Tips to protect webcam lens from dust

webcam lens, protect webcam lensDust is the most dangerous enemy for your webcam and too much of dust disposition can even lead to malfunctioning of the device. Thus, you have to be careful of the proper ways on how to protect your webcam lens from dust. Here are the tips.

You have to buy a blow air can and blow it on your webcam lens followed by a gentle cleaning with microfiber cloth in tender circular motions. You have to perform the process at least once or twice a month. Then always use a cover for webcam lens to keep the dust away from the lens to some extent. It won’t disrupt the view quality.

Always remember to clean the surrounding webcam area regularly to eliminate any chance of dust flow from to the lens from the surrounds. Besides, make sure to cover up the webcam lens when not in use, for an added protection.

Advantages of using Wi-Fi connection

Wi-Fi connectionUsing a Wi-Fi connection in a home or an office premises can be very useful. They have many advantages when compared to a wired network. Advantages of a Wi-Fi connection are given below.

  • Speed- people say wired connection gives more speed, but the truth is recent application needs only 4 mbps speed so the wired connection speed is lost as it is used by only one person. While in a Wi-Fi network the speed gets divided and spreads among user.
  • It also allows you to connect to internet from any part of the room or the building.
  • You can use real time application like video conference easily.
  • Network is secured using latest protocols.
  • In the future, the speed in a wireless network is to reach about 600mbps.

Using a Wi-Fi connection is a better option as it provides portability as well as man people can share the same network connection.

Review of Apple TV

review of apple tvApple TV is actually a gadget which is an enhanced version of high definition TV. It incorporates the digital content of various applications such as MobileMe, iTunes, YouTube etc. Apple TV provides you a platform of unlimited entertainment. You can purchase various movies and also a TV show and you can rent it by using Apple TV. So you have a vast variety of options for entertainment. You can watch your favourite blockbuster movies, your favourite TV shows, live sports etc. Apple TV gives you the comfort for watching TV at home with your family.

It is a streaming device which can stream your favourite shows and it is not so costly and reliable. Since there is no hard disk in Apple TV, you can watch your movies and show online in high definition video. It also supports radio and games. So you can listen to numerous songs in radio and play games. It is a new technology which provides you comfort and entertainment.

Importance of protecting your desktop from dust

desktop, desktop protectionMost people take good care of their computer and before using the internet make sure that they install antivirus lest anything happens to it. However, most ignore the dust that accumulates on their desktop over months and think that spring cleaning is something that their computers do not need.

This however is not correct. You need to understand that dust is actually quite bad for your desktop. Accumulated dust can lead to overheating of your desktop if it clogs the cooling system of the computer. So, you will have to make sure that your clean the dust off your desktop at frequent intervals. However, while cleaning the dust use caned air to blow the dust and for the loose dust clumps use vacuum cleaner. Moreover, you will have to make sure that you touch outer case of the desktop before you start cleaning to discharge the body static. Otherwise, the computer will be damaged if you cause a spark.


Top 3 Digicams of 2013

Digicams, camerasIf you are looking forward to buying a good Digicam for yourself and you’re not sure about which one of the latest Digicams will be a good choice then you should read on to find out about the best. This should help you make your selection in an easy manner. The Nikon D5200 Digital Camera with 18-105mm lens is a good choice to go for. It comes with a 24.7 Megapixel camera with a CMOS Image Sensor Type.

It also has a 3 inch big screen. It also has several HD recording frames. You can also go for the Canon G15 Digital Camera. With a Standard Compact, Point and Shoot camera type this camera has a 5x optical zoom facility along with a stunning 12 megapixel camera and CMOS sensor for images, this camera is a pretty good selection. Finally, you can also go for the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 Digital Camera which has similar features as the above two and it also has SLR like bridge camera type with 24x zoom.

How to change iTunes encoder

iTunes encoder, change iTune encoderDo you need to customize your iTunes encoder? Well, it’s not any rocket and involves just a few easy procedures to get your encoding preferences set. The post below jots down the steps stating how you could change the iTunes encoder.

First choose iTunes and then go to Preferences leading to General (Mac/Windows). Now click on the button saying Import Settings. A dialog box would appear where you would be allowed to make the desired changes according to encoding format & its settings. You have to specify your preferred setting in the Import Setting pop-up to change encoding.

The process is almost complete by now. After you are done with the importing preferences & unless you make any further changes on them, the iTunes would use the changed preferences only as it would work to convert or import songs. The MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF encoders would permit you to change the iTunes settings.

Tips to select the best anti-virus

Anti-virus, computer securityAntivirus software is essential for any computer because it keeps the PC safe from viruses. Therefore choosing the right antivirus software for your PC is important but equally confusing. Here are certain tips that will help you select the best antivirus for your PC:

Check whether the extent of protection provided by the antivirus is huge or not. Select the one that can be easily installed without any complications. Managing the antivirus you select should be effortless. The antivirus you choose should give you regular updates of the new versions of the software that are more efficient so that you can switch over if you want to.

The company from which you buy the antivirus should provide technical support to you whenever it is required. You can also try out the trial versions of different antivirus software to access their working and then select the one that you prefer the most.