What is a dedicated server, and why do you need it

dedicated serverThere are two alternatives available to you when you want to rent server space from a host. You can either rent a dedicated server or you can rent a shared server. Dedicated server is generally costly because when you rent a dedicated server, you can avail the entire server connection. You will have the facility to use the entire network connection. You need efficient professional technical skills to operate a dedicated server. High level of technical expertise is needed to operate it. It is generally availed by the large business houses for efficient functioning due to higher traffic levels.

Security system is definitely more rigid in dedicated server and you can install your own firewall. It is much more flexible where you can access software applications and operating system. Back up service is also provided in dedicated server but you have to pay additional charges for it. Hard drive and necessary software applications can be upgraded whenever needed.

Acer TravelMate: A handy laptop for travelling

If you are constantly on the go and need to carry our laptop everywhere then the Acer TravelMate is the best choice for you. Designed especially for those who need computer like features in the ease of the laptop, the TravelMate has everything that a computer has along with a strong graphics card so that you never face any problem no matter where you are.

The Acer TravelMate is designed to please even the biggest critics. Its understated elegance is hard to miss and its biggest plus point is that it is extremely light. Apart from that built in quality of the machine is awesome and it gives it s users the assurance that it can be carried around as it is built with high quality hard plastic.

The Acer TravelMate offers a large screen and when you push it open you will notice that the hinges are firm and don’t wobble. If you are looking for a hardy laptop to take it along with you whenever you are out, TravelMate is the one.

Top 3 Samsung printer models

Samsung printer modelsThe job of printing has been made easy in the present world. And thanks to Samsung for that. The brand offers some of the magnificent printer models which make your printing experience easy and fast. One of the best models is the CLP 325W color laser printer. It has a one touch Wi-Fi in the front panel. It makes easy and secured connection with the wireless network. The size is quite small.

The speed of the printer is also quite fast thus it saves time. The quality of the printing is also very good. The printer comes in a chic black color and the size is quite small and thus looks beautiful. Other than this there are also a few models like the CLP 620ND and the CLX 3185. Both of these printers offer excellent performance. They are in one word multifunctional printer. But they are a bit expensive rather the first model.

Discounted web hosting

If you’re looking forward to avail services of web hosting companies, then the traditional services will take up a lot of money. There are some options, which you can avail to so that you get your web hosting services at cheaper rates.  Getting discounted web hosting services is not as hard as it sounds. We can get a lot done through the internet. Earning money online is the new trend. Web hosting services maximize our profits.

First of all, look for a reputed web hosting service. Then, after you apply for services online, you can avail to some introductory starter package rates. These will help you give a push in the system as you move ahead.  But you should know that once you get in more traffic, you will have to pay more for your business online. You need to manage your business and traffic increases expenses. You don’t have to stick to one service provider forever. You can change your provider any time you want, thus keep availing to better packages every time.

Nikon D3100 – Review

Nikon D3100 can be tagged as a extremely light weighted digital SLR camera which is very handy being small in shape and light to carry and is great for the photography lovers who just cannot go anywhere without their magic wand… their DSLRs. Under the brand name Nikon which is an extremely reputed brand when it comes to camera and camera accessories this DSLR Nikon D3100 is probably until today the lightest and smallest camera they have ever manufactured.

The camera lovers will find its features irresistible especially its refined layout and very low vibration which makes it possible to click pictures and photographs of other people without actually making any sound to disturb them. The LCD of Nikon D3100 is huge but one of the con of this camera is its screen is a little bit grains in the sense that one can actually see the grains on the screen which is not the case in Nikon other cameras which would provide you flawless high resolution picture quality.

Guideline to Windows 7

Guideline to Windows 7,  Windows 7Windows are the series of operating systems provided by the Microsoft. Their latest upshot is Windows 7, an upgraded version of Windows Vista which reportedly had security problems.

Windows 7 comes in several versions of which the 3 most popular are Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 professional and windows 7 Home premium. This new launch of Microsoft gives its user an easy desktop navigation and start programs faster than the earlier versions. It also comes with in- built security software from Microsoft. Though, it is advisable to install anti-virus software to keep away spywares and malwares in order to protect your windows.

It involves a clean and easy installation process.

Requirements for windows 7 are:

  • 1 Ghz with 64 bit processor.
  • 1 GB (32 bit) RAM or 2GB (64 bit) RAM.
  • Support for DirectX 9 graphics card.
  • 40 GB hard drive capacity with 16 GB hard disk space.