Top Android Games To Play In 2017

Top android games

Best android games to play

Are you a game freak? If yes then you must be always in search of the best games to try and get addicted to. There would be plenty of games on the play store to download and play but how to decide which one is worth playing. Whether you are just looking for some and trendy games or you are new to android and trying to feed up your phone with some good games, you have come to the right place. Here is a list of some of the top android games of 2017 which are worth of your attention and time. Try these games and see your productivity getting ruined by having some real fun playing these games.

  • Reigns

Have you ever dreamt of being the king and ruling and going on expeditions and fighting with the warriors? If yes then reign is something which can make you feel like you are living your dream. This game is very much stylish having the game play mechanics which is very simple and razor sharp. Here you will try to keep kingdom to run very smoothly by making interactions with witches, citizens, advisers and such other people in your kingdom which are of significance. This will be described as “choose your own adventure”. Here instead of flipping the pages, you just simply need to swipe right or left. Your each and every decision will create some sort of effect on four resources which you need to manage. Citizen, religion, army and the kingdoms treasury are the four resources which you need to handle in this game. The key to win this game is to balance all your resources equally. If any of the resource reaches zero or goes beyond the maximum limit, then your reign will be finished. However the game doesn’t end here. After this you will become the successor and then you will need to last for a longer period of time in your reign as compared with the king before you. This is one of the interesting games to pass your time out with.

  • The battle of polytopia

This game is highlighted as one of the finalist game in the Google play indie games contest held in February. This game is perfect for those who like the turn based strategy games similar to the civilization franchise. This game is featuring several game modes. It also includes pass and play option which is not seen very frequently where you can play against your friends. There are several tribes to choose from in this game along with cartoony graphics which is designed in perfect manner to be played on mobile.

  • Island delta

This game is basically a top down action adventure puzzle which is basically developed out of Finland. This is a mysterious island which is also retro futuristic. Here you need to make use of anti-gravity gun and you have to cross the way through guards, traps and mechanical minions as you go on and solve the puzzle for reaching the end of the level.

Choosing the best computer games for kids

computer games for kidsIt is indeed a very tough job to choose the best computer game for your kid as because nowadays most of the games available are action games full of blood and violence. These kinds of games can grow negative feelings among the kids from six to fourteen years as they grow up. So, it is you who need to make the right decision while choosing a game for your kid. Some of the tips which you can follow before selecting the correct game are:

You should make sure to do enough research before entering a games shop with your kid. This is a common mistake that you tend to make of not even knowing the basics of computer games and going to a game shop with your kid depending on the latest game that is available. A good online game shop can help you go through the details of the types of games that are available in the market and hence you can decide.

Making a detailed research on computer games being the first step towards choosing the correct game for your kid, the second step should be to remember that you need not choose only the latest games. This is because the classics are always the best for your kids and your kid will even get an extra amount of fun with the classic games that are still popular in the market which is also pocket friendly. Moreover the latest games that are now hitting the top levels of the market can only be enjoyed with the latest computer hardware. Many of forget to check the hardware available in your system and waste your money by choosing a wrong game. This problem usually doesn’t bother you with older ones.

Online games are also preferable for your kids. More than 500 different types of puzzle games as well as action games are available online for your kid to enjoy. Only a certain amount of membership fee is charged against it which is worth it.

Tips to choose the best gaming mouse

gaming mouse, mouseIf you are fond of computer games, then you must be using a gaming mouse. Purchasing the perfect gaming mouse is not a very easy thing. There are various things that you should keep in mind while looking for a gaming mouse. Various brands are also available with the gaming mouse. The prices do vary depending on the brand and the features offered.

If you have no brand specification, then you must do a proper research regarding the gaming mouse before you spend your money. The choice of gaming mouse depends heavily on the individual’s choice and requirements.

The dpi setting should be checked properly while buying a gaming mouse because it is on the dpi setting that the sensitivity of the gaming mouse depends. Many people prefer highly sensitive mouse while some like the sensitivity to remain low. The weight of the mouse is also a very important thing as the handling and the performance of the mouse depends a lot on its weight.
Also check the required number of buttons you want on your gaming mouse. The more the number of buttons on the mouse, the less you will require the keyboard.

Top 3 android games

android gamesAndroid is the most popular operating system in the mobile phones these days. This popularity of the android operating system is mainly due to the exciting features offered by it and its user friendliness. There are many exciting games and applications available with the android operated mobile phones. This article tells you about some of the most popular games in the android operating system.

