Benefits Of GPRS

Benefits of using GPRS

Advantages of using GPRS

GPRS stands for general packet radio services. GPRS has become an essential part of the routine activities like SMS and calls. GPRS is basically a mobile telephony service which usually allows the users of mobile to get connected with the internet by using their mobile phones only. This was used very thoroughly before the phones became Wi-Fi enabled. GPRS is not much in use now due to extreme usage of Wi-Fi at every place. But however it is an incredible alternative in the situation of emergency when there is no other way of getting connected to the internet. This technology basically makes use of the unused parts of the GSM bandwidth for receiving and sending the data packets. The basic difference between the GPRS and the conventional connection is that in case of a conventional connection there is guarantee about a certain level of quality. Whereas, in case of GPRS, there is no such type of guarantee assured. The operation of this system is within the best scenario possible. Well with the advent of GPRS many of the functions of mobile phones have been eased up. Here are some of the benefits of GPRS system.

Benefits of GPRS

  • Cost

One of the major pros of GPRS is that the communication has been very cheap as compared with that of the regular GSM network. GSM stands for global system for mobile communication. GPRS has enabled plenty of services at low cost like checking of emails through mobile, instant messenger services and several others. GPRS has enabled sending of long messages with very cheap rates. Before GPRS it was SMS which was costly. Here the customers only have to pay for the amount of data which is transmitted. They don’t have to pay for the entire duration of the internet connection.

  • Speed

There are several new and faster technologies available in the market but still GPRS is considered faster as compared with the regular GSM services and older WAP services. By using GPRS the data can be transferred at a speed ranging from 9.6 kilobytes per second to 114kilibytes per second.

  • Mobility

GPRS will enable the wireless access for using the internet from any location wherever there is a network signal found. This will help you to surf the internet on your mobile phone or even on the laptop. This is even possible in the remote areas.

  • Regular connection

By making use of the GPRS technology, the users will remain constantly in connection with internet. Wherever there is GSM coverage found, GPRS system will be available. This will allow you to get connected with the internet even when the other services like HSDPA and 3G are not available.

  • Multiple use

When you are making use of internet by using the GPRS system, it will not block up your calls through the GSM network. This will help you to take or make calls even when you are accessing the internet or downloading something from internet.

Importance of GPS tracker in business

GPS tracker in businessGPS or the Global Positioning System is a system by which you can track any object, its exact location very precisely. With time many business houses have started using the GPS tracker. Those businesses which make use of vehicles or other means of transportation for delivering their service to the clients benefit a lot from the GPS tracker.

Whenever you get an address where you have to drop some consignment, you find that you don’t know the place. In such cases the GPS tracker really proves to be helpful. By the use of GPS you get the direct route to the address provided to you. Thus you don’t have to waste time by searching for the client’s address and you deliver the consignment within a very short period of time.

Moreover getting precise location of the clients through the GPS tracker, you can easily find out the address that fall on the same line and thus you can deliver maximum number of consignments in the shortest possible time. Thus you generate more revenue and save in terms of time.


How to locate yourself using GPS

GPS navigator, GPSGPS (Global Positioning System) is a navigation system using satellite to get information about the location of a person or a thing. The GPS receivers are present in all kinds of devices- cars, watches, mobile phones etc. So to locate yourself or a relative is quite easy by making use of the GPS functionality of a device.

You have to install an application in your choice of device whether it is a phone or your car. Then you have to allow that application to track you with the help of the GPS system. You can manage the list of who can track your whereabouts. GPS receiver has a map that pinpoints the exact location of where you are and how far you are from a particular place.

It gives details about your elevation and the direction you are going. So the chances of you getting lost are negated. Since your loved ones know where you are they also do not worry about you.

Importance of GPS tracking software for your PC

GPS tracking softwareGPS tracking is one of the most useful technologies that have been improvised by humans in the modern times.  It is a technology that is widely used by the military as well as common people as a sophisticated tracking device. The software, if installed in your personal computer, could be very useful in a lot of fields.

