Building Your Route on C550

Whenever you are stuck in confusion as to locating a place on a map or the directions to get there, a GPS device comes to your rescue. Some of the best, like the Garmin Street Pilot c550 not only show you your current location but also give you data pertaining to the live traffic situations, POI (Points of Interest) on the way, pre-loaded city maps, Bluetooth compatibility to make wireless calls from a compatible device and lots more. One of the popular uses however, is to get a route from your current location to your preferred destination using the astounding abilities of this system.

Select your destination after clicking the ‘Where to’ option on your c550 device. If you have the home address saved on your device, then select it by clicking the ‘Go Home’ option. The c550 will build the optimum route for you. You can also select coffee shops, gas stations from the various options.


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