How to take care of your digital camera

digital cameraCamera is one of the favourite gadgets in this rapidly modernising world. In this era of DSLR’s [Digital Single Lens Reflex camera] owning a digital one is not a big thing after all. Mostly DSLR’s are brought by those people who indulge in photography at a professional level altogether but the usual digital cameras are owned by everyone nowadays. It is an expensive gadget and thus it should be handled with care and concern. Many people have this thing of fiddling with the gadget to try to figure out what certain features are and how they’re supposed to work but it is best not to do these kinds of things. Every camera comes with a user manual or an instruction guide as to how the gadget needs to be operated what settings should be changed and what shouldn’t be changed.

Cameras like any other electronic gadgets are not waterproof. There are some good cameras which have the capacity to withstand water. After going through the manual it is important to try and use the camera by yourself. Some people are scared to use electronics, they fear dropping them or causing damage to them. But it is not that bad after all; unless you use it by yourself you’ll never learn to operate it. Camera users should always carry a camera case with them to protect this from dirt or dust. Also, if the camera slips and falls from the hand by mistake the cover protects it from severe damage by providing it some padding.

In order to keep your electronic safe and long lasting it is best to keep it dust free. Once in a while clean it with a clean cloth especially the corners where there is more chance of dust accumulation.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Digital Camera

Digital CameraOne of your favorite gadgets in your cupboard is your digital camera and it can attain a lifelong span if you take a proper care of it regularly. The user guide that is provided with the camera has to be read thoroughly just after buying a digital camera to take the initial care of your digital camera. Though many of you would like to experiment and explore with the camera but the manual guide will do it in the right way. Going through a long manual book can make you bored and thus it is preferable if you go through it with intervals and get to know every feature of the camera gradually. If you are a new user then the best way to learn about the camera is the guide book that is provided otherwise you can tend to get confused.

After going through the manual try to operate the camera by yourself and then you will find many familiar features and if in case you cannot match any feature, you can make a note on it to see it later in the guide book. A new user should always use the camera in a carrying case to keep it clean as well as protected. All branded digital cameras will have a case that will fit the camera perfectly and thus it will not get damaged even if you drop it by mistake. Exposures to harsh surroundings are a hindrance for the camera to work best and thus should always be kept clean and dry. Though some digital cameras have a minimum power to withstand water but they are in no way is waterproof.

You should always keep your asset away from direct water to ensure its best working ability. Even while you are shooting outdoor with the camera, you should use rain covers and protect it from harsh weather to make it long-lasting.

Choosing the best computer games for kids

computer games for kidsIt is indeed a very tough job to choose the best computer game for your kid as because nowadays most of the games available are action games full of blood and violence. These kinds of games can grow negative feelings among the kids from six to fourteen years as they grow up. So, it is you who need to make the right decision while choosing a game for your kid. Some of the tips which you can follow before selecting the correct game are:

You should make sure to do enough research before entering a games shop with your kid. This is a common mistake that you tend to make of not even knowing the basics of computer games and going to a game shop with your kid depending on the latest game that is available. A good online game shop can help you go through the details of the types of games that are available in the market and hence you can decide.

Making a detailed research on computer games being the first step towards choosing the correct game for your kid, the second step should be to remember that you need not choose only the latest games. This is because the classics are always the best for your kids and your kid will even get an extra amount of fun with the classic games that are still popular in the market which is also pocket friendly. Moreover the latest games that are now hitting the top levels of the market can only be enjoyed with the latest computer hardware. Many of forget to check the hardware available in your system and waste your money by choosing a wrong game. This problem usually doesn’t bother you with older ones.

Online games are also preferable for your kids. More than 500 different types of puzzle games as well as action games are available online for your kid to enjoy. Only a certain amount of membership fee is charged against it which is worth it.

Digicam: How To Buy The Perfect One?

DigicamDigital cameras have become a rage among the people especially the younger generation. The digital camera manufacturers are coming out with so many different models of digital cameras that a person planning to buy a digicam gets confused as to which one to select. Here are certain things that you must keep in mind before you go on and purchase a digital camera for yourself.

There are three categories in which the people buying cameras are divided into: Professionals, hobbyist and amateurs. In order to buy the ideal digital camera, you have to first select the category you belong to. Once that is done, you will have to establish the purpose for buying the camera. For instance you have to decide whether the camera is going to be used for professional purposes or personal purposes.

Digital cameras are of four main types: Digital SLR, hobbyist, compact and ultra-compact. If you are into some professional work then digital SLR is the best as it produces photographs which have amazing picture quality. However, if you travel from one place to another for your work or want a camera for personal use then it is advised that you purchase the hobbyist, compact or the ultra-compact camera because all these are portable and less complicated than the digital SLR.