Subway surfer is a very popular game with the android operating system. It is neither a strategy game nor an action game. It is general entertaining games where you score depending on the distance you run. Many people are addicted to this particular game. You can even compete with your friends in your Facebook friend list and accordingly get reward to beat them.

Apparatus is another game whose main motive is to design a complex machine to perform a simple task. You need to build machines from various electronic circuit equipments available.

Fruit ninja is another android game which many people prefer playing during their leisure time. You simply need to cut fruit with your fingers. The more the number of fruits you cut, the more you score.


Best games on windows 8 phones

games on windows 8 phonesWindows 8 phones are the latest craze in the sphere of smart phones. Everybody desires to lay hands on this piece, irrespective of the brand. Well the cause for this are many, and one of the reasons is the long list of mind blowing games that Windows 8 phones provides its users.

Some are free, and you might have to pay for some games, but if you are a game freak, then your investment is surely worth it! One of the best advantages is that the games of Windows 8 phones are in collaboration with Xbox which is a leading company in the gaming sector.

Greed city is one amazing game which you will find on a Windows 8 Phone. There are various kinds of racing games as well like Turbo Racing League and Drag Racing. You can get some underwater adventure while playing the game of Squids.  Epic Battle Dude, Parking Mania and Game of life are some other games worth checking out!

Deus Ex Human Revolution

Computer games, gamesThis game created by Eidos brings back the award winning franchise of Deus Ex. This is a prequel to the game of the year award winner Deus Ex and does not fail to make a splendid comeback. The graphics is well made with all the npc’s with proper reactive comments. The open world environment also suits the game and makes it an even more enjoyable experience.

The best part of the game is the story line which seems right out of one of the best science fiction novels of all time. The story of how biomechanical augmentations to humans along with its economical impact on the corporate and politics of our society are well reflected. This game does much more than you think and defines your concept of what kind of a world you would like to create. This role playing game is one of the best ever made and is sure to make you think and wonder.

Top 3 games on android

android games, androidThe games which the Android developers have developed are worth mentioning. The transform the phone or the tablet into a game console. The Android App Market is loaded with games but there are some which people of most ages love to play.

Angry Birds come first in the list. The birds in the game are furious as the green pigs have stolen their eggs. They want to take revenge and they do it by destroying the hiding pigs through the sling shots. It is available for free in the Android Market. Now with the Android App one does not need a physical platform to play table tennis. The reason is the honeycomb ping pong. The game is an improved version of the classical 2 rackets and the bouncing ball game. The Backbreaker THD is a football game which is found in the Android market. It is a little expensive game as it costs around $4.99. An Android Racing game is also available. It is known by the name of Need for Speed: shift. These are the tops three games on Android.

Top three action games online

action games, online gamesGaming is one of the best ways to pass time for many. Gaming is addictive and is one of the most profitable industries online today. These days you can play online games directly without any need to register or download the games. If you are a gaming fan and have a thing for online games then here is a list of the three best action games online:

• The Fancy Pants Adventure: you are a character who really has some fancy pants on and all you need to do is clear one level after another, avoiding the monsters that can be your death and collecting as many trophies as possible.

• Indestructo Tank: you get to drive around in an indestructible tank and can fire at enemy’s helicopters and other such things. The more number of enemy trucks and copters you can kill at a go the better for you.

• Electricman 2HS: here you get to beat down your enemy with some really funny moves.

Entertain Yourself with Gaming Gadgets

Gaming Gadgets, gamingWith advancement in technology and science, there are many gaming gadgets which have become popular these days. Gaming laptops have been in use for several years and some of the most appreciated ones were the Star Wars Razor Blade gaming laptops. Specialized mechanical gaming laptops are also a good choice for hardcore gamers. Play Station has always been one of the favorite gadgets for youngsters when it came to gaming.

The new Play Station 3 has managed to keep up the expectations of people all over. The most commonly used version is the Play Station 3 160 GB gadgets. It has enhanced features and a large number of changes. One can even connect with other Play Station 3 gamers in other places with the help of the internet facilities. More number of games has been added and some of the older games have been upgraded too.

Installing Friendster to Your Telephone

FRIENDSTER which started as a social networking site way back in 2002 has now become extremely popular as one of the most famous online social gaming sites. It can be accessed with the help of your mobile phone with an active internet connection and a web browser of any type but it is important to set up your account if you are using FRIENDSTER for the very first time. For this you can launch your mobile web browser at first and then go to and register there with your name e-mail address and date of birth and select join now after you have entered the verification code properly.

Your account will only get activated once you have clicked the mail verification link that is sent by the site to your mailbox. After you have gone through the above steps, you will have installed Friendster on your mobile phone successfully.