Splicing the RGB to Your RCA

A VGA cable is often used to connect between your laptop and an external display. It uses RGB synchronization technique in order to sync between the displays on both the devices. It is often needed to convert it into RCA signal as it is often the standard which is used for connecting to a non-computer device. In order to splice an RGB style cord into a RCA style cord you need to have an adapter and an extra cable.

The first step is to put one end of the RGB to VGA adapter cord into the VGA input terminal at the back of your computer and tighten it to avoid any loose connections. The RCA cable needs to be fitted at the other end of the cord coming out of the adapter. The other end of the RCA cable can now be connected to any display now the two devices can be allowed to sync.

Installing Friendster to Your Telephone

FRIENDSTER which started as a social networking site way back in 2002 has now become extremely popular as one of the most famous online social gaming sites. It can be accessed with the help of your mobile phone with an active internet connection and a web browser of any type but it is important to set up your account if you are using FRIENDSTER for the very first time. For this you can launch your mobile web browser at first and then go to Friendster.com and register there with your name e-mail address and date of birth and select join now after you have entered the verification code properly.

Your account will only get activated once you have clicked the mail verification link that is sent by the site to your mailbox. After you have gone through the above steps, you will have installed Friendster on your mobile phone successfully.

Tethering the Motorola Rival

The Motorola rival phone comes with all the exciting new features that you would expect from it. With its help you can connect to the internet using 2G as well as 3G connections, share videos pictures and also connect it with your PC and use it as a modem. For setting up a connection, you need to go to your menu and then go to settings and tools and then usb mode and select modem mode after which you can connect the usb data cable to you phone and PC simultaneously.

On your PC you need to set up a new dial up connection where you must give in all the connection details but make sure that you chose the phone modem in the advanced menu when you set up this connection. You can then add a shortcut of this connection to the desktop and simply dial your internet service provider to set up a new internet connection.

Blocking Unwanted Calls using Qwest

Qwest’s call rejection feature can serve to be very handy when you want to block unwanted phone numbers and stop them from calling you. With the help of this service you can block up to fifteen numbers at a time. You simply need to have a telephone line connected to a Qwest system in order to activate this service. For blocking a particular number you need to pick up your phone receiver and confirm for the dial tone and then dial *60 on a keypad type phone or 1160 on a dial type phone.

After this you need to enter the number which you wish to block using the Qwest number blocking service. You can also add an area code if you want to block all numbers from that particular area. Repeating the steps above you can add up to fifteen numbers in your call rejection list. In order to add up to twenty five numbers, you need to use the enhanced Qwest service.