Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Review: Pros And Cons

Pros and cons of iPhone 7

Reviews of iPhone 7

Apple has been trendy and it has taken over the market since many years. The latest release of apple is iPhone 7 and 7 plus which has captured the market totally. This new release has many new and impressive features. This happens every two years whenever any new iPhone is launched. These phones basically show more renovation instead of revelation. These phones are also extremely expensive and hence if as a user you are putting this much money in any phone, you will definitely ask for justifiable return. Before you go for buying iPhone 7 or Plus, you must take the review and know about its features and then decide whether it is worth buying or not.

  • Performance, design and storage

Majority of the changes are noticeable and these all changes are under the hood but the aesthetic changes are the one which are noticeable. The new black finish of the iPhone 7 is worth noticing and it looks marvelous. Particularly the shiny jet black is worth noticing. It has a fingerprint magnet. But in the end, many people cover up this beautiful finish with cases. When the width and weight of this phone is concerned, the phone is similar to that with its previous one. However you can say that their weight is hair lighter if you are directly comparing the old ones with new ones. The home button of iPhone 7 and plus is redesigned and now the button is just of the name only and now it is just the pressure sensitive disk which makes use of vibrations which gives a feel like a button. The users can customize the buzz strength for making it feel more or less clicky. One of the major improvements in iPhone 7 and plus is by the storage. In the previous models of iPhone, the biggest issue and complain was of the memory getting full all the time, the phone is always running out of space and you missed a photo just because your phone don’t have room to take it. In iPhone 7 and plus the apple has basically doubled the storage space as compared to that with their base model. From 16 Gb the storage was raised to 32 Gb and the new jet black iPhone has either 128 Gb or 256 Gb of storage capacity.

  • Battery life

Both iPhone 7 and plus in designed in such a way which has enhanced battery life. There are these new efficiency processing cored which are included on the alongside of the phone. This will make the phone use less power by using the same processes. As compared to previous iPhones, iPhone 7 and plus will have prolonged battery life of an hour. In general both this phones can easily spend a day with normal usage without any troubles. Even the iPhone 7 plus can last upto the next morning if the situation demands so.