How to Clean your Laptop

Person Cleaning laptop

Laptop cleaned by a person

Are you facing any issues like sticking of your laptop’s starting keys? Are you facing the problems of laptop? Is your brand new looking laptop has started turning up to look like a thing in trash? Well, follow the tips and steps on cleaning the laptop with simple efficiency and ease. This can be performed by any of the person on their own.

Steps on cleaning the laptop:

Step 1: It’s advisable of selecting right type of cleaning material that is suitable to your laptop. For cleaning the screen, you should use special cleaning solution that is designed for cleaning the screens of the laptops only. And for cleaning the rest parts of the laptop, you will need some soap, a bowl, a can of compressed air and some amount of alcohol.

Step 2: Secondly, you need to turn off your laptop for further cleaning process. It’s advisable of not risking your machinery for running out of its order or not even attempting a shock to yourself while cleaning your laptop.

Step 3: Make sure to remove any disk, CDs, mouse, USB keys and anything else that is attached to the laptop. You should keep these things in mind as it might interrupt your process of cleaning your laptop. If you not take them off, they will simply lead a disturbance in your way.

Step 4: If you still don’t want to remove off the keys attached, you might need a can with compressed air for cleaning your laptop. Dint use the can upside down, simply you need to tilt it and spray it. Still if you’re facing any trouble spraying the can, you can make the use of your laptop. Tilt it a bit, but make sure you not end up damaging it. Continue using you can sprayer unless all the accumulated debris is off the surface of your laptop.

Step 5: If you want to clean the keys of your laptop, make the use of knife for cleaning the same. But be careful while using it, as it might not only damage the keys but can also harms you. Knife is helpful in removing off the keys from its base. But before prying keys off its surface, make sure that you know the process of replacing it. Some of the keys are different from the ordinary ones. If you’re not sure, try popping up a single key before you head ahead for the others.

Step 6: Make the use of bowl and dish washing soap for cleaning the keys. Make necessary scrubbing that can help you in cleaning it. Let it dry for some time and clean it with a clean cloth. Clean your entire keyboard so that you can place back the keys on its place.

Step 7: It’s advisable of filling another bowl with Luke warm water and adding some amount of alcohol to it. Dip a part of the cloth in and clean the entire section of keyboard before you place back the keys. Don’t forget to clean the ports for making them function in a proper way.