What are the disadvantages of VoIP phone system

 VoIP phone system, VoIPMiles from any doubts the VOIP phone system has a number of advantages which people are availing now a day. It has become as common as daily bread and butter. However there are a series of disadvantages which are associated along with it. In fact there are multiple disadvantages of using the VOIP phone system. The most disadvantage of VOIP phones system is that it’s so called RELIABLE fast speed, it is still not available in 100% of the country. For VOIP satellite is not recommended.

Hence again it is not viable as high speed internet is readily available in every nook and corner of the country. For several years now, we have always relied on the telephone without getting paranoid about the connectivity. The main concern about VOIP is the availability and connectivity. If the internet connection in your house goes a little down than your VOIP becomes handicapped. One will not be able to make an emergency call even. VOIP works with internet just as your car with tires. A good car becomes obnoxious if the tiles fail again and again.

How to choose the best mobile plan

We all want our lives to be simplified. Use of technology has made that possible for us in many ways. These days, everyone has a mobile these days. Choosing a good and reliable mobile plan is very important. We all want discounts and good costs for our calling plans.  There are many companies out there which give fine offers to all if they buy the phone. But make sure that these plans are long term. Many companies lure customers to buy phones and phone plans like this which get over in 3 months or so.

Choose a plan which suits you calling needs and budget well. So, make sure that you understand all the terms and conditions. Compare prices and budget plans of more than one company for your safety and peace of mind. If you are starting a new plan, you can even ask friends and neighbors about local phone companies and which provide reliable services. Taking their advice, your needs and your budget into account, choose your plan.


Un-boxing the Samsung Galaxy S3: The features

Samsung galaxy s3, samsung smartphonesSamsung Galaxy S3 is the latest smart phone in the market which has created a huge roar due to a number of unique features it has. The manufacturing company describes the Galaxy S3 as ‘designed for humans’. The super AMOLED, 4.8 inches HD screen of the Galaxy S3 makes it the sole smart phone in the market with such a big screen and awesome picture clarity. The phone comes in plastic casings of various colors namely Marble white and pebble blue. The most striking feature of the S3 is the ability to track the eye movement and keep the phone back light on. Whenever you are not looking at the phone, it automatically switches off the backlight. You can use your voice to execute commands. The S3 is expendable up to 64Gb memory. It comes with an 8mp back camera and 1.2mp front camera having a number of features like panorama, smile shot, burst mode etc.

The network connectivity is also of much higher quality having Wi-Fi which even enables file transfer between phones. The battery backup has improved a lot compared to the previous versions of the Galaxy. In short it is best smart phone in the market till now. However the price is a bit high for the general people to afford a Galaxy S3.

Top 5 paid android applications

Android applications, mobile applicationsSmartphones have captured the market for gadgets already, and android operating system based on Google platform is roaring the market with innumerable apps, paid as well as free. Top 5 paid android applications in the market right now:

1. Root explorer: a file manager that helps the root user with sending files, editing text, view SQL data, create and extract zip files and many more.
2. Office Pro 6+: With this app you can open and edit PDF files, share and print documents just like that.
3. Camera Zoom FX: For those who like to click pictures, this app allows them to take photos and edit them instantly. Different modes are there for better clarity and effects.
4. Titanium backup Pro key: Backup your contacts and every other information in the phone with one tap.
5. Sound hound: Open an unknown song with this and you will get the name, singer and genre of the song in moments.