You can detect the location of any belonging of yours that has GPS connection sitting right in your home through your GPS installed computer.  Many parents remain constantly worried about their children. This is a problem that can be easily solved by giving them GPS activated phone. You can track them all the time from your home computer. You can keep a track of where your car is moving around when it is left alone with the driver. Therefore, getting lost in this world, or not being able to track or find something is absurd when you have this amazing technology.

What is GPS vehicle tracking system?

GPS vehicle tracking system, GPS A GPS or a Global Positioning System is actually a tool of navigation that was developed in the year of 1973 by Department of Defense. The tool was developed so that military and the soldiers could locate their ships anywhere in the world. Nowadays, the tool is used in scientific as well as commercial purposes.

They are mostly used in positioning and navigation of boats, airplanes, cars and also for most of the recreational outdoor activities. The activities may include sailing, fishing and hiking. Scientific community is also helped a lot by the GPS technology. They are sued by the experts for forecasting the weather and also for studying the global climate. They can be effectively used for studying about earthquakes. They are available in almost all vehicles in the western countries. Finding roads and understanding maps have become quite easy with the GPS vehicle tracking systems. Nowadays, it is very difficult to get lost with the vehicles that are equipped with this tool

Blogging made easy with mobile broadband

Mobile broadband, bloggingAs the times are going through extensive stages of technological advancements, various new ideas are getting incorporated into the conventional aspects of our lives and merging with it effectively to take a predominant position in the course of our lives.

One of such aspects that have got merged with our lives and have become a predominant part of it is the internet. In the recent times the internet has become such a prime factor of our lives that many of us spend a considerable span of the day online. Our purpose of being online ranges from various factors like professional or educational reasons to that related to leisure. Blogging is an online activity that has become considerably popular in the recent days and if we look around we would be able to find many people who maintain and update their blogs regularly. Mobile broadband has induced more ease in the activity of blogging and the bloggers are now able to update their blogs while on the go.

Different Features of Garmin-Asus nuvifone A50

Garmin has always been recognized for its smart GPS (Global Positioning System) devices. However, in the year 2010, it surprised everyone by launching the Garmin-Asus nuvifone A50 in association with (and exclusively for) T-Mobile. The phone has some of the best GPS features (as is expected) but lack a bit on the user friendliness and overall appeal. Here are some of its features to help you with the purchase consideration.

The phone has dimensions of 4.6 x 2.5 x 0.5, weighs about 4.9 oz and flaunts a 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen. The 320 by 480 screen can display 256,000 colors. It has an internal memory of 4 GB and can be expandable to 32 GB by external device (microSD card). It has a plush 3.2 MP camera with auto focus and geo-tagging. It runs on a 600 MHz ARM 11 processor with the Android 2.1 Eclair OS.

Building Your Route on C550

Whenever you are stuck in confusion as to locating a place on a map or the directions to get there, a GPS device comes to your rescue. Some of the best, like the Garmin Street Pilot c550 not only show you your current location but also give you data pertaining to the live traffic situations, POI (Points of Interest) on the way, pre-loaded city maps, Bluetooth compatibility to make wireless calls from a compatible device and lots more. One of the popular uses however, is to get a route from your current location to your preferred destination using the astounding abilities of this system.

Select your destination after clicking the ‘Where to’ option on your c550 device. If you have the home address saved on your device, then select it by clicking the ‘Go Home’ option. The c550 will build the optimum route for you. You can also select coffee shops, gas stations from the various options.

Sending Your MapQuest Map Route to Your Garmin GPS

The Garmin GPS (Global Positioning System) device is a like a travel guide who shows you the direction to the destination but also locate points of interest (like gas stations, coffee shops, etc.) on the way. Also, websites like MapQuest help you find your desired location and tell your Garmin device about the travel directions. All you need is a browser plug-in which will help MapQuest to communicate with your Garmin unit.

Find the Garmin Communicator Plug-in on the internet (you can Google for it) and click on the ‘Download’ option. Keep in mind that the plug-in cannot be downloaded on 64 bit computer systems. Make sure you get a green check mark on the final test page which will confirm the successful download of the plugin on your computer. Connect your Garmin unit to your PC, select the map or route you want to download (from the website), click on the ‘Send to’ option and select GPS to transfer the data to your Garmin device.