How to Clean your Laptop

Person Cleaning laptop

Laptop cleaned by a person

Are you facing any issues like sticking of your laptop’s starting keys? Are you facing the problems of laptop? Is your brand new looking laptop has started turning up to look like a thing in trash? Well, follow the tips and steps on cleaning the laptop with simple efficiency and ease. This can be performed by any of the person on their own.

Steps on cleaning the laptop:

Step 1: It’s advisable of selecting right type of cleaning material that is suitable to your laptop. For cleaning the screen, you should use special cleaning solution that is designed for cleaning the screens of the laptops only. And for cleaning the rest parts of the laptop, you will need some soap, a bowl, a can of compressed air and some amount of alcohol.

Step 2: Secondly, you need to turn off your laptop for further cleaning process. It’s advisable of not risking your machinery for running out of its order or not even attempting a shock to yourself while cleaning your laptop.

Step 3: Make sure to remove any disk, CDs, mouse, USB keys and anything else that is attached to the laptop. You should keep these things in mind as it might interrupt your process of cleaning your laptop. If you not take them off, they will simply lead a disturbance in your way.

Step 4: If you still don’t want to remove off the keys attached, you might need a can with compressed air for cleaning your laptop. Dint use the can upside down, simply you need to tilt it and spray it. Still if you’re facing any trouble spraying the can, you can make the use of your laptop. Tilt it a bit, but make sure you not end up damaging it. Continue using you can sprayer unless all the accumulated debris is off the surface of your laptop.

Step 5: If you want to clean the keys of your laptop, make the use of knife for cleaning the same. But be careful while using it, as it might not only damage the keys but can also harms you. Knife is helpful in removing off the keys from its base. But before prying keys off its surface, make sure that you know the process of replacing it. Some of the keys are different from the ordinary ones. If you’re not sure, try popping up a single key before you head ahead for the others.

Step 6: Make the use of bowl and dish washing soap for cleaning the keys. Make necessary scrubbing that can help you in cleaning it. Let it dry for some time and clean it with a clean cloth. Clean your entire keyboard so that you can place back the keys on its place.

Step 7: It’s advisable of filling another bowl with Luke warm water and adding some amount of alcohol to it. Dip a part of the cloth in and clean the entire section of keyboard before you place back the keys. Don’t forget to clean the ports for making them function in a proper way.

Tips on Speeding Up your Computer

Animated image of Speeding up your computer

Speed up your computer image

As you’ll use your computer, over a time, the actual speed of your computer might result in decreasing. You can easily observe this as your computer system taking more time for opening or closing a window, slow speed in surfing and browsing the internet and many such other tasks. But, there’s nothing to worry about because there are certain tips that can increase and help in speeding up your computer. Here is the list of tips that helps in increasing the performing level of your computer. Well, the key of increasing the speed of your computer is by eliminating the smaller issue the first unless and until the system of the computer starts responding in a better way. If you want to improve and increase the speed of your computer, it’s great but do not harm it beyond its expectations. Here is the list of things to perform for speeding up your computer.

Computer speeding tips:

  • Is your computer is a hub of old programs? First and formerly task that can be performed for increasing the speed of your computer is by removing any old programs from your computer. If you’re never going to use that program again, there’s no need of storing it in your computer any long.
  • They turn in taking up not only the space, but also increases the loading effects in your computer. It’s advisable of doing a little amount of spring cleaning if you’re no more using that application or program in your computer.
  • There are certain secret files which are kept by us but then we even forget to even notice. This decreases the speed as well as the space available in your computer. Well, these types of files are also known as non-essential files that should be removed or deleted from your computer as fast as possible. It might also result in inviting viruses to your computer that can even crash your computer system.
  • Make sure, you’re not inviting any viruses for your computer. It’s advisable of installing an antivirus in your computer. Antivirus helps in detecting any virus and prevents it from entering in your computer.
  • If you observe your computer to work even slower, it’s advisable of switching it off. There are certain programs that still functions in the background, and we might be having that perception that it is closed. Due to those programs, it leads in leeching up all the energy and accurate space of your computer. This directly results into slowing down the operating speed of your computer.
  • You might have remembered those days when, starting up the computer was certainly painless as well as effortless. Now I think you might have to wait for all the programs to start and then work further with your computer. There are many a times noticed that your old machine is running certain programs in the background, but you won’t able to identify.
  • It might lead in taking up the precious space and memory in your computer that simply results into slowing down the speed of your PC.

