Benefits Of GPRS

Benefits of using GPRS

Advantages of using GPRS

GPRS stands for general packet radio services. GPRS has become an essential part of the routine activities like SMS and calls. GPRS is basically a mobile telephony service which usually allows the users of mobile to get connected with the internet by using their mobile phones only. This was used very thoroughly before the phones became Wi-Fi enabled. GPRS is not much in use now due to extreme usage of Wi-Fi at every place. But however it is an incredible alternative in the situation of emergency when there is no other way of getting connected to the internet. This technology basically makes use of the unused parts of the GSM bandwidth for receiving and sending the data packets. The basic difference between the GPRS and the conventional connection is that in case of a conventional connection there is guarantee about a certain level of quality. Whereas, in case of GPRS, there is no such type of guarantee assured. The operation of this system is within the best scenario possible. Well with the advent of GPRS many of the functions of mobile phones have been eased up. Here are some of the benefits of GPRS system.

Benefits of GPRS

  • Cost

One of the major pros of GPRS is that the communication has been very cheap as compared with that of the regular GSM network. GSM stands for global system for mobile communication. GPRS has enabled plenty of services at low cost like checking of emails through mobile, instant messenger services and several others. GPRS has enabled sending of long messages with very cheap rates. Before GPRS it was SMS which was costly. Here the customers only have to pay for the amount of data which is transmitted. They don’t have to pay for the entire duration of the internet connection.

  • Speed

There are several new and faster technologies available in the market but still GPRS is considered faster as compared with the regular GSM services and older WAP services. By using GPRS the data can be transferred at a speed ranging from 9.6 kilobytes per second to 114kilibytes per second.

  • Mobility

GPRS will enable the wireless access for using the internet from any location wherever there is a network signal found. This will help you to surf the internet on your mobile phone or even on the laptop. This is even possible in the remote areas.

  • Regular connection

By making use of the GPRS technology, the users will remain constantly in connection with internet. Wherever there is GSM coverage found, GPRS system will be available. This will allow you to get connected with the internet even when the other services like HSDPA and 3G are not available.

  • Multiple use

When you are making use of internet by using the GPRS system, it will not block up your calls through the GSM network. This will help you to take or make calls even when you are accessing the internet or downloading something from internet.