Types of Barcode Readers

Scanning methods are differentiated by the amount of operator manipulation needed:

  • Pen or wand type readers: needs the operator to filch the pen over codeBarcode scanners
  • Semi-automatic handheld readers: the operator doesn’t need to filch but it need to position the reader close to the label.
  • Fix-mount readers for the purpose of automatic reading: this reading is done by passing the label over the reader.
  • Reader gates for doing automatic scanning: placement of code should be under the gate for short time, letting the scanner sweep to get the code target effectively.

Here is some of the type of readers:

  • Pen type readers

This type of readers has a light source and a photodiode which are placed next to each other on the tip of a wand or a pen. For reading the barcode, the tip of pen swings across the bar in a stable proposition. Photodiode measures the intensity of light which is reflected back from the source of light and get to generate a waveform which is used to measure the width of bars and space in the bar code. Dark bars which is placed in the bar code is used to absorb light and the white spaces is used to reflect light so that the voltage which is created by the generation of waveform by the photodiode is an representation and pattern of space in the bar code.

  • Laser Scanners

The working of laser scanners is same as the working of pen type readers except the fact that they use a laser beam as the source of light and engage a reciprocating mirror or a rotating prism for scanning the laser beam back and forth across the bar code. In case of pen type readers, photodiode is used for measuring the light intensity. While in laser scanners, laser beam is used.

  • CCD readers

CCD readers take into account use of plenty of tiny light sensors which are lined up in a row in front of the reader. Every sensor measures the light intensity instantly in front of it. Every individual light sensor in the CCD reader is very minute and as there are plenty of sensors lined up in a row, a pattern of voltage which is similar to the pattern in bar code is created. The main difference between CCD reader and the pen readers and laser scanner is that CCD measures the emitted light from the bar code and pen and laser measures the reflected light frequency.

  • Camera based readers

The newest and the most unique type of bar code reader which is available are camera based readers. It takes into use a small video camera to take an image of a bar code.  The reader then makes the use of high qualitative digital image processing techniques for decoding the bar code. This video camera uses the same technique as in the CCD bar code reader but instead of having single sensor row here it has plenty of rows of sensors for the generation of image.


Top free online backup systems

online backup systemsYour computer is surely the most important data holder in the contemporary digital world. Now, what is something happens to the computer say it gets hacked or goes beyond repair? There can be fire accidents or natural calamities ruining off your computer and eventually your precious business data – leading to serious issues in your regular office operation. Thus, the experts always advise to go for online backup systems that will ensure complete guard for your data, no matter whatever happens to your computer. If you don’t want to invest on the paid options, some free options are pretty credible.

Google Drive

It’s one of the most recommended options when it comes to top online data backup systems. The best part of taking to Google Drive is that here you are getting a huge 15 GB of storage for free. Then, Google Drive is extremely easy on use demanding no specialized computing skills. Besides, Google Drive would work to automatically synchronized all your stored documents. Finally, since Google Drive is a product from the eminent “Google” you can be sure about its credibility quotient.


It’s another great choice for premium online data backup for free. Spideroak is preferred given its great end-to-end encryption facility which is not always available with its peers. If your files are too confidential and you strictly don’t want any accession to them by others, Spideroak is the system for you. You will be owning the data encryption key, debarring anybody else to pry into your sensitive data. Spideroak offers 2 GB online storage. However, don’t worry as you can easily some free storage space by referring your friends here. The Spideroak friend referral facility offers the users up till 10 GB free storage maximum which when combined with the basic 2 GB, would assure quite a hefty 12 GB storage.


Memopal provides 3 GB free storage for its users. it also permits installation from seamless number of computing machines. A great bit about Memopal is that it’s backup software system is compatible with every form of operating system & houses application suitable for all mobile devices- including those that are usually not supported by other popular backup software systems. Thus, in case you are having a hard time finding online free backup facility for your BlackBerry or Linux system, Memopal would be a grand choice for you.


Mozy extends 2GB online backup storage space for free. The good news is that the basic free Mozy plan offers all the great features as available with premium paid plan, sans just the live tech support. In fact, you can take the advantage of Mozy’s referral program to enhance the storage space for free. Mozy offers up till 5 GB storage space on referring friends which when combined with the basic 2 GB makes a comfortable 7 GB space for free.


