Send large files at one go

Send large file, data sending tipsToday, many of us work on computers for personal and work related matter. If you have a large number of files or fairly large size and you need to send it to someone, you might need to either compress the file or break it down so that it can be sent in one email. But that sometimes may compromise the quality and originality of the files. That’s because emails only allow a certain limited size of files to be sent at one time.

But now you can make use of send and store large files providers online. You can find a provider and make an account in their space given and start storing your files virtually as a backup system. They also allow sharing; receiving and sending of large files at one go within a matter of seconds. You can keep this data private or semi private or public. It also helps people working on one project or presentations hare their data more easily.

How to compress a PDF file

compress a PDF fileHave you tried sending a PDF file to a friend, only to be informed by your mailer that you can’t, as the file size exceeds the size limit for an attachment? Or did you send a file thinking it has successfully reached your friend only to be informed later that he could not open the sent file as it was corrupted? If this is the problem you face then I will teach you how to compress a PDF file.

Check the size of the file you want to compress. Now click on following commands File then Save As and then save it as ‘Reduced size PDF’. After you have selected the category you want to save it under, specify the version of Adobe, you want your file to be compatible with. The latest is the specified compatibility of your file; the smaller would be the size of the PDF file.