A sneak peek into the key differences between Apple iOS & Android

Apple iOS & AndroidApple iOS and Android are undoubtedly the two ruling mobile operating systems in the global tech market. Yes, they have their competitors like Blackberry and Windows, but when it comes to popularity none of these can stand up against the Apple & Google mobile Oss. Albeit both the Apple and Google products have been designed with several high end features, there are some key differences as well. The article here is an insight on the major differences between iOS & Android operating systems.

The tech experts often define the iOS as walled garden where everything is beautiful but the garden lacks variety given the high walled approach. The Apple option is always functional, pristine, easily navigable but extends fewer choices. On the contrary, Android presents versatility. It’s wilder and comes with abundant variety & wealth of choices. Yes, it’s not as pretty or easily navigable as Apple option but if you are looking for variety, Android is the perfect choice for you. Apple iOS is just limited to 3 base models while the Android OS spans across over 70 smartphones.

Apple promises a hassle free operation for the user. All the apps here follow almost the same operation and hence are easier to handle. But in case of Android, the versatile versions can pose a problem as unlike Apple iOS, here different apps follow different patterns- and it gets confusing for the user at times.

Besides, a major difference between the two operating systems is reflected in their nature of quality control. Apple is extremely strict when it comes to quality control and poses complete control over every app sold from it. You are not allowed to download Apple apps from anywhere and the sole portal for iOS app distribution is Apple’s store. On the contrary, there are various portals for downloading Android apps. Yes, it assures easy availability but then again there are many unreliable portals as well which can pose security risks for your Android device.

Amazing Android Apps you would love to have this year

Android AppsThe dynamic world of Android is always buzzing with great applications. You have the Android apps catering to your every need be it entertainment or safety or health or games- in their unique functional ways. Recently, Android has launched a huge horde of amazing apps for the 2013 users. The post below is a brief on some of the excellent 2013 Android apps.


Splashtop will be a fantastic aide for the ultimate professionals, those who are never tired of working even after the office hours. But with this particular app, you won’t need to stay in your chamber to check out the computer folders- rather you can go back to your home like your colleagues and carry out the office work from there only. The Splashtop app enables the users to get full access to the office computer just from anywhere via internet connection.


Then, you have zedge. It’s a remarkable Android app that helps in your quest for backgrounds, notifications and ringtones. The great bit is that recently live wallpapers and games have also been added to the list for downloads.


This is the Android app for the music freaks who would prefer to relish the audio jingles just the way they wish to. It’s a wonderful customizable radio application which can play the local radio stations live for the user. Moreover, it will also help the user to create bespoke radio stations as per the user’s respective music taste.


Flipboard is a fantastic way to reach up to the news from around the world, even when you cannot be near TV or radio. The app is designed to pull in data from varied social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook & other different social feeds. News would be featured from USA Today and BBC as well.

Top 3 mobile antivirus software for your smartphone

mobile antivirusThe introduction of smart phones has increased the usage of mobile phones especially among the young generation. But it has also brought a lot of problems along with it and one of the most important one is the virus attacks. Since each and every smart phone has a different operating system depending on the company and the make it has become vulnerable to viruses because of the usage of internet in these phones. One of the most common viruses that you will notice is the Trojan Horse. However to prevent such attacks there are anti viruses as well. Now if you are buying a smart phone it is very important that you get an anti virus installed immediately. Here are some of the reasons why you should do it:

• First of all it would protect your expensive phone from the viruses.
• Secondly it will delete the spywares and malwares that are already there in the phone which is degrading the performance of the mobile phone.
• Thirdly it will allow all the other applications to run faster. If there is a virus in your smart phone then there are chances that your phone may not work properly or even if it does it will work very slowly.

If you are searching for the perfect antivirus for your smart phone then there are many in the market but the question is which one you will choose. Following are the top three antivirus softwares for smart phone:

• Lookout is one of the best antivirus that you will ever get for your smart phone. It not only protects your phone but also keeps a backup of all the files you have.
• TrustGo is the other most popular antivirus for your smart phone. This deletes any kind of malwares that tries to enter your phone thus keeping it safe.
• Avast Mobile Security is another top antivirus for your smart phone and it does both the work that the above two does.

An Overview of Wireless Keyboards

Wireless KeyboardsLoose wires of electronic gadgets can turn out to be very hazardous and irritating. Sometimes you might even forget as to which plug will go into a particular socket. But today you do not have to worry about all this because of the latest advancements in the technological field. These advancements have given the opportunity to the manufacturers to come out with a different kind of keyboard- a wireless keyboard.

The wireless keyboard looks very similar to a normal keyboard. However, it does not have wires and works by utilizing infrared radiations to transmit the data typed on the keyboard to the computer that already has a Bluetooth antenna or a frequency receiver installed in it. The antenna or receiver that is present in the computer captures the infrared waves so that the instruction typed on the keyboard can be followed by the computer program you are using. When you are using a wireless keyboard it is essential that you place it in such a way that the receiver or antenna is within the range of the infrared beams.

If you utilize a wireless keyboard then it will obviously provide you with more space and reduce the clutter of wires that is usually around your computer. The area where your computer is placed will look more organized and clean. Wireless keyboards can help improve your body posture and allow you to be comfortable when you are using your computer. Installing the wireless keyboard is also very easy and simple. Since you do not have to deal with wires you can avoid confusion and save more time. Multiple users have the chance to operate a single computer using a wireless keyboard.

The market does not have many good models of wireless keyboards yet because these are not that popular among the people. Wireless keyboards are costly and their functionality reduces with regular use.

Ensuring proper laptop care

laptop careLaptop is surely one of your functional gadgets. The gadget is an essential whether you are searching for your high school notes or preparing a slide show presentation for your upcoming meet- thus it’s always mandatory that you take proper care of your laptop. The article here jots down some tips that will ensure proper laptop maintenance

Guard from dust & dirt

Always remember dust & dirt are two main enemies of your laptop and hence you make sure that the gadget is safe from these two. Never eat or drink anything while working on laptop as accumulated food particles on the laptop can block off the vents leading to overheating. Besides, fluid spillage on laptop can hinder it from functioning effectively. Always keep the laptop under cover while not in use.

Avoid overheating

Your laptop might cause disturbances if subjected to extreme heat. Laptops used in dry cool areas would function faster & more effectively than if the device was left to heat. Do not use the gadget on your bed, cushion or lap as it can block off the vents situated underneath that assist in cooling. It’s suggested that you take to a good lap-tray as the laptop base. Besides, you can even invest on laptop coolers available from the computer stores.

Count on antivurus

If your laptop is linked with an internet connection there are high chances of virus attack resulting in huge data loss. Thus, the experts always advice to safeguard your laptop with a premium quality antivirus solution.

Care for the screen

Never place anything in between the laptop screen and keyboard. It might result in scratches on the screen.

Clean up registry

Corrupted registry files can lead to a sudden and drastic change in the laptop’s performance. Hence it’s necessary that you run the registry cleaners often to discard the corrupted files.