Top Android Games To Play In 2017

Top android games

Best android games to play

Are you a game freak? If yes then you must be always in search of the best games to try and get addicted to. There would be plenty of games on the play store to download and play but how to decide which one is worth playing. Whether you are just looking for some and trendy games or you are new to android and trying to feed up your phone with some good games, you have come to the right place. Here is a list of some of the top android games of 2017 which are worth of your attention and time. Try these games and see your productivity getting ruined by having some real fun playing these games.

  • Reigns

Have you ever dreamt of being the king and ruling and going on expeditions and fighting with the warriors? If yes then reign is something which can make you feel like you are living your dream. This game is very much stylish having the game play mechanics which is very simple and razor sharp. Here you will try to keep kingdom to run very smoothly by making interactions with witches, citizens, advisers and such other people in your kingdom which are of significance. This will be described as “choose your own adventure”. Here instead of flipping the pages, you just simply need to swipe right or left. Your each and every decision will create some sort of effect on four resources which you need to manage. Citizen, religion, army and the kingdoms treasury are the four resources which you need to handle in this game. The key to win this game is to balance all your resources equally. If any of the resource reaches zero or goes beyond the maximum limit, then your reign will be finished. However the game doesn’t end here. After this you will become the successor and then you will need to last for a longer period of time in your reign as compared with the king before you. This is one of the interesting games to pass your time out with.

  • The battle of polytopia

This game is highlighted as one of the finalist game in the Google play indie games contest held in February. This game is perfect for those who like the turn based strategy games similar to the civilization franchise. This game is featuring several game modes. It also includes pass and play option which is not seen very frequently where you can play against your friends. There are several tribes to choose from in this game along with cartoony graphics which is designed in perfect manner to be played on mobile.

  • Island delta

This game is basically a top down action adventure puzzle which is basically developed out of Finland. This is a mysterious island which is also retro futuristic. Here you need to make use of anti-gravity gun and you have to cross the way through guards, traps and mechanical minions as you go on and solve the puzzle for reaching the end of the level.