide for the ultimate professionals, those who are never tired of working even after the office hours. But with this particular app, you won’t need to stay in your chamber to check out the computer folders- rather you can go back to your home like your colleagues and carry out the office work from there only. The Splashtop app enables the users to get full access to the office computer just from anywhere via internet connection.


Then, you have zedge. It’s a remarkable Android app that helps in your quest for backgrounds, notifications and ringtones. The great bit is that recently live wallpapers and games have also been added to the list for downloads.


This is the Android app for the music freaks who would prefer to relish the audio jingles just the way they wish to. It’s a wonderful customizable radio application which can play the local radio stations live for the user. Moreover, it will also help the user to create bespoke radio stations as per the user’s respective music taste.


Flipboard is a fantastic way to reach up to the news from around the world, even when you cannot be near TV or radio. The app is designed to pull in data from varied social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook & other different social feeds. News would be featured from USA Today and BBC as well.

WeChat: latest android app

WeChatThe android operating system is much famous for its user friendliness and the wide number of features and applications it offers. Till date WhatsApp and Viber were two very popular applications in android by the use of you can easily contact your friends only if you have an internet connection in mobile phone. To compete with these two applications, another application, We Chat, has also come up.

The main motive of We chat is also as same as Viber and WhatsApp. But there are few more modifications which have made communication even much easier. Using We Chat you can send messages to your friends and relatives. To make communication much more easy and practical, We Chat allows the users to perform video chat and audio chat.

Thus whenever you feel like talk with some of closed ones, you can use live chat perform in We Chat. You don’t have to Pay any extra amount for it. You can simply avail the service if you have internet connectivity enabled to your cell phone. Thus it can very easily be concluded that We Chat will bring a revolution in the world of virtual communication.

Top 3 apps for your iPad for 2013

iPad apps, top applications2013 has a lot of new apps on offer for the ipad. These can be acquired from the apple store and can be of great use for all ipad users across the world. Most apps can be either downloaded for free or has a cost. Among the free apps the best is the Evernote Skitch. This app allows you to modify your pdf files based on your specifications. It allows you to mark, edit and even add pages to the pdf document. The Netflix app is also great for streaming video. It comes with tweaks and advancements that really enhance the Live TV viewing experience on your ipad.

Among the paid for apps the best is the Wilderness First Aid app. It will provide you with illustrations and first aid techniques to perform when out in the wild. This app will be your very own Bear Grylls. Along with this there is also the Status Board app which creates pretty innovative interface for social networking and email viewing which is more easy to use and more accurate.

Top 3 paid apps for you android

android apps, best android appsAll good things come for a price and the same holds true for Android apps. If you take a close look you will see that some of the very best Android apps are paid apps. Here is a list of three paid Android apps.

On of the best paid Android apps is Lookout Mobile Security. This app helps you to backup as well as restore your phone, offers Antivirus and also has GPS phone locking features. It allows you to wipe data from your phone remotely if you lose it. The second best paid Android apps is OfficeSuite Pro 6. This allows you to access your office files no matter wherever you are. It will also allow you to create, share and edit your word document; excel document and power point presentation. This app has integration with Google Drive and Drop Box. The third app is Camera Zoom FX that has more than 90 varied effects.

Top 5 free iPhone app

iPhone apps, iPhoneThe iPhone is one of the most popular smart phone and has gained immense popularity among the people of the world. There are some of the most amazing applications available in the iPhone and the even more surprising fact is that some of these applications come free of cost.
The E-Reader is a one of the most amazing features with the help of which you can easily download and read e-books in your iPhone.

The Light Application turns your iPhone readily in to a flash light whenever you are in need of light in extreme darkness. This application is of immense use whenever power failure occurs in your house and you need to find a candle or a match stick.

The highly advanced Wi-Fi technology of the iPhone turns it in to a remote control through which you can control several household appliances once you have matched their infra red signals.
The iPhone also has the Face book application which allows you to stay online anywhere and at any moment.

Viber – An Application to Make Free Calls

Viber application, mobile applicationWith advancement in technology, there are many options which we have these days for communication and interaction apart from landline telephones and snail mails. We have email services, social networking sites, blogs, and mobile phones for calls, texts and MMSs. But everything comes for a price and sometimes it becomes tough for people to keep paying for various calls. If you are facing such a problem, you can switch to Viber. This is a new app which can be downloaded into any Android Smartphone and can be used for free to make calls.

You can use Viber in your iPhone as well. You can connect with any Viber user or make calls to any other phone for free. All you need is an internet connection and download. You can send texts, sound and photo messages through Viber. There is no registration required for getting Viber and you can instantly get all you friends get added to your Viber account from your phone’s contact list. This is an automated process.

Pros and cons of mobile tracking system

mobile tracking system, mobile securityThe modern mobile phones come with various applications and features. One such modern application available with almost all leading mobile phones nowadays is the mobile tracking system. The manufacturers claim that in case of any sort of misplace or theft, you can easily track your phone using this system. But this system has both some advantages as well as disadvantages. The mobile tracking helps you to track or find the location of the children. You can see where they are exactly. This also facilitates you find up someone with whom you have to meet urgently.

But alongside these pros, there are some cons which you should know also otherwise you will find yourself in deep problem. You can’t just track anyone’s movement without informing that person beforehand. Also the tracking services are chargeable and the charges differ according to the service providers. You may not get the desired service at a charge affordable for you. so while purchasing a mobile phone don’t just get carried away by the mobile phone tracking system it has.

Funny iPhone application for kids

Funny iPhone application, iPhoneAll kids love to mess around with their parent’s phone. But with the internet available in every phone and adult content only a few clicks away, parents are scared of what their kids might come across. Here are some of the apps that kids will just love:

• WEET WOO: for those kids who love YouTube! All you have to do is input the age range of your child and the app will gather all age appropriate videos so that all your kid has to do is click and watch them!
• TapTot: this app teaches kids to recognize motor and cognitive skills in a playful manner. Perfect for those pre-schoolers!
• Touchybooks: offers interactive stories where children can participate in the narration too. Comes with two free books as well.
• GoAwayMonster 3000: for those who love to look for and play with monsters. During the day the kids will have to find the monsters and they can have a monster at night!

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