Steps to Improve Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient homesToday’s time is really expensive, every single thing is costing more than you have expected. Thus its very important to find ways to save on some of the cost. Thus in such circumstances you should hunt for such things for your house which is greener and cheaper to run and thus can be beneficial to environment also and it can be good economically also. Some minor and simple changes in your home can let you move towards energy efficiency. Such changes include switching to a lower washing machine setting, turning down your heating and such others changes and you will observe a significant change in your energy efficiency. Faster you will make changes, faster you will be able to see the changes. Here are some of the steps to improve energy efficiency.

  • Insulate your loft

The result of the survey made by department of energy and climate change claimed that usually homes are wasting 500 millions pumping heat into their houses which escaped heating because of poor insulation in the roof and the walls. Thus if there is lack of proper insulation, much of the energy is wasted. Thus to create energy efficiency in the house you need to insulate your loft ina proper manner.

  • Upgrade your boiler

Are you aware of the fact that inefficient boiler could add 200 pounds or even more to your energy bills? This clearly signifies that upgrading your boiler can be one of the great sources to cut down your energy cost and energy efficiency of your home. It is also an efficient way to decrease carbon emissions in your home to great extent. Boilers contribute sixty percent of the emissions of carbon dioxide in a home which is gas heated. Boilers are rated on a scale which is from A to G. A signifies the home which is most energy efficient and G signifies a home which is least energy efficient. If you are standing at the lower end then it is advisable to install a new boiler as it can save much of the bucks in the long run.

  • Hang thick curtains and insulate your doors

Many of the times it happens that the simplest solution gives the best outcome. Try out hanging thick curtains on your window; this will help to prevent the heat to enter the home and make your home more and more snug. You can also opt for cheap stick on insulation so that it can run down the sides of the doors and help to keep the home warmer and will lower your energy bills and improve energy efficiency of your house.

  • Watch your energy consumption

Do you have any idea how much energy you use in your daily routine? Purchase a energy monitor, it is not much costly and there are some gas and electric company which give this for free. By using this you can get an idea how much energy you are wasting. Place this gadget at a place in your house where each of your family member can see so that they can all realize the wastage and take a pro in making your home energy efficient.