Another thing that you must consider while purchasing a digicam is the pixel ratings. In case you are a professional photographer then you must buy a camera that has a pixel range of five to ten or more than ten. On the other hand, if you are a hobbyist or amateur then go for a camera that has a pixel range of three to five.

You must also check for additional features like zooming, flash, memory capacity and so on in the digital camera you are planning to purchase.

Top 3 android apps- a must have for your phone

android appsThe global tech market is rules by two most important operating systems, namely- Apple IOS and android. Both these operating systems are designed with very high end features. Android is versatile, comes with a wide variety of choice. Android ensure availability easily and thus keeps all its users satisfied and happy. It has a variety of apps to choose. Apps are applications which can be used for various purposes depending on the needs of the user. Some apps are made for fun purposes and some are made for doing certain work. 3 must-have apps if you’re the proud owner of an android phone.


A very important app which ensure that you stay connected with your near and dear ones who stay close or far. This chat app has an option of sending not only typed messages but also audio and video messages around the world. What Skype did to international calling on landlines whatsapp has done to SMS. It is the basic priority for many people these days.


Another very amazing mobile app is zedge. This enables the user to get ringtones, notifications and backgrounds for their phones. Zedge has been one of the most popular and trusted source to get these little things which make your phone look more ‘funky’ as they call it. Recently downloading games and live wallpapers and themes from this app have become more convenient and readily available.

We chat:

It is one of the applications similar to whatsapp and viber with the same motive. It enables easy communication in the form of quick audio voice notes. It also gives us the option of video chatting if wanting to. We chat is bringing another level altogether to the world of virtual communication. If wanting to chat immediately an option of live chat is also given to us.

An Account On GPS Mobile Phones

GPS Mobile PhonesGPS (Global Positioning System) is a very helpful navigation technology that has been developed by the U.S Department of Defense. This technology became operational in the year 1994 and since then it has undergone several modifications. Nowadays, mobile phones have GPS installed in them and thus such cell phones are known as GPS mobile phones. These mobile phones are very different from the GPS devices that are used by divers, mariners and hikers.

The satellites and mobile phone towers are used by the GPS phones for the purpose of finding locations. Once you buy a GPS phone you will be able to use the GPS technology from any place whatsoever. At present only some mobile phone companies install the GPS technology. However, in the future there will come a day when all cell phones will contain the GPS technology.

If you get lost in an unknown location then you can surely use the GPS technology in your cell phone to find a town or a gas station that might be located nearby. You can also send the information about your location to your family, friends and an emergency personnel with the help of the global positioning system and satellites.

Sometime it might happen that your cell phone gets lost. If your mobile phone has GPS then the police will be able to track the location of your phone efficiently. The obvious function of the GPS technology in the cell phone is helping you with the directions. In case you want directions to reach a particular location then the GPS in your mobile phone will guide you appropriately.
GPS is not very popular among the people. But with the increase in the number of crimes that are taking place on a regular basis, it is advised that you buy mobile phones that support the GPS technology.

How to maintain an active PC

PC maintenanceYour PC is certainly one of your most vital and most used gadgets where you have all your official documents. Apart from being your trusted database, your PC helps you to conduct a great host of functions everyday be it paying bills, shopping or sending emails to your colleagues and clients. Thus, it’s usual that you will need to maintain a fully active PC throughout. The article here highlights on the needed tips to keep in mind to ensure a properly functioning PC.

First of all, you have to equip your PC with a premium anti-virus software. The high quality anti-virus software systems can guard your computer against the devastating virus attacks as well as malware and spyware invasions. Don’t forget to update the anti-virus system on time to assure good health and complete security or the machine throughout.

Regular dusting is another essential tip for good PC maintenance. Remember dust and dirt particles are two major threats for your computer and hence you should not allow any dust deposition either on the computer body on its keyboard. Do not eat or drink before your computer. Besides, you must get your computer internally cleaned by a professional technician after every 3 months. Regular dusting cannot clear the dust deposition forming in the internal circuitry of the machine which demands a professional attention.

Then you must defragment the computer hard drive occasionally. As files get added and deleted continuously, the hard drive tends to get fragmented & scattered all over hard-drive space. If you defragment the computer hard drive, that scattered files would come closer which in turn eliminates delay while finding files.

You should also clear off recycle bin from time to time if you want a better running PC. A fully loaded recycling bin hampers the space and pace of a computer and an occasional cleaning will ensure a very active PC.