How to maintain an active PC

PC maintenanceYour PC is certainly one of your most vital and most used gadgets where you have all your official documents. Apart from being your trusted database, your PC helps you to conduct a great host of functions everyday be it paying bills, shopping or sending emails to your colleagues and clients. Thus, it’s usual that you will need to maintain a fully active PC throughout. The article here highlights on the needed tips to keep in mind to ensure a properly functioning PC.

First of all, you have to equip your PC with a premium anti-virus software. The high quality anti-virus software systems can guard your computer against the devastating virus attacks as well as malware and spyware invasions. Don’t forget to update the anti-virus system on time to assure good health and complete security or the machine throughout.

Regular dusting is another essential tip for good PC maintenance. Remember dust and dirt particles are two major threats for your computer and hence you should not allow any dust deposition either on the computer body on its keyboard. Do not eat or drink before your computer. Besides, you must get your computer internally cleaned by a professional technician after every 3 months. Regular dusting cannot clear the dust deposition forming in the internal circuitry of the machine which demands a professional attention.

Then you must defragment the computer hard drive occasionally. As files get added and deleted continuously, the hard drive tends to get fragmented & scattered all over hard-drive space. If you defragment the computer hard drive, that scattered files would come closer which in turn eliminates delay while finding files.

You should also clear off recycle bin from time to time if you want a better running PC. A fully loaded recycling bin hampers the space and pace of a computer and an occasional cleaning will ensure a very active PC.

An Overview of Wireless Keyboards

Wireless KeyboardsLoose wires of electronic gadgets can turn out to be very hazardous and irritating. Sometimes you might even forget as to which plug will go into a particular socket. But today you do not have to worry about all this because of the latest advancements in the technological field. These advancements have given the opportunity to the manufacturers to come out with a different kind of keyboard- a wireless keyboard.

The wireless keyboard looks very similar to a normal keyboard. However, it does not have wires and works by utilizing infrared radiations to transmit the data typed on the keyboard to the computer that already has a Bluetooth antenna or a frequency receiver installed in it. The antenna or receiver that is present in the computer captures the infrared waves so that the instruction typed on the keyboard can be followed by the computer program you are using. When you are using a wireless keyboard it is essential that you place it in such a way that the receiver or antenna is within the range of the infrared beams.

If you utilize a wireless keyboard then it will obviously provide you with more space and reduce the clutter of wires that is usually around your computer. The area where your computer is placed will look more organized and clean. Wireless keyboards can help improve your body posture and allow you to be comfortable when you are using your computer. Installing the wireless keyboard is also very easy and simple. Since you do not have to deal with wires you can avoid confusion and save more time. Multiple users have the chance to operate a single computer using a wireless keyboard.

The market does not have many good models of wireless keyboards yet because these are not that popular among the people. Wireless keyboards are costly and their functionality reduces with regular use.

Ensuring proper laptop care

laptop careLaptop is surely one of your functional gadgets. The gadget is an essential whether you are searching for your high school notes or preparing a slide show presentation for your upcoming meet- thus it’s always mandatory that you take proper care of your laptop. The article here jots down some tips that will ensure proper laptop maintenance

Guard from dust & dirt

Always remember dust & dirt are two main enemies of your laptop and hence you make sure that the gadget is safe from these two. Never eat or drink anything while working on laptop as accumulated food particles on the laptop can block off the vents leading to overheating. Besides, fluid spillage on laptop can hinder it from functioning effectively. Always keep the laptop under cover while not in use.

Avoid overheating

Your laptop might cause disturbances if subjected to extreme heat. Laptops used in dry cool areas would function faster & more effectively than if the device was left to heat. Do not use the gadget on your bed, cushion or lap as it can block off the vents situated underneath that assist in cooling. It’s suggested that you take to a good lap-tray as the laptop base. Besides, you can even invest on laptop coolers available from the computer stores.

Count on antivurus

If your laptop is linked with an internet connection there are high chances of virus attack resulting in huge data loss. Thus, the experts always advice to safeguard your laptop with a premium quality antivirus solution.

Care for the screen

Never place anything in between the laptop screen and keyboard. It might result in scratches on the screen.

Clean up registry

Corrupted registry files can lead to a sudden and drastic change in the laptop’s performance. Hence it’s necessary that you run the registry cleaners often to discard the corrupted files.

Things you should consider while buying a new computer

buying a new computerIf you are planning to buy a new computer, there are several things that you should keep in mind. You do a detailed research study about computers and the latest trends. If you are buying a new computer, you will definitely want it to be the latest and the best in class with the latest and the up to date configurations. Now choosing the best configuration for your computer is not a very difficult task, but it should be done wisely. Don’t rely blindly on any one while buying a computer as in that case you may end up not getting true value for money.

Never buy the latest and the up to date processors for your computer. This is because since the processors are new in the market, it has not become much user friendly yet. So if there is any problem in the processor then you will not get to know it. Also the latest softwares that will match the processor configuration take time to come in the market. So using the latest processor, you may find difficulties in installing several essential and important software and applications. So it is preferable to go for those processors and configuration that are already in the market for quite a time and been accepted as user friendly.

While buying the various components at the first go make sure that you can repair them if there is any problem in the future. Many components are there whose components are not available it the local market so if they are damaged, then there is no other way than to change the complete thing. Also check the warranty coverage of each and every thing which is very important in case of any trouble in the future.

