Different types of speakers for your sound system

sound system, speakersWe all like to keep up with the latest trends in the fields of electronics. Technology has made it possible for us to rely on various good electronics and gadgets. Having good electronics not just makes our life easier but it also helps us be more relaxed and comfortable. We all love music. Having a good sound system in our home, and, or, or, car is something which we all want. If you already have a pre-installed or old sound system and you are planning to upgrade it, then here are a few tips.

First of all, choose a good head unit. This is the tangible unit which is needed to change stations or plug in our pen drives or pout in DVDs. The wiring harness also needs a change along with the head unit. Always remember that a smaller speaker gives more sound clarity. You can find them ranging from 1″ tweeters to 15″+ subwoofers.

Review of Apple TV

review of apple tvApple TV is actually a gadget which is an enhanced version of high definition TV. It incorporates the digital content of various applications such as MobileMe, iTunes, YouTube etc. Apple TV provides you a platform of unlimited entertainment. You can purchase various movies and also a TV show and you can rent it by using Apple TV. So you have a vast variety of options for entertainment. You can watch your favourite blockbuster movies, your favourite TV shows, live sports etc. Apple TV gives you the comfort for watching TV at home with your family.

It is a streaming device which can stream your favourite shows and it is not so costly and reliable. Since there is no hard disk in Apple TV, you can watch your movies and show online in high definition video. It also supports radio and games. So you can listen to numerous songs in radio and play games. It is a new technology which provides you comfort and entertainment.

How to change iTunes encoder

iTunes encoder, change iTune encoderDo you need to customize your iTunes encoder? Well, it’s not any rocket and involves just a few easy procedures to get your encoding preferences set. The post below jots down the steps stating how you could change the iTunes encoder.

First choose iTunes and then go to Preferences leading to General (Mac/Windows). Now click on the button saying Import Settings. A dialog box would appear where you would be allowed to make the desired changes according to encoding format & its settings. You have to specify your preferred setting in the Import Setting pop-up to change encoding.

The process is almost complete by now. After you are done with the importing preferences & unless you make any further changes on them, the iTunes would use the changed preferences only as it would work to convert or import songs. The MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF encoders would permit you to change the iTunes settings.

Changing life with 4G connection

 4G connectivity,  4G The 3G internet connection was till lately much in demand among the people owing to the features of the connection and its fast speed. But with the development of the 4G internet connection, the complete scenario has gone a 180 degree change. Even with the 3G connection, you have to wait for a couple of minutes as some of the websites take time to load. With 4G connection, the websites will be loaded instantly and you will not have to wait for long.

Your life has undergone a huge change in one word with the advent of the 4G internet connection. it delivers high speed internet connection four times as fast as the 3G internet connection. The downloading time is also much less. Moreover the availability of the internet connection over the portable modem allows you to get access to the 4G internet connection away from your work location. Thus the flexibility of the 4G connection is also a great thing that will change your life to a large extent.

Wireless headphones: top 3 contenders in the market

Wireless headphones, headphonesThere are basically three contenders when it comes to choosing the best wireless headphone. There are three main types available in the market and first one among those three is radio frequency headphones. They are very popular as they have a very big listening range and the price range is also quite affordable along with a very high quality sound.

The next one that comes into the competition is the infrared headphone. They can be sued in cars for watching DVDs or you may use them for watching television without disturbing other people as well. Last but definitely not the least is the Bluetooth headphones. They are used mostly with the cell phones. They come as a standard accessory with most of the Smartphone. These headphones are very convenient. These are the three contenders in the market that are waiting for you to take a pick when it comes to the wireless headphones.

How to Make Voice Work on iPod Shuffle

Using an iPod shuffle can sometimes be frustrating as compared to ipod touch and nano or the classic versions because this ipod lacks a screen where you can get information regarding the current song that is being played or the amount of battery that is still available. It is here that the voiceover software comes to your help and you can get all this information online. You can either enable voiceover during the setup process or you can connect your ipod to your computer using usb cable and use iTunes to activate voiceover software.

You have to simply go to the ipod shuffle icon and then select it and click on the summary tab to enable voiceover software. After you have enabled it successfully you should save your preference by clicking on apply settings and then when you are finally done with all these steps you can exit itunes and disconnect your ipod from your computer.

Connecting your iPod to Your Old Boom Box

If you want to hear your favorite music loud, then you will need to connect your ipod to a boom box, a boom box can come with a 3.5 mm audio input or a RCA audio jacks or a cassette deck. In order to connect your ipod to your boom box you need to just have a wire with a 3.5 mm jack at its two ends and then simply connect your ipod output with the boom box input. You would also need a cassette adapter in order to finally get any sound from your boom box.

Use the eject button on your boom box in order to eject the cassette tray and once it comes out then you can simply insert the cassette adapter in the tray and then finally close it. Now your ipod is connected to your boom box and you will be able to listen to any music that you play in your ipod.

Connecting Your Ematic MP3 Player to Your TV

The Ematic MP3 player is not only good when it comes to superior quality music experience. The excellent connectivity features of this little genius allows it to be connected to your TV set so that you can browse through and see your videos and pictures (located in the memory of the MP3 player) on your big screen. An RCA cable helps you to connect the Ematic MP3 player to your TV. Also, you do not need to install any specialised hardware or software to your TV set for the cause since the MP3 player is equipped with the same. All you require is a minute to set up the connections.

Connect the RCA cable between the ‘TV OUT’ ports on your Ematic player and the ‘Video & Audio In’ ports on your TV. Select the ‘TV OUT’ option and select ‘ON’. This option can be located in the System settings of your MP3 player.

Installing the ILO MP3 Player Driver

A driver is a software (often developed by third party developers or people who built devices for the same) which helps the computer to interact with a particular external hardware device. So even if you have a plush ILO MP3 player with you, your computer will have trouble putting your favorite songs in it (unless if you have a new OS which has good amount of on-board drivers). Hence, you will have to download the ILO MP3 Player driver so as to facilitate the successful synchronization of songs from your computer to your player.

Put the CD you got along with your ILO MP3 player into the CD (or DVD) drive of your computer. Select the ‘Autoplay’ option in the tab that appears and click on the install button. This will install the relevant driver(s) into your computer so that you can start transferring songs from your desktop to your ILO MP3 player.

Troubleshooting Your Coby MP822 MP3 Player

Most of the MP3 players are good enough only for music files. The new Coby MP822 MP3 player, however, promises much more – a 2.8 inch full touch screen, capability to play most of the file formats for music, movies and pictures and a built in reset technology – just in case the player freezes suddenly. The best part is that the reset function returns the system to a functional mode without letting you lose your valuable collection.

However, you need to be sure that your MP822 MP3 player has truly got some problem. Many a times, people misinterpret a simple ‘battery over’ as an error. In such cases, simply plugging your MP3 player to your PC will start the battery recharge process.

In cases when the OS has stopped in between. locate the reset hole on the back panel of your MP822 player, put a pointed object (like an end of your paper pin) inside and push it.

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