IDrive offers 5 GB free online backup storage space. The good boit about the system is that it assures unlimited backup for all browsing devices including all your tablets, smartphones, added to computers.

How To Select An Inkjet Printer

Inkjet PrinterAre you planning to buy an inkjet printer off late? Well, inkjet printers are fast becoming popular especially for those in quest of a cost-effective printing solution. There are ample inkjet printers in market but if you want the best buy- here are some tips to check out.

Be careful about the brand

It’s needless to mention that you have to settle with a reputed inkjet printer brand for your office- but you must make sure to undertake a thorough comparative study on at least 5-6 potential brands before finalization. Browse through expert reviews on each of the brands and look for customer complaints. The one you would be going should be backed rave expert reviews and happy customer ratings.

Printer speed

Always remember to check out the machine speed at its normal speed since the speed stated by the device manufacturer is generally based on fastest mode.

Printing caliber

If you are looking to print photos with your inkjet printer, check out beforehand that your chosen machine is engineered to manage the photo paper. The business users would look for duplexing function in the printer- the ability of printing on legal-size paper & envelopes.

All-in-one printer

The inkjet all-in-one printers are excellent for business houses as these are designed to carry on important office tasks like photo printing, scanning and faxing too, along with general text printing.

Printer resolution

Make sure that the printer you are taking to comes with minimum 600 by 600 dpi in regards to text and 1200 by 600 dpi at least for photos and graphics.

Printing medium compatibility

All inkjet printers are not compatible with every print medium. Thus, if you are in frequent need of printing on different mediums, added to paper, you have to check out the printing medium capability of the device. The premier inkjet printers are engineered to suit several mediums such as variety of papers, envelopes, cardstock, vellum, labels, glossy photo-paper, transparencies, matte photo-paper & even DVDs and CDs.

Recycling Electronics

Recycling ElectronicsWe should take some time out from our daily routine and think about the damage electronic waste can create to our environment. Thus we should address this issue of how to recycle the electronics. When our electronics are old and are of no use what we simply do is dumping them into the landfills that could be recycled. Toxins are released from these waste electronics that harm Mother Earth. You will be the first one to benefit by recycling, as it will give you a sense of satisfaction and above that you can also be paid for it. For the people who recycle electronics online get paid by incurring no costs themselves. Old and unused electronics can be given away to friends or relatives who need them. You can also sell them to get some cash. They can also be sold online. But you should make sure that you are dealing with reliable sites. They can also be donated to charitable institutions. Donations can also seek tax deductions for you.

Electrical items like computer, cell phones have mercury, harmful plastics, lead, and various chemicals that damage the environment if not taken care of or disposed properly. They can be washed off by rain and flow down to the nearby stream or lake thus contaminating it causing death to the water creatures. So the best way to get rid of your old computer is to send it to a recycling center that uses eco-friendly ways of recycling. They break the elctroni8cs into various small and usable parts.

The authorities of various countries must invest in research so that new and eco friendly ways of recycling electronics are discovered and the e-wastes are disposed off in a safe, fast and affordable manner. Proper segregation must be ensured at the dumping site so that.

Gadgets to protect your home

gadgets for homeYou obviously want your home and its belonging to be safe and sound at all times. However, unfortunately with crime rate shooting up, just locking the doors and windows of one’s house is not enough to ensure safety. And this is exactly where the home security equipment comes into the picture. There is a plethora of home security equipment available these days and the biggest advantage that these offer is they monitor your home round the clock. The equipment is easy to use and you can install them without seeking any professional assistance as well. Here are some very popular home security equipments.

One of the most popular security devices these days is the nanny camera. A nanny camera is essentially a hidden video camera that can be hidden inside any object in the house. As surveillance is the key objective of the camera it is a broad camera. Broad cameras are miniature cameras in which the lens is mounted on the circuit board. They are operated by battery and electric wiring. Its popularity stems from the fact that it can be hidden away very easily. There are some nanny cameras that are styled like teddy bears and are operated by batteries. If you want to choose a nanny camera to ensure the safety and security of your home make sure that you choose a nanny camera that suits the surrounding.

