Troubleshooting in computers

Troubleshooting in computersComputers are built in such a way that they are professional and reliable machines. Yet, there are times when your computer can hang, result in data loss, provide a shaky system, show error messages, or even totally crash. But not to worry, because troubleshooting these problems can help you save a lot of money in repair work, professional fee, or in worst case scenario, buying a new computer.

Below are few basic computer troubleshooting tips.

• If the computer does not start when you press the power button, check whether the device is plugged into the AC outlet properly or not. Plug any other electronic device into the outlet to see if it is providing enough power
• If your windows do not boot properly, you must reinstall windows on your computer with the windows recoverable CD.
• If any software on your computer responds abnormally or does not respond at all, restart your computer and do a virus scan. For doing this you must have reliable antivirus software installed on your computer.
• If your computer is switched on but not responding to any software or keyboard commands, it must have hanged or freezed. Press and hold on to the power button for a minimum of ten seconds. Your machine will shut down, and then restart it.
• If your computer has become slow, you can improve its performance by deleting unwanted files from your hard disk. Run the disk defragment utility, delete unnecessary icons from your desktop, install a firewall and an antivirus. You will then see a massive improvement in your computer’s working.
• To increase your internet speed, keep clearing internet temporary files and cookies.
• If your computer is not getting connected to the internet then check the IP address and check if the network cables are properly connected to the device. You must also ensure that gateways or servers firewall application is not obstructing http requests from your computer.

Hope these simple troubleshooting tips help make your computer a faster and easier device to work with.

Touch Screen VS. QWERTY Keypad

Touch Screen VS. QWERTY KeypadIn this new era of evolving technology with a new feature introduced in a gadget 70 years old mobile phones have become a common device in anyone’s hand. From a rickshaw man in India to a homeless fellow in Los Angeles, everyone now has a phone. The funny thing is, there is such a wide variety of phones nowadays in the market that people are confused which one to select. Some people prefer the old models while some are evolving and adapting to the changes faster than the changes are made and prefer using those which are the latest in the market.

Although however there has always been a debate about which phones are better? The qwerty keypad phones or the touchscreen ones? This is as we may call it a matter of choice. Some people are used to the qwerty keypads as it makes their working speed faster whereas some people prefer the touch phones as they are loaded with a whole lot of typing options which are not available in the qwerty ones. Here are a few pros of both these kinds of phones:


If you are the kind of person who prefers to write more than qwerty is just your thing
Since qwerty increases the speed it is obvious that the phone is less prone to make typing errors. Less errors increases a person’s confidence
Touch screens are the more delicate kind of mobile phones. Once broken the cost incurred for damage may be very high.

Most of the new touchscreen mobiles comes with high inbuilt memory and the possibility of memory expansion.
Touchscreen phones are bigger in size and are definitely more visually appealing. These looks and style lure the customers into buying and using them.
Browsing the web becomes more interesting with touchscreens.

Save your smart phone battery tips

smart phone batteryThe smart phones which we are using today are in demand and also have improved our standard of living. With the help of this phone several tasks can be executed daily as it comprises of a number of advance characteristics. It is much different than usual phones as it is much more superior in size and quality. Some outstanding features of these phones like 4G connectivity, intrinsic hotspot, large screen etc has a greater effect on the life of the battery. To put it in other words, the power of battery diminishes. Therefore we should be acquainted with the features of the phones so as to widen the life of the battery. The battery life of all cell phones are not equal, below are some of the necessary guidelines which will help out to extend the life of the battery:

Adjust screen luster- The power of the battery of this phone is very much affected by the vividness of the screen. So it is required to alter the brightness of the screen at the low level as it will help to broaden the battery power.

Turn GPS updates off- The GPS updates are basically used for map reading purpose and locating the phone hence it wants a lot of power utilization so try to set them on only when required.

Get rid of using live wallpapers – These live wallpapers or themes look attractive on your phone, but they devour more power than stagnant wallpapers. Better you should avoid such themes in order to widen the life of the battery.

Avoid areas with feeble cell signals- When you find that your cell phone signals are pathetic or irregular you will notice that the life of the battery is gradually becoming weak. The same goes with Wi-Fi signals.

How to use AutoCAD program?

AutoCAD programA computer based software called the Auto CAD enables to multi dimensional images such as 2D and 3D. The images so constructed are used for manufacturing and construction purposes. Engineers make use of the program to plan out the building structures, for designing electrical products and to construct homes. This is a program used by the professionals and employees, who use this need to complete the training course before using them in their place of work. If you want to learn some of the easy tips before you can actually start with your training program then this is the right place.

You should pick the right kind of software that you need to use because there are different kinds of software for different kinds of users. If you intend on designing a house for the long run then it is pointless to use this software as it is based on animation.

You must know the type of computer that you have. You must have a look in the system preferences of the computer. If you buy an expensive AutoCAD and then realize that you have a windows computer then it will be a complete waste. A regular AutoCAD requires space of 2 GB of Ram and 2 GB space for the installation in your computer. This program is available with a program wizard so what you need to do is, insert the CD and download the program. Under normal conditions it takes just 30 minutes to install. The moment you open the program, you will get a black screen where you can design the images. Start by clicking on the line tool. Drag the line across the page where you want to make the line. The eraser tool is very helpful to erase the top. The circle tool helps you to draw the circle in the desired place using your keyboard.

Review on Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 520Nokia has launched its new set in window phone called Nokia Lumia 520. It is one of the finest smart phones available in the market as it offers all the features which common people and even a business man requires. It has a liberal 4 inch 480*800 display and is motorized by a GHz dual-core snapdragon S4 processor and 512 MB of RAM which is enough for running the phone efficiently.

It is available in different colors in the market and it is priced nearly about $100. It shares its appearance with the top level models and is superior as well. Even the people who live in colder regions can utilize the phone wearing gloves.

The right frame of the handset comprises of all phone physical buttons with a volume rocker at the pinnacle, a power button near the center and a camera button at the base. The outline works well, with the buttons placed far-off to avoid misunderstanding. The left border is devoid of any features ports or buttons at all. The top comprise of jack for 3.5mm headphone on the left hand side and the bottom comprise of micro USB port in the middle for charging phone.

Using Nokia Lumia 520 is quite easy to handle as you can swap all over the screen and you will feel very smooth and receptive. Its only 480*800 display has a good declaration to avoid tiles and menus from becoming hazy.

You can also sent text messages through messaging apps which you will find in iPhone or tablets. If you filch sideways from the thread screens you will reach an area called online where you can chat with your friends from linked messaging services and social networking websites like facebook. The camera is pretty vital with a 5mp camera on its back with no front camera and no led flash.