Things to Check if your Computer is Functioning Slow

Laptop functioning slow

Lady fed up of Laptop functioning slow

When you’re computer of laptop is functioning really slowly and your work is piling on you, we can simply understand how annoying that situation is! Wait Wait! Don’t give up right away. Before you give up, here are certain tips of checking your computer functioning slow. It will help your computer function a bit faster as compared to before.

Tips on computer functioning slow:

  • Do you have any programs running in the startup that is not requires to be running anymore? If you’re not using that program every day, there’s no need of running it at the start-up because it will consume unnecessary space or resources in your computer. It might prove to among the reason of your computer functioning slow.
  • Check it by starting up the menu button and type msconfig, wait unless the window pops up and select the startup tab. Now, check accurately that whether you need any of the programs for running all of your time or not.
  • Identify which programs when runned are taking more of the resources of your computer. Start the process by pressing Ctrl plus ATL plus DELETE for bring up the task manager. Select the processes that are interrupting the process of your computer functioning slow. And sort it up both by the memory and the CPU for observing that what is tying up the resources f your computer.
  • You’ll defiantly find a website that is hanging up or the program that is no more in your use. As the time passes, the data stored in your drive gets fragmented in different pieces. If you’re working with windows 7 or Vista, defragmentation happens on its own in the background of the computer but if you’re operating with old XP system in your computer, it’s advisable of heading forward manually when you observe your computer functioning slow or at least in a month.
  • Don’t forget to clean up the temporary file stored in your computer. This might be resulting in slowing down your computer. Every time you visit a website, it’s really common that the temporary files are stored up in your computer. Trust me, it’s just the clutter on your hard drive that will result in slowing down your computer.
  • Make a mandate check on the space available in your computer. If the space is about to get full, make sure to clean the unnecessary files stored in your computer. It results in your computer functioning slow.
  • Don’t keep more of the windows open in your computer is you’re not using them anymore. Don’t keep opening the windows including the web files and pages, because it will slow down your computer and the speed which you’re in need of should not be availed by you while functioning on your computer.
  • Take a note on the ram. Have you got enough RAM for storing your files or not? If you’re not having enough RAM, it might result in slowing down the functions of your computer.

Tips While Buying A Laptop

LaptopsLaptop market has changed a lot since last few years and buying a perfect laptop has become much more difficult with lots of options around you. You might be confused as to which one to opt and which one not to opt. But still buying the right laptop also depends upon the age of yours and also upon the work you do. Various laptops come with various specifications designed for several different types of purposes. Say for example if you are buying a laptop for your kid then your choice would be different, if you are buying a laptop for office work then also your choice will be different, if you are buying a laptop for your ten age son or daughter then also your choice would be something else. Hence buying the right laptops depends upon many factors. Make a bit of research and increase your knowledge and also have a good idea about the prices and then go for the one best among all with good specifications and price. You need to decide your need then opt for the one suit you the most. Here are some of the tips for buying the right laptop.

  • Consider advantage of a laptop

If you already don’t have any laptop then before buying the right laptop considers all the benefits you can have from having one. Compare having desktop or laptop and then decide which one to have. As compared of course laptop have more advantages as compared to laptops. Laptops are flexible and hence you can carry them wherever you go and whenever you go. There are many desktops which are incapable of running several games and this things can be done in laptops and hence consider having laptop as compared to desktop. Laptops are also good for saving space and can be places anywhere you find the space which is not possible in desktops.

  • Also keep negatives in mind

As we all know laptops are too good as they are portable and they are really good for using as compared to desktops but it also have some of the negatives to be taken care if before you opt for buying it. As laptops are portable there are significant chances of them being stolen? There is also possibility that you forget it. This thing cannot happen with desktop. Even the battery life of laptops is also not very much attractive and you can have a problem with that. If you are a person to be travelling am lot then battery life can be an issue.

  • Think about what you will be using laptop for

Laptops have many varied use and thus it is very important to focus on your main purpose of buying a laptop. While selecting the laptop, you must think as to what is the main use of your laptop and then make your decision and then go for buying it. It depends whether it is for office use or for playing games or listening to music.

Warning Signs of Replacing your Old Computer

warning signs of replacing your computerWell, we all know the fact that some day or other it would be the time when we are required to change up the old things and go for installing the new ones right? And many a times we see this type of things in electronic appliances which are being installed in our office or home. One of the most used yet very important electronic technology which is considered to be taken in to account for every day is computers. Just installing it and taking and maintaining it is not the thing so the people but to identify that which are considered to be the warning signs of replacing your old computer is the actual thing which the person must go for. There are many warning signs of replacing your old computer which can help you in identifying that it is the age for your computer.