How to care for laptop

care for laptop, laptopYour laptop is certainly one of your most functional possessions. It’s not wrong to dub the laptop as your personal tech diary where you have all your office and personal data stored safely. However, your laptop demands some simple maintenance tips which you must follow to ensure the needed long life for the device. The article here is all about how you should care for your laptop.

Keep liquids & food away from laptop

It’s the usual habit to munch or sip while working on the laptop. But this is a strict no if your laptop is valuable to you. Food crumbs settling in between the keys can damage the laptop circuitry. Moreover, it can stain the stylish device. Spilled liquids are dangerous for laptops in the sense that fluid presence on the gadget can hamper the interior micro-electronic components in the gadget or lead to some internal injury for it.

Stay clean while working on laptop

You must always maintain clean hands while working on the device. A dirty hand will leave on dirt & dust on the laptop which is very harmful for the gadget. Moreover, clean hands will also help to safeguard the laptop coating & exterior.

Vent maintenance

This is a very important step when it comes to laptop care. You have to keep check on all laptop vents once in 7 days to assure no blockage. Never push anything inside the vents while cleaning them. The safest vent cleaning tip is to count on simple air-cans.

Check laptop fan

You must be careful about the laptop fan as well. It’s because if the device fan isn’t working properly it can result in laptop overheating that will further create problems with the monitor, hard drive and the laptop memory.

Finally, don’t forget to install a premium anti-virus software in your laptop to ward off the unwanted virus attacks.

Review of the Dell Inspiron 17R series

Dell Inspiron 17R series, laptopsIf you are planning to buy a laptop, then you can go for the Dell Inspiron 17R series. It has become much popular these days owing to its up to date specifications and wide number of features. The Dell Inspiron has got a very attractive appearance owing to its sleek black design and backlight enabled keyboard. In short the 17R series of the Dell Inspiron has an elegant as well as it is much durable.

The laptops of these series come with a Quad core i5 processor. On demand you can even up grade it to i7 variety to have much faster speed. The laptops come with a big 17.3 inch HD LED display screen. It is equipped with 1 TB SATA hard disk and 8GB DDR3 RAM with dual channel facilities. It also has a NVIDEA GeForce 2GB graphics card.

The laptops also have memory card reader, enough number of USB ports, LAN channel and Ethernet Ports. Thus you can do all types of work with your laptop. It can be concluded that the Dell Inspiron 17R series is one of the most popular laptops now days in the Global market.

Top 5 points to remember before selecting notebook

selecting notebookThe notebook can be an actually great help in the work space. The portability along with the features associated to the best of computers can actually boost the performances of any individual. When looking for a notebook to buy on the market there are some essential things to look up.  One of this is the size and the weight. These two aspects really matter a lot in making the notebook truly portable. Along with this notebooks need to have the capability to support software in it adequately, so don’t go all out for graphics and display rather go for a good processor and main memory.

Notebook must also have a good battery standby time too. This can be the deciding factor of the notebooks actual efficiency. An inbuilt wireless adapter is also a much needed addition to the notebook as this allows users to connect to the net on the go without having to buy wireless dongles. Another thing that is overlooked is the longevity of the machine which is directly proportional to the heat sink of the notebook provided. It must be top notch in order to get rid of the excess heat and keep your notebook healthy at all times. 

Factors to consider before purchasing used servers

used serverBefore you purchase any used servers, you need to know few things to avoid any problem later on. Servers are mainly used by those companies who network requirements ranges from entry class to the enterprise class. Purchasing used servers will save a lot of money of yours as well as you will not have to compromise with the network quality. But since you are going to invest in some pre owned hardware, you need to know few details regarding it to avoid any problem later on.

While purchasing used servers, make sure that it comes with some sort of warranty. Though you may not get full warranty if you are not lucky, but you will definitely warranty for some parts and labor ranging from a period of three to six months. Always try buying used servers from professional sellers of refurbished servers. This is because in auctions you have to access the quality and value of the equipment and then only you can make a successful purchase. Make sure that the seller from whom you are buying the hardware provides you with satisfactory technical support to avoid problems in the future.

Benefits of using USB webcam

USB webcam,  webcamThe webcam has now days become a very important for everyone. You can very easily contact with and talk to your near and dear ones face to face, irrespective of the fact where they stay, using the webcam. You need to get connected to any of the online client providing the video chat facility to talk over the webcam.

Well, you can install a permanent webcam with your computer. But then the USB webcam is much more advantageous and flexible to use over the permanent webcam. You can connect the USB webcam to your laptop and even tablet as and when required. You can also carry the USB webcam with you.

The permanent webcam is fixed and is not at all portable. Also it takes a specified amount of place in your computer table. As for the USB webcam, you can connect it when required and you can disconnect it when not in use. Moreover, the USB webcam doesn’t require any system engineer to install. You can do it on your own very easily and within a short time.

Importance of protecting your desktop from dust

desktop, desktop protectionMost people take good care of their computer and before using the internet make sure that they install antivirus lest anything happens to it. However, most ignore the dust that accumulates on their desktop over months and think that spring cleaning is something that their computers do not need.

This however is not correct. You need to understand that dust is actually quite bad for your desktop. Accumulated dust can lead to overheating of your desktop if it clogs the cooling system of the computer. So, you will have to make sure that your clean the dust off your desktop at frequent intervals. However, while cleaning the dust use caned air to blow the dust and for the loose dust clumps use vacuum cleaner. Moreover, you will have to make sure that you touch outer case of the desktop before you start cleaning to discharge the body static. Otherwise, the computer will be damaged if you cause a spark.


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