What is hosted application?

hosted application, hostingFor those who are thinking of making and operating their own website, hosted services are the best possible services when it comes to publicizing their website. Here are a few features of hosted application:
• Hosted applications give you space in the server and allows your website to be available on the World Wide Web. This ensures that surfers looking for your website can find it easily from the search results.
• Hosted applications take care of your business and commercial needs online with their enhanced and advanced e-commerce platform and features.
• You get extra space, better maintenance and management tools that help you manage your website.
• Promotional tools help in the proper marketing of your website. This ensures that you attract the maximum number of customers.
• Hosted application allows you to manage a number of email addresses, all the bulk of your emails and all your important emails.

How to locate yourself using GPS

GPS navigator, GPSGPS (Global Positioning System) is a navigation system using satellite to get information about the location of a person or a thing. The GPS receivers are present in all kinds of devices- cars, watches, mobile phones etc. So to locate yourself or a relative is quite easy by making use of the GPS functionality of a device.

You have to install an application in your choice of device whether it is a phone or your car. Then you have to allow that application to track you with the help of the GPS system. You can manage the list of who can track your whereabouts. GPS receiver has a map that pinpoints the exact location of where you are and how far you are from a particular place.

It gives details about your elevation and the direction you are going. So the chances of you getting lost are negated. Since your loved ones know where you are they also do not worry about you.

Deus Ex Human Revolution

Computer games, gamesThis game created by Eidos brings back the award winning franchise of Deus Ex. This is a prequel to the game of the year award winner Deus Ex and does not fail to make a splendid comeback. The graphics is well made with all the npc’s with proper reactive comments. The open world environment also suits the game and makes it an even more enjoyable experience.

The best part of the game is the story line which seems right out of one of the best science fiction novels of all time. The story of how biomechanical augmentations to humans along with its economical impact on the corporate and politics of our society are well reflected. This game does much more than you think and defines your concept of what kind of a world you would like to create. This role playing game is one of the best ever made and is sure to make you think and wonder.

Top 3 games on android

android games, androidThe games which the Android developers have developed are worth mentioning. The transform the phone or the tablet into a game console. The Android App Market is loaded with games but there are some which people of most ages love to play.

Angry Birds come first in the list. The birds in the game are furious as the green pigs have stolen their eggs. They want to take revenge and they do it by destroying the hiding pigs through the sling shots. It is available for free in the Android Market. Now with the Android App one does not need a physical platform to play table tennis. The reason is the honeycomb ping pong. The game is an improved version of the classical 2 rackets and the bouncing ball game. The Backbreaker THD is a football game which is found in the Android market. It is a little expensive game as it costs around $4.99. An Android Racing game is also available. It is known by the name of Need for Speed: shift. These are the tops three games on Android.

Games apps for Windows 7

Games apps, Windows  7Windows 7 is basically an operating system which is produced by Microsoft. It gets installed on personal computers, including laptops, media center and tablet PC, also in Windows Phone 7. Now Windows operating system has some unique as well as very user friendly features. There is attainable lots of interesting decent programs are available for other operating systems, but thousands more are there on Windows 7. And as expected, all the important install-base which also can be available for PCs is much higher. And the most popular apps on them are the games. If you’re really serious enough about using your computer and mobiles to play games, there is absolutely just no contest at all because no doubt Windows wins, as it pretty much always has.

Mainly, messenger like Yahoo, live TV, online TV player, you tube music apps, Facebook pro including the Google Maps, Google Apps, Google Search, Skype Messenger other important apps are available on Windows 7. Now there are also some interesting and funny game apps are moreover included with this. Angry birds, super Mario 63, billiards, pool, Pokemon, real challenge, photo mix, musical game apps, etc. lots of other’s game apps are included and available with Windows 7 operating system. You can easily download this and lots of other useful interesting unique and unusual apps from your android phone or your personal computer or laptops via internet connection.

VDI: what are its advantages?

Advantage of VDI, technologyAs a company grows and transforms, new methods and tools are also needed to be implemented into the system in order to stay up to the developments. VDI or virtual desktop infrastructure is a system which helps in the IT sector of the company. It’s beneficial to both clients and IT admins. It helps form a relationship which is based on timely and organized management of client lists and requirements in a very well reserved form.

VDI basically forms a layer between servers and computers at work which screens and does all the calculations of client related matters and financial aspects of the company and its developments. with the help of VDIs, the desktop can be set up in a matter of seconds, IT costs can be kept under control, compatibility issues can be handled more easily, the computer gets better protection, and it’s also a more energy efficient system which saves one electricity bills and reduces manual labor hours too.

Changing life with 4G connection

 4G connectivity,  4G The 3G internet connection was till lately much in demand among the people owing to the features of the connection and its fast speed. But with the development of the 4G internet connection, the complete scenario has gone a 180 degree change. Even with the 3G connection, you have to wait for a couple of minutes as some of the websites take time to load. With 4G connection, the websites will be loaded instantly and you will not have to wait for long.

Your life has undergone a huge change in one word with the advent of the 4G internet connection. it delivers high speed internet connection four times as fast as the 3G internet connection. The downloading time is also much less. Moreover the availability of the internet connection over the portable modem allows you to get access to the 4G internet connection away from your work location. Thus the flexibility of the 4G connection is also a great thing that will change your life to a large extent.

Top 3 paid apps for you android

android apps, best android appsAll good things come for a price and the same holds true for Android apps. If you take a close look you will see that some of the very best Android apps are paid apps. Here is a list of three paid Android apps.

On of the best paid Android apps is Lookout Mobile Security. This app helps you to backup as well as restore your phone, offers Antivirus and also has GPS phone locking features. It allows you to wipe data from your phone remotely if you lose it. The second best paid Android apps is OfficeSuite Pro 6. This allows you to access your office files no matter wherever you are. It will also allow you to create, share and edit your word document; excel document and power point presentation. This app has integration with Google Drive and Drop Box. The third app is Camera Zoom FX that has more than 90 varied effects.