There are many things which can help you in getting all the intuition and you can also call it as the signs of replacing your old computer which you need to comply with. Well, let me help you with some of the examples of warning signs of replacing your old computer like your computer will automatically get slow, you won’t be able to download of get access towards new files and games, etc. and many more of the things which are being further discussed regarding warning signs of replacing your old computer.

Warning signs of replacing your old computer

  • Well, if you will ask me than let me tell you that there are many warning signs of replacing your old computer which you can identify and amongst them the first one is your computer will get slow in its functioning. I know it is difficult to define slowness but you will get to understand when you are actually working on your computer. It will take more time to get to open a folder or any site which is considered to be the indication that your old computer must be replaced.
  • Another thing which can help you and can be considered as one of the signs of replacing your old computer is you want be able to connect to any of the things in your computer. As your computer is getting outdated and has not been upgraded it will show up its things which are considered to be in its limits. It won’t be able to accept the new technology because it is being not supportive towards it.
  • You won’t be able to run for the latest applications are games which are being available in the market. Because the version for the games and the latest application which you need won’t be capable enough for your computer to get with and this will lack you up with the factors which are considered as the warning signs of replacing your old computer. I know if you are upgrading your computer still at some point of time your computer will get to be replaced because it is also provided with certain limits which are not also in the hands of human.


Top 5 antivirus programs in 2014

antivirus programs in 2014As the computer has turned into the most vital storage and operational device in the current digital era it has become increasingly important to secure the device with good anti-virus program. Are you on the lookout of most effective anti-virus programs of late? Well, there has been the release of a huge host of great anti-virus programs in 2014.
Avast Free 2014 Antivirus
This is one of the top rated anti-virus programs from the eminent Avast software. It’s a free program with full functioning antispyware and antivirus engines guarding your computer from the dangerous menaces from internet, emails, files & instant messages. The anti-virus will work for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8. One of the greatest reasons of taking to this software is it’s very “heuristics engine” that is able to detect the previously unknown malware & viruses.
AVG Free AntiVirus 2014
This is again one among the best anti-virus programs available this year. The free program carries full-fledged antispyware and antivirus tool – includes link scanner, email scanner, automatic update facility & scheduled scanning features & more. The premium features of the program along with fix-it-&-forget benefit make the application a smart buy. The anti-virus will go well with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8.
Avira Free AntiVirus
This antivirus program is meant to shield your computer from a great number of issues such as viruses, worms, Trojans, adware, spyware as well as varied malware. It’s a complete antimalware & antivirus tool. The free aspect has made it a more lucrative buy. The great bits about the Avira Free AntiVirus lie in its heuristics & simplistic use quotient. The antivirus software works for with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8 – there’s a version for Linux users as well.
Comodo Antivirus 6
Comodo Security has released an excellent antivirus software for its 2014 customers. The program is able to keep your PC safe from every possible virus, spyware ad malware threat trying to attack your valued computer. The most vital aspect of the device is its Defense plus technology which identifies unknown threatening files. The anti-virus assures a silent yet very effective approach.
Immunet Antivirus 3 Free
It’s a cloud-based, unique anti-virus program available free of cost. The great antivirus program guards your PC from spyware, keyloggers, Trojans, viruses, worms & bots. You won’t have to update it ever & it comes with free phone support.

Best printer for your office

office printerThere are many printers available now days in the market. To choose the best among them is indeed a difficult job. The best printer that is suggested for official purposes is the laser printer. It is a multi purpose gadget which is best suited for all your needs. With the passage of time the price of the printers falls and the choices that are available increase. It must be noted here that the printers with the lowest price is not always the best one to choose. On the contrary the one which is the most expensive is of no use either.

One of the first steps that you must take before purchasing a laser printer is to set a budget. You must conduct a full fledged research and find out the average range of the printers and the features that accompanies each one of it. You must take into account the toner cartridges as they are important for determining cost printing. Color laser printers are costlier and so are the color toner cartridges.

The price of the printers may vary a lot when colored and monochrome models are taken into consideration. If you run a graphic designing or a printing company then, you may require a color laser printer. In order to produce high quality print outs the cartridges will be required in large quantities that may drain it quickly and you will have to incur more costs.

If you require laser printers for text document printing, then you must opt for a standard monochrome printer. This will require less toner and will save on some money. For the purpose of printing color documents a cheaper inject printer can be bought which need not be of a very high quality. Inject cartridges can be bought at cheaper rates and this will conveniently do your job for occasional color prints instead of buying color laser printers.

