Best games on windows 8 phones

games on windows 8 phonesWindows 8 phones are the latest craze in the sphere of smart phones. Everybody desires to lay hands on this piece, irrespective of the brand. Well the cause for this are many, and one of the reasons is the long list of mind blowing games that Windows 8 phones provides its users.

Some are free, and you might have to pay for some games, but if you are a game freak, then your investment is surely worth it! One of the best advantages is that the games of Windows 8 phones are in collaboration with Xbox which is a leading company in the gaming sector.

Greed city is one amazing game which you will find on a Windows 8 Phone. There are various kinds of racing games as well like Turbo Racing League and Drag Racing. You can get some underwater adventure while playing the game of Squids.  Epic Battle Dude, Parking Mania and Game of life are some other games worth checking out!

Top 5 points to remember before selecting notebook

selecting notebookThe notebook can be an actually great help in the work space. The portability along with the features associated to the best of computers can actually boost the performances of any individual. When looking for a notebook to buy on the market there are some essential things to look up.  One of this is the size and the weight. These two aspects really matter a lot in making the notebook truly portable. Along with this notebooks need to have the capability to support software in it adequately, so don’t go all out for graphics and display rather go for a good processor and main memory.

Notebook must also have a good battery standby time too. This can be the deciding factor of the notebooks actual efficiency. An inbuilt wireless adapter is also a much needed addition to the notebook as this allows users to connect to the net on the go without having to buy wireless dongles. Another thing that is overlooked is the longevity of the machine which is directly proportional to the heat sink of the notebook provided. It must be top notch in order to get rid of the excess heat and keep your notebook healthy at all times.