No discussion on home security equipment can ever be complete with the home video security camera. These cameras are extremely popular and offer maximum possible security to your homes. Installing a wireless home video security camera at the entryway of your home is possibly one best ways to monitor your home and check trespassers. It is very easy to install these cameras and you can do it yourself with a few handy tools.

Choosing a wireless mouse

wireless mouseWired mouse is becoming a rarity these days. Most people who use computers these days are opting for the wireless mouse because a wireless mouse offers all the same things that a corded mouse does but with none of the drawbacks of the latter. So, if you have been thinking of getting a wireless mouse, this is the time to get it.

Before purchasing a wireless mouse, you will have to determine your budget. How much money you are willing to spend on the mouse will determine the kind of features that you get in the mouse. Secondly, some wireless mouse is designed especially for the gamers and if you are an ardent gamer then the Logitech G7 is without doubt your best bet. Thirdly, choose a mouse that is comfortable. Before making the purchase, read reviews and see which mouse offers maximum comfort. You also have to decide on the number of buttons you want in the mouse.

Merits of DTH connection

DTH connectionThe DTH or the Direct To Home is the latest advancement of technology. By the use of this particular feature you can watch television channels anywhere in the world. This particular technology directly transmits the signal from the satellite transponder to the receiving station or the antennae placed in your house. By the use of DTH connection you get digital quality cable television service compared to the traditional wired cable service.

You get high definition video quality and stereo type sound at your home. In DTH service you select the desired channels according to your need and choice. Earlier you would have to pay for the channels which you never watched. But now you can select the channels according to your choice. Various DTH companies provide various packages.

Even you get certain advantages with the recharge facility. If you are out of your home for a long time, suppose a month or more, you can contact the service provider and can stop recharging for the time you are not at home. Again when you will be back you can recharge your DTH connection and start watching.

Many Merits Of A Wireless Mouse

Wireless MouseWireless devices including wireless mice, keyboards, headphones etc are becoming extremely famous among all the people and rightly so. The two things associated with these wireless devices are flexibility and convenience. This article will highlight some of the main merits of a wireless mouse.

First and foremost advantage of any wireless mouse is that it does not have a wire which means the surrounding of your desktop computer or your laptop always remains tidy and clean. Plus these are small in size and are very light. You can carry them from one place to another conveniently because there are no wires to restrict your movement.

Most of the wireless mice work on batteries which are rechargeable. Thus it helps save a lot of energy. The looks of a wireless mouse are way better than a corded mouse. Some of the wireless mice are compatible with netbooks and tablets as well and work on Bluetooth.

What is 4G LTE?

4G LTEThe technical name of the 4G connection is 4G LTE. The part LTE stands for the term Long Term Evolution. It actual refers to the lightning fast speed of the wireless communication system. The 4G LTE is mostly aimed at the wireless devices like the tablets, smart phones, etc. The speed offered by the 4G LTE in spite of being wireless will be much more than that now delivered by the 3G communication.

If you have a multi band mobile phone, you can easily use the 4G LTE around the different countries in the world 4G LTE is a standard version accepted all around the world.

However to enable using the 4G LTE with your mobile phone, you need to ensure that your phone is compatible with the connection. The most amazing feature of the 4G is its download which is many times more that delivered by the 3G. Thus there will be hardly any time required for the steaming of videos online.

Pros of installing Bluetooth car kit

Bluetooth car kit, car careAlmost all cars now days come with various features. You must be listening to music every you drive your car. You can use your pen drive, memory card, CDs and DVDs and even your cell phone to listen to music. You definitely have the most collections of songs in your cell phone. You have to connect your phone through USB or AUX to the stereo system of the car to listen to the music stored in your phone. However the problem arises whenever there is any incoming call in your phone.

There is also a solution to this problem and the solution is the use of Bluetooth. Almost all cell phone now days have Bluetooth connectivity. If your car stereo doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, you can buy an external Bluetooth car kit and get it installed in your car’s music system. Connecting your phone through Bluetooth, you can easily listen to the music stored in your phone. You can even answer important calls while driving. Thus a Bluetooth car kit can really prove to be very useful for you.

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