You must have an idea about the number of pages and the number of times you will be requiring the printer in a month. Slow printing can cost you less but at the same time can take around 10 seconds for the printing of one page. But if you are working in a busy office then a laser printer can do the job quickly at a slightly higher cost.

Troubleshooting in computers

Troubleshooting in computersComputers are built in such a way that they are professional and reliable machines. Yet, there are times when your computer can hang, result in data loss, provide a shaky system, show error messages, or even totally crash. But not to worry, because troubleshooting these problems can help you save a lot of money in repair work, professional fee, or in worst case scenario, buying a new computer.

Below are few basic computer troubleshooting tips.

• If the computer does not start when you press the power button, check whether the device is plugged into the AC outlet properly or not. Plug any other electronic device into the outlet to see if it is providing enough power
• If your windows do not boot properly, you must reinstall windows on your computer with the windows recoverable CD.
• If any software on your computer responds abnormally or does not respond at all, restart your computer and do a virus scan. For doing this you must have reliable antivirus software installed on your computer.
• If your computer is switched on but not responding to any software or keyboard commands, it must have hanged or freezed. Press and hold on to the power button for a minimum of ten seconds. Your machine will shut down, and then restart it.
• If your computer has become slow, you can improve its performance by deleting unwanted files from your hard disk. Run the disk defragment utility, delete unnecessary icons from your desktop, install a firewall and an antivirus. You will then see a massive improvement in your computer’s working.
• To increase your internet speed, keep clearing internet temporary files and cookies.
• If your computer is not getting connected to the internet then check the IP address and check if the network cables are properly connected to the device. You must also ensure that gateways or servers firewall application is not obstructing http requests from your computer.

Hope these simple troubleshooting tips help make your computer a faster and easier device to work with.

Know-how on laptop battery maintenance

laptop battery maintenanceMany laptop owners often complain about poor battery issues. You must know that the battery is one of the most significant arms of your laptop and battery issues generate given the lack of knowledge on proper battery maintenance. If you wish to ensure a longer life span for your battery you have to guarantee effective battery care. The article here is a brief on laptop battery maintenance.

First of all, you should be careful not to overcharge the battery. Overcharged batteries eat away the battery power fast and hence if you are in the habit of excessive charging, you are only harming the battery. The laptops are usually backed by Li-ion batteries and it’s to note here that higher temperature implies greater damage to these batteries. Then, it’s better if you don’t charge the battery while working on the laptop. It’s because charging batteries while your laptop is in use, enhances the overall temperature of the device’s internal circuitry that further abets the temperature used for the battery recharge.

Never ever expose your laptop to sun for long. As mentioned earlier. High temperature is harmful for the battery life of the device. It’s suggested that you always place a thin cover over the laptop while it’s not in use. However, be careful not to block off its vent ways as otherwise the machine would get badly heated up internally. Then, it’s advised that you keep your laptop off while not in use. Many have the tendency to keep the device on for prolonged hours even when they are not working with- this overuse of laptop is one of the principle reasons behind the battery issues encountered by the laptop users. Finally, try to avoid working on multiple windows at the same time as too much of pressure also drains away the battery life of the system.

Maintain a properly running PC

properly running PCPersonal computers and laptops have become a part of everyday life for most of us these days. Most of us cannot imagine our lives without the PC. Be in a science laboratory or IT firm or even a regular classroom of students in a school or a college, PC’s are present everywhere. Most of or important files are saved in our computers which if lost may be of great harm to us. Hence it is important to maintain the PC such that these files are not damaged in any way.

Installing and updating antivirus programmes on a regular basis is one thing which is a-must for every computer. This ensures complete security and good health of the computer by preventing virus attacks from malicious malwares and spywares.

Also remember to save every file on one common disk location. Sometimes the computer internals crash and formatting is required. At this time only one disk is able to be saved and hence if all your important files are under one disk it is easily recoverable at times like this.

Always remember that dirt and dust are the computers enemies. Dust your computers everyday if possible. The CPU, Mouse, Monitor and Keyboard, being the main components should be dusted and wiped with a clean cloth every day. Never eat snacks or food or and drinks near your PC. Any little accident can cause damage. Professional help for internal cleaning every 3 months sounds like a good option too.
We are used to adding and deleting files off the computer. This causes the files to scatter on the hard drive making it difficult to search for. Defragmenting the hard drive once in a while will prevent this from happening. Clearing the recycle bin is also one thing that you must do in order to keep the computer working fast.

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